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Monday, January 05, 2015

It's Still Sunday in Hawaii

School is canceled tomorrow due to extremely cold temperatures and a blizzard. This is exactly how we began 2014, as well. In fact, the first TWO days back from Christmas vacation were canceled last year.

No matter, though. I don't have to deal with the blizzard and subzero temperatures this week.

Because we are in Hawaii!

We decided to give our kids the gift of a tropical vacation this Christmas instead of a lot more stuff they don't need that just causes extra clutter. They each got a book to read, a music book, and a blanket from us and then we left on vacation on New Years Eve.

We are loving soaking up our Vitamin D and are hoping it will get us through the rest of the long, hard winter. From the sound of it, they are really going to need their new blankets when we get home!

Happy Sunday!
(Wish you were here.)
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