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Monday, February 29, 2016

How to Improve Your Photo Composition: Vary Your Angles

This post is the second in my photography series on improving photo composition. To see the rest of the series, click here: How to Improve Your Photo Composition Series. For your convenience, this post contains affiliate links.

The easiest way to improve your photography is to improve your photo composition. It doesn't require any fancy equipment or technical knowledge, and you can use whatever camera you have—even if it's just a phone. Last week we talked about zooming, this week we will be discussing how to vary your shooting angles to get more interesting photos.

Take more interesting photos by learning better composition. Varying the angles from which you shoot is a great way to take more interesting photos. #overstuffedlife

How to Improve Your Photo Composition: Angle Variation

Most amateur photographers get stuck shooting their subjects straight on. There's absolutely nothing wrong with taking a photo straight on, but if that's all you do, it can get very boring! A good photographer knows to look at things from every angle possible. When you learn to shoot from multiple angles, you might get some photos that don't work at all, but you will also get many photos that are truly great. Don't be afraid to vary your shooting angles!

Since everyone already knows how to shoot something straight on, I'm going to skip that particular angle. Part of the reason we stick with the straight on shot is because we don't think about moving our own bodies to get a different perspective. Don't be afraid to climb up on something or lie down on your belly or even your back to get a more interesting shot of your subject. And while you are getting that great angle, don't forget to zoom at the same time!

Shoot upward!

Get lower. Lie on the ground. Do whatever you can to elevate your subjects and find a more interesting angle from below.

This is a photo from Bria's 13-year-old photoshoot. We were at the old mine ruins near our home and she is standing in a window while I took the shot from below here. I really love how it turned out and it ended up being one of her favorites from the shoot. She used it as her Instagram profile picture for a long time—and from a teenager that is a high compliment!

This photo is actually one my daughter Chloe took this past fall. She took it with my phone and really captured the splendor of fall by shooting straight up the tree into the leaves instead of trying to get a straight on photo.

This photo was taken of my friend with our children at the ski hill. We had all ridden the chair lift up for a fall color tour and I was the last one off the lift. At this point, they were on the hill above me so I zoomed in and shot a photo of all of them from below. I love the personalities I captured from this angle.

Shoot downward!

Get on a ladder. Go to the top of the stairs. Have your subject sit while you stand above them. Look down on your subjects—but only with the intent to make them look great! Shooting a close-up headshot from slightly above is actually more flattering than a straight on shot. Double chins disappear and the eyes look larger.

This photo of my parents and Chloe was taken while they sat on the ground and I stood above them. It isn't a drastic angle at all, and most of the portraits I take are from this type of angle. It is always more flattering and just highlights the eyes and the jawline better.

I took this photo of my girls while they were lying flat on their backs and I was standing on a chair above them. This is shooting straight down—a much more drastic angle, and it returned a really nice photo.

Sometimes it's easier to tell the full story from above. This photo of Sophia was taken while I stood on the top of our porch steps and she stood at the bottom of them. You are able to see the details of her muddy feet, tummy, and hands much better from this angle than you could have if I had shot this straight on.

Shoot from behind!

By capturing your subjects from different vantage points—without their knowledge, even—you will get some photos that are much more interesting than the posed variety. It doesn't always have to be just from the back, either (though that is one of my favorite ways to capture my kids in photos), it can be from a sideways angle, too.

Again, telling the whole story is sometimes easier from behind. I often photograph my kids while on vacation from behind. I like this one of them pulling their matching suitcases through the airport. It's not even in great focus because of their movement, but it tells a story.

The fact that they usually don't even know you're taking the photo is to your advantage. I love catching my kids standing and contemplating life, like this photo of Bria at the beach a few summers ago.

I especially love taking back-to-school photos from behind. How cute is this picture of a 3-year-old Sophia off to her very first day of preschool?

Here's an example of using a sideways angle. This is Bria's first day of 4th grade, and it's just another way of capturing the anticipation of the first day of school (in a new state and city that year). You get the backpack, the brand new shoes, and the facial expression—all telling a different story than a straight on shot might.

Angle your camera!

This sounds kind of weird, but it's a great way to get some really fun shots. Instead of always having your camera be either portrait or landscape oriented when you shoot, try putting it on an angle. You'll find it gives you some great photographic interest. It's one of my favorite techniques to just make photos more fun and feel less posed.

This is a photo of Bria and her BFF at a high school dance last year. They were having a lot of fun being silly for me, and by angling the camera I was able to highlight that silliness in a really cool way.

In this photo of The Maestro, not only did I angle the camera, but I deliberately cut some of his head and body out of the photo for a more interesting shot. It has turned out to be one of my very favorite photos of him, because it really captures his great smile better than any other photo I've taken of him.

Finally, in this photo of my girls, I slightly angled the camera while they jumped. The effect highlights the fun they were having together. You can see the angle in the line of the street, which was not actually a hill but looks like it might be.

Make it a goal to get your subject from as many angles as possible. Depending on what you are shooting, it might not be possible. A moving toddler is very different from an oak tree! Just start adding new angles to your repertoire and start seeing things from perspectives other than straight on, and you'll be surprised at the great photos you will come up with!

March 2016 Bonus Visiting Teaching Handout

I was working on my regular Visiting Teaching printable for March, and I was a little disappointed that the format I am using this year couldn't handle the entire Thomas S. Monson quote. I loved the quote so much that I figured I would just do a bonus printable this month that featured the whole thing.

Free printable handout for March 2016 visiting teaching--we are created in God's image. Featuring Thomas S. Monson quote. #overstuffedlife

Here is the quote:

"God our Father has ears with which to hear our prayers. He has eyes with which to see our actions. He has a mouth with which to speak to us. He has a heart with which to feel compassion and love. He is real. He is living. We are His children made in His image."

To download:

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The printable will then be sent straight to your email inbox.

Download this cute visiting teaching handout for March 2016. We are created in God's image.

Monday, February 22, 2016

How to Improve Your Photo Composition: Zoom

The best way to improve your photography is simply to learn better photo composition. It's really easy to just grab the camera and start shooting without even thinking about the composition. And when you shoot without thought to composing the picture, you will often be disappointed with the results. I know I am.

This post is the first in my new photography series on improving photo composition. To see the rest of the series, click here: How to Improve Your Photo Composition SeriesFor your convenience, this post contains affiliate links.

If you want to improve the quality of your photos, composition is the place to start! Learn how to compose beautiful pictures with these great tips! #overstuffedlife

How to Improve Your Photo Composition: Zoom

One of the easiest ways to improve your photo composition is to start thinking zoom-minded. When I am taking photos, I am so focused on the subject that sometimes I completely ignore the full picture. Then I am totally surprised to get my pictures back to see that I also photographed a whole lot of extraneous and distracting stuff, and that the subject I was trying to highlight is lost.

In order to zoom, you don't necessarily need a super great zoom lens or even a dSLR camera. If you have a point and shoot with optical zoom, you can use the zoom feature on your camera. The Canon PowerShot is a great little camera and has 42x optical zoom, which is amazing! Unfortunately, if your camera only has digital zoom, you will lose quality by using the zoom feature, so use it judiciously. iPhones only have digital zoom, which is why using the zoom results in grainy and low-quality photos. (I did read that the iPhone 7 may offer an optical zoom in its camera, so that's something to look forward to!) I personally use an entry-level dSLR (Canon Rebel), and my favorite zoom lens to use is this 18-135 mm zoom lens.

Don't worry if you don't have a zoom lens or access to a camera with optical zoom, though! My very favorite lens to use is actually not a zoom lens. If I need to zoom in or out while using it, I zoom with my feet. Even with a zoom lens you sometimes need to use your feet to get the perfect distance, so don't plant yourself in one spot—use those feet!

In order to think more zoom-minded, you should always be able to answer the following question when you are behind the camera: What am I trying to emphasize in this photo?

Zoom in when you are emphasizing a person.

If your subject (your child blowing out birthday candles) is what you are hoping to emphasize, you should zoom in and remove the distracting background and foreground material (the messy kitchen table at the birthday party, for instance).

Zoom in when you want to focus on a specific detail. 

In the photo above, Chloe had just mastered making Jacob's Ladder and I wanted to highlight that fact. Had I not zoomed in, the cat's cradle would not have been as apparent, plus you probably would have seen something like a basket of laundry sitting next to her. Now that it's been several years since I took the photo, I have no idea if the house was clean or messy, and I can focus on what was important: Chloe's joy at finally getting the Jacob's Ladder perfectly.

Sometimes the thing you want to emphasize is inanimate. In the photo above, I wanted to emphasize the stone turtles on Mackinac Island. Zooming in on interesting details while you are on vacation is an excellent way to get some really good photos of your trip. The turtles are an important part of Mackinac Island because legend states that the island is the back of a turtle shell, so they are everywhere. I like this photo because you can still see a bit of The Grand Hotel in the background, even though the focus is on the turtles.

Zoom in on animals. 

Whether it's your own pet, in the wild, or at the zoo, zoom in on animals. I know people say that you should always have a person in your photos when visiting the zoo, but I like to practice getting really great photos of the animals themselves. It's not always smart to get super close to the animal for a photo, but if you have a good zoom lens, you should zoom in as closely as you safely can. The photo above was taken at Yellowstone, and I am not stupid enough to get that close to a bison, but I did have a zoom lens and I used it from the safety of my car in order to get a great photo.

Sometimes the animal is really small, like this butterfly. That's when you really need to zoom in as much as you can in order to emphasize your subject. Use your feet and your lens!

Zoom out when additional information is important. 

Think about visiting national landmarks or other interesting places. You want to emphasize place and scale in photos like that, so you need to zoom out to capture the crucial details surrounding your subject. In the photo above, we were visiting the Mayan ruins at Chacchoben. I wanted to show the scale of the ruin The Maestro and Bria were climbing, so I zoomed out. You can still see who it is on the steps, but you can also tell how big the structure is.

Zoom in to show relationships. 

This is the same Mayan ruin, but this time I zoomed in to show the father-daughter relationship. You can still tell where they are, but we are getting a much better sense of who they are than we would if I had not zoomed in.

Zoom out to tell a larger story.

Sometimes it's just important to emphasize where you are and what your subjects are doing. I could have zoomed in on the photo above to see my daughters jump-roping more clearly, but that isn't really what I wanted to emphasize. I just loved the image of the three of them jump-roping up the path to the church. We happened to be on vacation, visiting the Laura Ingalls Wilder homestead, but these types of photos can happen anywhere. Just use your eyes, and you'll know if it's a zoom in or a zoom out situation.

And you can always do both. Don't be afraid to experiment with different focal lengths and distances. Just remember to always ask yourself, "What do I want to emphasize in this photo?" And then follow your eyes and your photographer's intuition, and you'll start to get some really beautifully composed shots in no time!

Part 2: How to Improve Your Photo Composition: Angles
Part 3: How to Improve Your Photo Composition: Visual Triangles
Part 4: How to Improve Your Photo Composition: Rule of Thirds

***If you want to take a more in depth photography course that is self led, I highly recommend the photography courses at CreativeLive. Click here to check them out: CreativeLive Photography Courses***

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

6 Practical Ways to Decorate Your Paper Planner

It seems that if people are into paper planners, they are also into decorating them with stickers, washi tape, stamps, and all kinds of other fun stuff. I have many friends on Facebook who share their tricked out planner pages on a regular basis, and I love to see it.

This post contains affiliate links.

I just don't do it to my own planner all that often. Because decorating for the sake of making my planner cuter than it already is seems like a waste of time to me. I'm just too practical, I guess.

HEY! I'm giving away one of my favorite planners! Come enter here: Celebrating Motherhood Planner giveaway (ends 5/19/16)

Want to have a cuter planner but don't think it's super practical to decorate with washi tape and sticker? Here are some ideas for using these items practically. #overstuffedlife

The fact is, I use my planner to plan. I like that it looks bright and happy, but I don't feel a need to decorate it. But I still use many of those same decorating planner tools in practical ways to help me plan.

So let's take a look at some of the more popular items and the ways I like to use them.

Colored Pens

I color code my planner so I know which of my kids needs to be somewhere. I actually do the same thing with the family calendar in our kitchen. This saves me from having to write their names, because I always know that Bria is green, Chloe is aqua blue, and Sophia is pink. This color coding system actually extends to things like hairbrushes, shower baskets, and water bottles. It makes life a whole lot easier!

Want to have a cuter planner but don't think it's super practical to decorate with washi tape and sticker? Here are some ideas for using these items practically.

My favorite pens to use are these PaperMate InkJoy pens. They are a really great price--only $2.99 for a pack of 8!--and they don't bleed through the paper, which is what matters most to me. They are not erasable, and sometimes I think I need to look into the Pilot FriXion gel pens that so many planner buffs love because they are erasable. Apparently they are amazing, though they are a bit more expensive--$11.99 for a pack of 8. The erasability of them is probably totally worth it, though. You can see on my planner up there where an erasable pen would have been nice to have on Sunday.

Quotes and Goals

Keep your goals and resolutions close to you buy choosing inspiring quotes and writing them in your planner each week.

Aside from just color coding, I also like having lots of colors to choose from just so things stand out. It's hard to look at a planner that is written in all the same color, because I don't know how to process what is more important. It's nice to use the different colors to highlight my word of the year, my weekly/monthly goals, and write down an inspiring quote or two.


I've used a few different planners that came with fun stickers (The Home Executive Planner and the Erin Condren Life Planner, specifically). I liked having something like stickers to delineate the extraordinary from the ordinary. Having a sticker for birthdays, for instance, made it really pop out. I think the Erin Condren stickers were my favorite, because they were essentially labels and weren't overly cutesy.

How to use stickers, color coding, and other accessories in your planner. #overstuffedlife

I recently bought some Happy Planner "don't forget" stickers to try them out. I liked that they had some different designs in the pack and all of them had things like checkmarks or exclamation points so you could personalize them. I don't always love the stickers that are preprinted with various activities because I may or may not actually use them. I liked that I could use these stickers to write down various things I need to remember in my planner so that they stand out to my eye when I look at it.

Washi Tape

I will fully admit that I don't totally get the washi tape craze with planners. I have a bunch of washi tape, though, because I used it on scrapbooking pages. I've tried to use it on my planner, but I don't really love it.

Recently, though, I thought I would use it to block off a part of my planner that wasn't being used in order to write more lists. Because I like lists a lot, and sometimes I run out of room in the allotted list space my planner gives me.

Washi tape in a planner.
You can see in the photo above how I used washi tape to block off a section I knew I wasn't going to use on the calendar portion in order to make my list of items for our Valentine's Boxes. I even used washi tape that looked festive for Valentine's Day, so maybe I can earn extra points with the washi tape loving planner girls.

I like fairly plain washi tape like this: Geometric Washi Tape. If you like it to be even plainer than that, try this: Rainbow Washi Tape. But many people like the designs to be a bit more fun like these: Floral Washi Tape. Finally, if you don't want to deal with the tape spools, you can buy washi stickers like these (I have these and use them in my planner most often): Merry Windex Washi Stickers.


I find stampers to be some of the more practical planner accessories. I like that you can quickly go through and stamp the activities that happen over and over again. At the beginning of each month I like to take my stampers and stamp out things like Family Home Evening, Date Night, and chore days on every week of the month.

Use stamps, stickers, and other accessories in your paper planner to help you plan your life more effectively.

I use the stampers from Mormon Mom Planner, which is where I also purchase my Mom on the Go Planner that I love so much. They have two different stampers--one is more LDS-themed, and the other is pretty "mom universal."

To purchase them, click here: Planner Stampers (and stickers!)

Sticky Notes

Finally, I love to use sticky notes in my planner. I often use the little flag notes (I use these in music most often) to help me find certain things in my planner. But recently I came across these great tabbed sticky notes. You know me, never can resist a cool office supply! But these are really useful, and I now keep them in my purse all the time.

Tabbed sticky notes are a great way to better organize your paper planner. #overstuffedlife
I like that they can cover up some of the specialty pages in my planner that I don't use so that I can use them for my own purposes. And, obviously, my favorite thing about them is that they are tabbed. They are also lined, which is also awesome.

Every week isn't always quite as decorated as this one was, but I do sit down with my supplies on Sunday evenings and plan the upcoming week. Whatever feels practical is what I do.

To purchase planners and planner supplies, click on the links below:

What's your favorite way to decorate your planner?

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Stop Nagging Your Kids to Brush Their Teeth

26, I counted. That's how many times I asked Sophia to brush her teeth before school.

Every time I would ask her to please go brush her teeth, I was answered by a whiny voice saying things like, "Just a minute!" "I wiiiiiilllll!" and "OKAY!"

And after all that? I never actually observed her go into the bathroom, I never heard water running, and the toothbrush check after she was on the bus confirmed my suspicions: dry. Absolutely no tooth brushing had occurred.

Do you tell your kids to brush their teeth 100 times a day? Stop the nagging and start doing this simple trick and watch those teeth get brushed happily! #overstuffedlife

I was sick of sounding like a broken record every morning. 

"Brush your teeth. Do you have your lunch? Is your homework in your backpack? Brush your teeth. Brush your teeth. Stop bugging your sister. Brush your teeth. The bus is coming in five minutes! Brush your teeth. Brush your teeth. BRUSH YOUR TEETH!"

A random memory from high school popped into my head. I was at a party, and two of my friends were talking about the fact that they had never had a single cavity. One of them then told us that his mom's trick was to put on a record of children's songs every morning and that he and his brothers couldn't stop brushing until the record was finished.

That vague memory from more than 20 years earlier gave me a great idea. So, the next morning when tooth brushing time rolled around, I had a little trick up my sleeve for when Sophia would inevitably drag her feet about her dental hygiene.

Do you tell your kids to brush their teeth 100 times a day? Stop the nagging and start doing this simple trick and watch those teeth get brushed happily! #overstuffedlife

Instead of sounding like a broken record, I was going to play a music record (or, well, a YouTube video).

"Sophia, it's time to brush your teeth."
"Just a minute, I'm doing something!"
"Want to listen to Uptown Funk?"
"The deal is, I put it on and you have to brush your teeth the whole time you're listening to it."

And she ran into the bathroom, put some toothpaste on her fancy spinner toothbrush, and danced and brushed while Bruno Mars sang. It was magical.

Kids should be brushing their teeth for at least two minutes. With this simple trick, that will be no problem!

Every morning for the rest of the school year she would choose her favorite song du jour and brush her teeth while she danced. It was fun, I stopped nagging, and most importantly, her teeth got clean.

Then summer happened, and because the bus wasn't coming every morning the hurry to get teeth brushed wasn't necessary. And we gradually stopped our little musical tradition. It died gradually and without notice, the way many habits do.

School started up again in September and the fight to brush Sophia's teeth resumed in earnest. It took me a couple months to actually remember my secret weapon, but I did. She will always happily brush her teeth if I put her favorite music on my phone. The best part is that most popular music is much longer than the recommended two minutes for teeth brushing, so she is definitely getting in enough time.

How to get your kids to brush their teeth the FUN way! #overstuffedlife

I used to dread taking Sophia to the dentist. She's a pretty very feisty and independent kiddo, so she kicked and screamed if I ever tried to help her brush her teeth or do it for her. Once she was around two years old, any tooth brushing that happened in her mouth only happened because she did it 100% by herself. You can see why taking her to the dentist was something I didn't look forward to!

Inevitably, she had a cavity. Inevitably, I was chastised for her lack of really good oral hygiene. Inevitably, I left feeling like the worst mom ever, even though I sometimes felt that "brush your teeth!" was the only thing I ever said to this child!

Still, I diligently took her and her two older sisters to the dentist every six months because I actually am a good mom and because it is an important part of their oral hygiene. Without regular cleanings at the dentist, the bacteria build up leads to major tooth decay and much worse problems (this goes for adults, too!). Dentists also are able to catch issues early with the use of x-ray and oral exams, which is obviously very important.

Tired of nagging your kids to brush their teeth? Embarrassed to go to the dentist because they don't do it? Try this trick and make tooth brushing fun! #overstuffedlife

When my husband was going through grad school, we did not have dental insurance. Because of this, it became cost prohibitive for us to take our children to the dentist (we had two young children at the time). When he finally got a job that did provide dental insurance, I found they had a few issues because I had not taken them to the dentist before, even though I was very diligent in having them take care of their teeth (and those two were much easier than Sophia!).

I love having dental insurance now because I can take my children to the dentist every 6 months and for extras like sealants and the occasional filling without worrying about the cost. I looked over Guardian Dental's website, and while they don't offer plans in every area, they offer individual dental plans for a reasonable price which you can purchase at any time. For my family of 5, I could pay $132 a month for a PPO plan. When a cleaning costs $50 and X-rays cost $125, it comes out to be a good deal. Especially when more than just regular cleanings and exams are needed. Guardian offers great coverage on the more expensive dental procedures like fillings or root canals. And while we hope that we don't need them, the truth is, sometimes we do.

Tired of nagging your kids to brush their teeth? Embarrassed to go to the dentist because they don't do it? Try this trick and make tooth brushing fun! #overstuffedlife

You'll be happy to know that in the two years that we have been using my music trick to get Sophia to brush her teeth, she has had ZERO cavities. The dentist has taken note of the improvement and now I feel like a good mom again whenever I leave his office.

The next step is to figure out a way to get her to floss her teeth without throwing a tantrum. I'm open to any ideas! Baby steps, right?

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Valentine Love List Printable

I made this printable for my Girl Scout Troop, so they could each make an easy Valentine's Day project for someone they loved. Many of them chose parents and siblings, a couple chose friends, and one girl even chose her elderly neighbor (but she crossed out "love" and wrote "like," which I thought was adorable).

List the things you love about your sweetheart with this super sweet Valentine's Day Love List printable. #overstuffedlife

It does match the rest of the printables I have made this year for my girls' Valentine's Mailbox Tradition (you can see them all linked at the bottom of this post), but that's just because I was on a roll and didn't want to have to pick all new fonts and colors.

The Girl Scouts each wrote eight things they loved about their chosen Valentine. I was actually really impressed with the thoughtful ideas they came up with!

After they had written their love notes, they filled these small paper bags with Hershey's hugs and kisses, and then we stapled the printable onto the bag. Easy peasy!

Pair this printable with mini paper bags to send a sweet treat to your sweetie this Valentine's Day.

It might also be cute to put 100 Grand Candy Bars into the bags because of the "thousands" of reasons wording. But everyone loves to get hugs and kisses, too.

Of course, with a printable like this, you don't have to even use the bag. It can be given on ANY gift, or just be a stand alone sort of thing. Because who doesn't love to receive a thoughtful list of things someone loves about them? I treasure those kinds of notes! (I have a few from my children hanging up in my office!)

To download:

If you are on a desktop or laptop computer, enter your email into the form below.

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Your printable will be immediately delivered to your email inbox.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Tell your Valentine all the reasons you love them with this sweet Love List Printable for Valentine's Day.

Tuesday, February 09, 2016

You're Just "Write" for Me Valentine's Day Printable

This is the last printable I made this year for our Valentine's Day Mailbox tradition. We actually went on vacation for this past weekend, so I did not do valentines for those days (because vacation is enough fun to go around!), and a couple other days I just stuck some candy in the boxes. Because we can't always have a perfect printable with the perfect gift, right?

Super cute Valentine's Day printable for use with notebooks, pencils, or other writing utensils. "You're just WRITE for me" #overstuffedlife
I used these mini composition books (but they are so much cheaper at WalMart or the Dollar Store, FYI) to go along with this printable, but you could use it with any size and style of notebook or journal that you like. It would also go nicely with some cute Valentine's pencils, or even pens or markers.

Super cute Valentine's Day printable for use with notebooks, pencils, or other writing utensils. "You're just WRITE for me" #overstuffedlife

Obviously, I have been going for a somewhat cohesive theme with my Valentine's printables this year. It just makes quicker work for me when I don't have to choose the fonts and colors every time. I did enjoy adding the pencil into this one and I like how it turned out.

To download:

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The printable will be sent straight to your email inbox.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Super cute Valentine's Day printable for use with notebooks, pencils, or other writing utensils. "You're just WRITE for me" #overstuffedlife

Monday, February 08, 2016

It Isn't a "Stretch" to Love You Valentine's Day Printable

Today's Valentine printable for our Valentine Mailbox Tradition is designed for use with hair elastics. As the mom of three girls with tons of hair (and having a ton of hair myself), I can testify that we always need hair ties. I don't know where they all go, but I buy them fairly often throughout the year!

This time I just purchased normal black hair elastics, but they did come with a special gift of a few colored and braided ones that will make it that much more exciting for the girls.

If I had thought more ahead, I would have purchased them their favorite kind of hair ties: No Crease Hair TiesThey are super wonderful and they really are no crease. But alas, I rarely think ahead.

This cute Valentine's Day printable is meant for use with hair elastics. #overstuffedlife

I had a harder time coming up with a cute valentine saying for this one, but I finally settled on "It isn't a STRETCH to love you."


Download and print the free printable onto white cardstock.
Cut out the circles (if you don't like scissors, using a circle cutter like this one is very helpful!)
Punch a hole in the printable with a hole punch.
Use cheap Valentine's themed ribbon to tie the elastics to the printable.

Give your Valentine some hair ties and pair them with this adorable Valentine's Day printable: It isn't a STRETCH to love you. #overstuffedlife

To download:

If you are on a desktop or laptop computer, enter your email address in the form below.

If you are on a mobile device, click here to see the form.

Your printable will be sent directly to your email inbox.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Give your Valentine some hair ties and pair them with this adorable Valentine's Day printable: It isn't a STRETCH to love you. #overstuffedlife

Sunday, February 07, 2016

I Want to "Shower" You With Love Valentine's Day Printable

Valentine's Day is almost here, you guys. And I still have a ton of printables to share with you! Today's printable is designed for use with a bath pouf. I try hard not to give too much candy in my kids' Valentine's Day Mailboxes, because they are getting plenty of that elsewhere. Instead, I try to give them things they already need or are otherwise useful and just make them look really cute with the printables.

Download this adorable valentine's printable and SHOWER your valentine with love! Use it with a bath pouf or other shower accessories. #overstuffedlife

This method ends up saving me money, because I am giving them gifts that I would generally buy anyway. We all know that bath poufs need to be replaced on a regular basis, so our Mailbox Tradition was a great way to sneak those in. This printable could easily be used with any other bath/shower accessories like shower gel or shampoo.

And the printables turned out super cute!

Download this adorable valentine's printable and SHOWER your valentine with love! Use it with a bath pouf or other shower accessories. #overstuffedlife

We do a color coding system at our house, so I try to buy toiletry items in their assigned color (Bria=green, Chloe=blue, Sophia=pink). It's an effective way to eliminate fighting over whose is whose! We also use the color coding system for the family calendar, which is also very helpful.

I just punched a hole in the card once I got them cut out and then used some cheap Valentine's ribbon to tie them to the bath poufs. Easy!

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Happy Valentine's Day!

Download this adorable valentine's printable and SHOWER your valentine with love! Use it with a bath pouf or other shower accessories. #overstuffedlife

Saturday, February 06, 2016

You Knock My Socks Off Valentine's Day Printable

I always buy my girls new Valentine's Day socks every year. In fact, it was the very first thing I ever put into their Valentine's Day Mailboxes, with a quick note that wasn't really very cute. While my design skills have improved over the years, my Valentine's Day sock tradition has stayed solid.

So, here is this year's "You knock my Socks off" printable, along with a pair of adorable socks.

Give a pair of Valentine's Day themed socks and use this adorable Valentine's "you knock my socks off" printable. #overstuffedlife

I didn't make it an option to actually attach the socks to the printable, but if you were to purchase socks that already have a cardboard label on them, it would be very easy to just stick this printable on top. As for me, I just stuck the socks and the printable right into the mailboxes.

Here are all the socks I bought for my girls:

Give a pair of Valentine's Day themed socks and use this adorable Valentine's "you knock my socks off" printable. #overstuffedlife

A pair for my cheetah/leopard loving Type 3 daughter, a grey pair for my Type 2, and the super cute pair for my Type 1. (Curious about energy typing? Find out more here: Free energy typing course.)

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Happy Valentine's Day!

Give a pair of Valentine's Day themed socks and use this adorable Valentine's "you knock my socks off" printable. #overstuffedlife