16 Refreshing Bathroom Facelifts

I’ve been dreaming of updating our main bathroom for a while now. While I love how I’ve painted it, it could seriously use new flooring, new fixtures, and a new sink/vanity. Such are the joys of living in a very old house, I guess! The home improvement list is never ending, and the budget just can’t keep up with such a long list.

Still…it doesn’t hurt to dream, does it?

I’ve been doing my bathroom makeover dreaming over at Hometalk. It is one of my new favorite websites. Seriously. If you love to make your house beautiful as much as I do, you will love it over there. It’s a little like Pinterest, because you can make boards of the ideas you like, but it’s a really great community and everyone who posts over there has amazing ideas.

I made a Beautiful Bathrooms board featuring some of the most beautiful bathroom redesigns I could find. I totally want to paint our clawfoot tub red now! And I want to copy some of these fabulous shelving ideas. And so much more!

Go check it out by clicking here: Beautiful Bathrooms on Hometalk.

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Lara, there are some really gorgeous bathrooms here and some very cool ideas. Love it.


Great selection! I can't wait to redo mine as well!

Hilda Rodgers

Wow! Beautiful bathrooms! I'm dreaming about a new home with more and larger bathrooms… someday 🙂


I love that! In some ways, I am thankful for things like my very small closet because it forces me not to keep things. But some of my other spaces are not big enough for my life, either! 🙂

Christine @ Rustic & Refined

Love your clips….great job Lara!


Woah! You could be me. I moved every three years or more as a kid and I'm going on 11 in my current house (although moving in two months). The clutter is making me crazy. Luckily I have the move to push me, but I'm going to do your plan. Thank you!

Kaden Ferretti

This is a wonderful idea. By focusing in on specific points, instead of being overwhelmed by the whole concept, you have made the work easier for people like me. Thank you very much.