Sunday, April 24, 2005

That's what it's all about

Image hosted by taken March 18, 2005 after the Arizona Aloha Fest

Lately, the girls have taken to "cuddling" like this...while watching TV together, in the stroller, in the shopping cart at Costco. I love it. Because they also have daily screaming matches. Seeing the fact that they actually do love each other just makes me beam with the joy only a mother understands.

The other day we went to storytime at the library. Bria is a "front row Joe" and sits right up in the front, answering every question and doing every activity. Chloe is usually a bit slower to warm up and sits on my lap most of the time, and only participates in some of the activities. Well, on this particular day, sometime in the middle of the hour she got up off my lap and went and sat by Bria. She leaned her head on her shoulder and Bria put her head on Chloe's head. They sat that way for the entire story. I couldn't keep my eyes off of them.

So, on the days when I can barely cope with all of the tantrums and the screaming because Bria took Chloe's toy or Chloe drew all over Bria's picture, I need to remember what motherhood is really about. It isn't about all of that (even though it often seems that way!) is about teaching your children to be wonderful individuals. It isn't easy, but it sure helps to see some of the fruits of your efforts every once in a while. Helps to keep it in perspective and it helps me to remember why I signed up for this job in the first place.

Lara Neves
Lara Neves

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