Friday, September 02, 2005

Getting to know Chloe

I know, I know....I should already know her quite well. It's just that since Bria has always been around, I have rarely had one on one time with Chloe. Now that Bria is in school, I have a lot of that, and I am finally learning who she is!!
  1. Chloe actually likes it when I sing. She asks me to sing songs to her and smiles when I do it. If she is singing and I join in, she doesn't get upset, she is happy to sing with me. (As opposed to Bria, who hates it when I sing. She never wants me to sing and gets angry when I do "Stop singing Mommy!" And when she is singing I am not allowed to join in under any circumstances. Ever. But SHE can sing whenever she wants, as illustrated by the beautiful rendition of 5th Dimension's "Age of Aquarius" interspersed with Beethoven's "Fur Elise" all the way to school this morning.)
  2. Chloe likes to eat fruit and vegetables. Amazingly enough, if given a choice of grapes and brownies, she would choose the grapes. She loves squash, broccoli, cauliflower, peas and carrots...and even eats her salad at dinner. (As opposed to Bria, who kicks and screams at the prospect of eating veggies. Oh, she likes fruit okay, but if there are brownies involved, the brownies will most definitely be devoured before those grapes are even given a second thought. And salad? Don't make me laugh.
  3. Chloe holds a grudge. Don't make her mad, because she just might not speak to you for a couple hours, or at the very least, give you dirty looks every time you look at her. (As opposed to Bria who easily forgives, and will often give me a hug if I am upset with her.)
  4. Chloe likes to be alone sometimes. She doesn't need me to play with her every waking moment of the day. She doesn't like me to be there to help her do everything. She tells me when she needs me, by coming and taking me by the hand quite forcefully to whatever it is she wants. She also tells me when she has had enough of me, by saying, "Leave me alone, Mommy." (As opposed to Bria, who would love it if I played with her every waking hour. She demands my full attention at all times and if I even look away when she is talking to me, I get in trouble.)
  5. Chloe is determined and focused. If she is doing something, she sees it through to the end of it. If she wants something, there is no distracting her determination. Sometimes this leads to temper tantrums and many time-out trips. Sometimes it leads to a happier Mommy as she can be quite involved in her projects and is not even really aware of other things going on.. (As opposed to Bria, who, like her mother, is easily distracted, unfocused and aware of everything to a fault.)
So, these are just a few things that make my children so different from each other. So glad I can see their differences. Now I just hope I know how to use those traits to my advantage!
Lara Neves
Lara Neves

Lara is mom to three daughters—two teens and a tween. She loves to share her parenting and homemaking triumphs and failures here at Overstuffed! She was diagnosed with Lyme disease in 2015 and has been fighting it ever since. When she isn't working on her mother of the year award, you can find her reading, singing, or taking photos.


  1. What a cutie. I know, you think they're "alike" til' you spend time with #2. I feel like such a bad mom for kind of ignoring him prior to now. Conner is definately Mr. Squeeky wheel!

  2. Your two girls sound like my two kids (girl & boy). One is higher maintence than the other. I always say that my Alyssa made me EARN the title of mother, and that John was given to me so that I could ENJOY being a mother. I love them both to bits, and wouldn't change a thing. Enjoy your time with your youngest! She sounds delightful.

  3. It is fun to have that time with the younger child. MY younger child is at the Def Leppard concert right now with friends and a better mother than I, LOL! (He's almost 16).

  4. How wonderful to now be able to spend more one on one time with your little one. As much as I am sad that my little guy has started preschool, I will really enjoy having some one on one time with my new little one that will arrive in a few months. Loved your entry today!

  5. I can relate Lara... I love how different Brayden and Daxton are. Daxton LOVES bugs and loves to get dirty. Brayden on the other hand, HATES bugs and hates to get dirty! Daxton is a lot more independant than Brayden is. Brayden constanly wants me near him playing with him. I love to see all of the differences between the two brothers. And BOY, do I love my boys!!!