Saturday, January 14, 2006

So I was tagged...

So I came home from my little stint in the hospital to find that my blog has been tagged. And since I really don't feel like writing about what's really going on in my life at the moment (maybe I will later), it was a welcome thing. So, thanks Cat for the tag and here goes:

4 Jobs You Have Had in Your Life:

1. ShopKo cashier, service desk, Point of Sales Supervisor
2. Romanian Teacher at the MTC
3. Sales associate at the Museum of Art on BYU Campus
4. Voice teacher

4 Movies You Could Watch Over and Over:

Harry Potter (all of them)
The Scarlet Pimpernel
The Princess Bride

4 Places You Have Lived:

Orem, UT
Nauvoo, IL
Mesa, AZ

4 TV Shows You Love to Watch:

Ummm....I don't watch that much TV, but lately as a sickie I've been watching a lot of Oprah and Dr. Phil, although I wouldn't say I LOVE to watch them.

4 Places You Have Been on Vacation:

San Diego
New York City

4 Websites You Visit Daily:

Two Peas In A Bucket (Gotta keep up on the hometown news!)
Various blogs

4 of Your Favorite Foods:

Fettucine Alfredo
Mashed potatoes
French Toast

4 Places You Would Rather Be Right Now:

I don't really care where as long as I felt healthy and strong. Seriously, I can't even answer this question.

4 Bloggers you'd like to see answer these questions:

Seriously almost every other blog I read faithfully has already been GO HILARY!!
Lara Neves
Lara Neves

Lara is mom to three daughters—two teens and a tween. She loves to share her parenting and homemaking triumphs and failures here at Overstuffed! She was diagnosed with Lyme disease in 2015 and has been fighting it ever since. When she isn't working on her mother of the year award, you can find her reading, singing, or taking photos.


  1. L - I don't know what's up - but I'm praying for you. Update me when you get a chance. (((HUGS)))

  2. I call you EVER DAY In the hospital, and you come home and TAG me? Maybe I'll do it... after dinner. :)
    Hope you're eating too Lara!

  3. Honey: What does it mean to be tagged? I would have named all of the things you said. Good job, Mom