Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Wednesday, Wednesday

This is my last Crazy Wednesday of the semester, folks. I mean, Chloe will still have preschool, Bria will still have early out day and we'll still have group violin, but I will not have to teach. This will make my life much easier. At least, it will after I've made the finals they're singing today into DVDs, evaluated said finals and turned in grades.

Of course, now I need to find another way to make that money...any great ideas?

Sophia is still sick. We went to the doctor yesterday and got a special cream for her seriously bright red cheeks and some drops for her swollen eyes. Hopefully she'll be finished with this soon. And then spring will come and we won't have winter colds in April anymore.

Bria has agreed to play her violin in her school arts night. I need to mention that she is being heavily bribed with a new scooter, but it's very important to us that she take advantage of these opportunites to overcome her fear of doing things in front of people. She's had some wonderful moments with her violin. Always bribed though. She's gotten lipstick, ice cream and sparkly shoes out of prior public performances, and I'm not ashamed one bit.

Chloe is doing better and went back to school today. She's been sleeping in till nearly 11:00 the past several mornings, so it was slightly difficult to get her out of bed today. We did it though and hopefully we're totally on the upswing now.

I have been on a scrapbooking binge. And it ain't over yet. This is a good thing. I love it when I find my creativity actually energizes me in other areas of my life.

The latest. Enjoy, and have a happy Wednesday!

Chloe's first solid food. Yes Chloe. Not Sophia. I thought I ought to at least finish Chloe's before I thought about doing one for Sophie. This is for the Pub Ad Inspiration for the week.

And one about Sophia's army crawl.
Lara Neves
Lara Neves

Lara is mom to three daughters—two teens and a tween. She loves to share her parenting and homemaking triumphs and failures here at Overstuffed! She was diagnosed with Lyme disease in 2015 and has been fighting it ever since. When she isn't working on her mother of the year award, you can find her reading, singing, or taking photos.


  1. LOving the scrapbooking.
    And you could sell yourself on the street. :)
    As a designer... of COURSE.

  2. Always love your layouts... I've had no energy to scrap for the past two weeks.. I've pulled it all out.. and no energy to put it away.. But we crop on Sat at my house.. so hopefully I'll get something done..

    Glad your kiddos are feeling better!!!

  3. You sound like you're feeling much better than before! That snow in April stuff just seriously stinks!

    Love your newest layouts.

    Enjoy your lower stress Wednesdays!