Friday, May 11, 2007


It's only fair that I devote an entire post to Bria's amazing musical talent, since I recently posted about Chloe's artistic talent.

Bria is an incredible musician...she sang arpeggios for the first time (perfectly in tune) at the age of 8 months. Yes months. I was teaching a lesson and doing arpeggios with my student and she just started singing them. She started playing the violin at age 3 because when she was 2 1/2 she saw someone playing in Church and talked all the time about how she wanted to play. So we found her a teacher as soon as we moved to Arizona and started her the week of her 3rd birthday.

She has been playing for about 3 1/2 years now, with a couple long breaks due to moves (both ours and the teacher's). She is quite shy about playing for recitals and things, but she is doing much better. She played in the String Festival a couple months ago and received a Superior rating in her division. That's when she earned her sparkly shoes.

Yesterday, being bribed by a scooter, she played in her school's Arts Night. I am thinking the next thing we need to work on is not looking like she is going to die while she is playing. Hopefully I won't have to buy her a new car to get her to do it. Actually, I do think we are getting better and better at the in front of people thing. And amazingly enough, the certificate she got at the end is something she is extremely proud of...maybe that's all the motivation she needed.

Again, I realize I have extreme bias. But, is she not a fabulous violinst?

(Also, I apologize for the lovely back end view of moi, but Joel uploaded the video and didn't think to stop it before that!!!)
Lara Neves
Lara Neves

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  1. Dear Bria,
    I think that you did an amazing job at your school's arts night. I was most impressed by how you didn't look nervous at all and you had a happy face when it was done. I wish I could've seen that happy face the whole performance, but I'm glad you have worked so hard to be just that good.
    You make it look easy.

  2. I am just so proud of Bria!!! She is working hard to make beautiful music because she is so talented. Her beautiful face shines even through her feelings!! I love her!!

  3. Holy cow - that's amazing! Maybe when we're in Cedar this summer, Bria could give me violin lessons?! That's awesome!!!

    Although I don't think she looked like she was going to die - just like she might throw up or burst into tears!

    Great job, Bria! And way to be big and brave!!!

  4. As a violinista myself, I can confirm that she is, indeed, fabulous. And I was the same way when I was young; I would rather have gone to the dentist than play in front of anyone. She'll outgrow it, don't worry!