Sunday, June 24, 2007

45 totally obscure facts about me

Since I haven't really got the blogging bug lately, I thought I'd post this thing that's been going around lately. I'll try to think of something incredibly interesting to say tomorrow, but for the time being you can get to know some things my husband may not even know about me. ;)

1. Are you taller than your mom? I am 5'9" and she is 5'6 7/8", so yes. And yes, she insists on that 7/8 of an inch being there.
2. What color is your car? Red. I assure you that my husband does know this about me.
3. What is the closest thing to you that is red? My glasses, right on my face. If that doesn't count it's the box of cheez-its in front of me.
4. What is your ringtone? When Joel calls it's "Con Te Partiro" sung by Andrea Bocelli. When my parents call it's something called "Blue ice" and when everyone else calls it's some jazzy ditty that I chose.
5. Are you sick? Sick of a messy house, but fit as a fiddle.
6. Do you have a favorite pillow? I'm rather fond of the throw pillows on my couch. On my bed, however, there are several pillows and I have to sleep with a specific combination.
7. What is your favorite game? I really love games. Hard to really pick a fave, but it's probably Trivial Pursuit.
8. Had a nap today? Not yet!
9. Gold or Silver? Definitely silver.
10. Is there an animal that creeps you out? Do spiders count? How about cockroaches? Crickets? Heck, bugs in general totally creep me out.
11.Who was the last person you rode an elevator with? I had to think really hard about this one...but it was a few weeks ago at Tuacahn. I rode the elevator with the secretary there while she unlocked a door for me.
12. Did you go iceskating as a kid? I did, indeed. Never was too good at it, though.
13. Ever have stitches? In my finger when I was in 5th grade. I cut it on an orange juice can before they had the handy dandy modern kind that don't actually cut you.
14. Favorite non-alcoholic drink? Probably water, but if that doesn't count as a "drink," I'll go with Dr. Pepper.
15. How long ago did you kiss someone? Maybe a half hour ago when Joel left to go home teaching.
16. What's something you want to do before you die? Meet my grandchildren. All of them.
17. Have you ever caught something on fire? Not that I can think of. But I have a really good story about the time my brother and his friend caught the entire backyard on fire.
18. Have you ever seen a ghost? Not that I'm aware of.
19. Have you ever seen the northern lights? Another thing for the list of things to do before I die.
20. Do you know how to use chop sticks? Yes, but it's pretty slow going, so I prefer to use a fork, thanks.
21. Name something good that happened today. One of my Mia Maids who has NEVER come to church showed up and even said one of the prayers!
22. What room are you in? Kitchen.
23. Are you worried about something you can't control? Sometimes I worry a lot about Joel's job situation. I guess we can control it to an extent, but not really.
24. Do you like to exercise? Hate it. (Sorry mom.)
25. Ever been in a car wreck? Yes but nothing major.
26. Are you wearing nailpolish? Just on my toes.
27. Favorite color? Red.
28. Innie or Outie? It's an innie, thankfully.
29. Ever been to Canada? Nope.
30. Sweet or Sour? Are we talking about my personality or my taste buds? In either case, I'd have to say sweet.
31. Sun or Moon? I'm quite the night owl, so I'll have to say moon.
32. What shoes did you wear today? Brown heels. And I'm a bit annoyed because I stepped in tar in the parking lot and it broke off part of the heel.
33. Favorite eye color of the opposite sex? It's mandatory that I say blue.
34. Most important quality in any relationship? Now we're getting deep: Communication, hands down.
35. Favorite movie? Oscar starring Sylvester Stallone, Tim Curry and Marisa Tomei. Released 1991. Love it.
36. Time of day you were born? 1:16 in the morning to be exact.
37. Do you know your blood type? Yes. Do you want to know? O+
38. What would you spend 5000 dollars on right now if you were handed it? That would just about pay off our credit cards completely, so that's what I would do.
39. Name something you are grateful for! Everyone knows how much I love my husband and kids, so I'm going to buck that trend and say indoor plumbing.
40. Did you grow up in the city or country? City. Granted, not a huge one, but a city nonetheless.
41. Would you ever consider going on a reality tv show if offered a large sum of money? It really depends on the show. American Idol? Sure thing. Survivor? No way in Heck.
42. One of your dreams? Well, the other night I dreamed that I took a pregnancy test and it was positive (Yikes!!!!) and then I was taking painting lessons from some lady in my ward and she began speaking Romanian to me.
43. Hugs or kisses? Hugs, much to Joel's chagrin.
44. You have 10 dollars to spend in the dollar store. What do you get? First I'd hit the scrapbook stuff. They usually have one or two things there. Then I'd look for toothpaste and that kind of stuff. Hair pretties for the girls. I can't stand the toys at the dollars store so I usually try not to buy any...they break way too quickly.
45. Slurpee flavor? Wow. It's been a few years. Decades, possibly. Probably cherry.
Lara Neves
Lara Neves

Lara is mom to three daughters—two teens and a tween. She loves to share her parenting and homemaking triumphs and failures here at Overstuffed! She was diagnosed with Lyme disease in 2015 and has been fighting it ever since. When she isn't working on her mother of the year award, you can find her reading, singing, or taking photos.


  1. Wow! That's kind of a fun little list!

  2. Fun as always, Lara!
    I ran into someone who knows you today--Josh Wilde is in our ward here in Rhode Island and he says you taught him at the MTC. He says hello.


  3. Ok, Lara, granted I've never seen that movie, but Sylvester Stallone? I never pegged you as a Stallone girl!

    That's a fun meme. I'm lacking in the inspiration department lately, so I think I'll borrow it!

  4. I am so glad you mentioned your blog during your lesson on journals a few weeks ago. It's a lot of fun learning more about you.

    We are meant to be friends--I was born at 1:17 a.m.


  5. I love this!


    PS: Cherry slurpee is great.... and I also L-O-V-E grape!!

  6. Umm... worried about things you can't control...
    I think you could've gone a bit further into that answer. :)

  7. Heehee. I stole the list too. You're my inspiration!

  8. Hey, I appreciate your comment on my blog, and have really enjoyed yours so far. Due to my fussy little one though, I've had to come and go a few times, just to catch up on who's who and all that. My Cateyes had the same teeth thing as your Chloe and have you noticed that she smiles with her mouth closed in most/all pics???? Even at such a young age, it really bothers them. My babygirl has the same name as your baby, but with an F, cause my Cateyes decided it would be easier for her new little sister to learn that way, (but I always forget and spell it the other way first, oops)Anyways, I'll be back, often.