Monday, July 16, 2007

Monkey Business

We're dropping off the girls at my parents' house tomorrow. I guess technically I should say later today as it's now past midnight. (And I really ought to be getting along to bed now as I just had to look up the word technically because I'm positive that is not how you spell it. But, apparently, it is. )

Anyway, we're leaving the girls and heading for San Francisco. I only hope that my poor parents will be able to keep up. Oh, I have no doubt that they'll be just fine where Bria and Chloe are concerned, but Sophie? Sophie is a whole 'nother story.

She climbs. On everything. She's also walking everywhere now, but the climbing thing is really giving me a run for my money. And since gravity is a side effect of this desire she has to go up, she also falls a lot. I feel like I can't turn my back on her anymore, and when I forget, I am soon reminded by her wails after falling off of some piece of furniture. Every time this child is met with a chair, a bathtub, a box, or anything like unto them, her little leg lifts right up and on she goes.

Is this even normal? My other two did not figure this out until they were much older and had much better skills at actually staying up. I'm starting to fear that she will climb right out of her crib any minute now.

And just in case you don't believe me:

Yes, she got up on both all by herself, from the floor, with absolutely no help. The rocking chair may not be so surprising, but the piano? Pure craziness, if you ask me. She has also managed to get on top of the kitchen table, on top of my computer desk, on top of a barstool, and she was recently caught in the act of climbing onto my scrapping table. The only reason I don't have photographic evidence of all situations is because I was too busy trying to save her from certain death.

So, yeah. Definitely hoping my parents can handle this monkey for a week. Because, cute as she is, she is quite a handful.

Lara Neves
Lara Neves

Lara is mom to three daughters—two teens and a tween. She loves to share her parenting and homemaking triumphs and failures here at Overstuffed! She was diagnosed with Lyme disease in 2015 and has been fighting it ever since. When she isn't working on her mother of the year award, you can find her reading, singing, or taking photos.


  1. Ohhhh wow! Luckily K & M never did go through the climbing stage! Have fun on your trip - how fun for you guys! And sending good luck wishes to your parents. . .

  2. So Lara, I guess you now have one who does not have a fear of heights!!! Look out, the next thing will be skydiving or bungeejumping, eeekkkkk!!

  3. Looks like Ms. Sophie is ready for the time out chair.
    I'm sure that will be an adorable photo as well.
    Hey, let's do some pictures while you're here... k? Wanna take some of my family?
    I know you do.
    I'll do some of you and Joel.
    And I'll make it free. :D

  4. I'm am right with you girl. My youngest, Olivia, is the EXACT same way! She climbs, and falls, and climbs, and falls again!! This kid of mine can actually climb up a step ladder, open the trampoline safety net, and get her self in. HOLY 'Freakin MOLY!!!!!

  5. Well, they've got to learn, but you'd think that falling and getting hurt would make them think twice about climbing more. Hmm, maybe they forget things too quickly at that age. :) Good luck to your parents!

  6. I hope you have a great time in California. And I think your mom knows a thing or two about little toddlers. I would love to have someone like her to leave kids with! I am sure she will have a great time with your little ones.


  7. I have three climbers. Peter was the most intense of them all. He was climbing before he could walk. No joke. And then he was walking at 9 months. So he was just a real go getter. Just wait till you have a boy Lara. I'm sure he'll really give you a run for you money.
    Have fun on your vacation.
    And do you have any weaning tips?

  8. My 12 month old has recently discovered that she can follow me up the stairs. You'd think she'd struck gold by how fast she moves!

  9. Oh my, do you have your hands full!! I kind of know what you are going through...if a puppy counts, for it has been 10 years since I had little ones!

  10. Children like her are why God made sure that babies could "bounce"! LOL
    Have a wonderful trip to SF. It's one of my favorite places in the would!
    God bless

  11. Kanoa was quite the monkey too...actually, when he went through that phase, he was too visiting Mom, and i came home to a pro-spanking lecture/debate. (he was older, though) I think Sophia is making up for her past peanut-like stature and is feeling her freedom. Have fun in S.F.! So Jealous!

  12. LOL, I can't believe she scaled the piano. My friend has a little boy that likes to do that, but while my kids climbed MOST everything, they never climbed the piano. Thank heavens - I probably would've killed 'em. :)

  13. Sounds like my youngest daughter Maiya. She's 21 mths old right now and she learned to climb before she could walk. And she will try to climb anything and everything. Her latest was her dresser. I heard her crying from her bedroom one day and went in to see her stuck on top. The little booger was smart enough to pull out the drawers like steps and just climb up. She is definitely my mischief maker.

    I hope all of you have a fun and safe trip. :)

  14. OH, but what an adorable monkey! :-)

    Thank you for your kind comments about my household notebook. And, have a wonderful time in San Francisco!

    Best Wishes!

  15. She is way NORMAL! My little Livvie used to do tumbling over the side of couch - head first! Then she would get up and do it again -- we have a picture of her doing this with her feet in the air and hair flying everywhere. No matter what we did she wouldn't stop! We just held our breath every time she did it. Take heart!