Saturday, October 27, 2007

If the key doesn't fit in the ignition, it's probably not your car

I am not blonde. Except for that one time that I played Rapunzel in "Into the Woods," I have never been anything even remotely close to blonde. Unfortunately, I seem to have a lot of "blonde" moments (my apologies to all of you quick-witted blondes out there) which I usually try to blame on pregnancy or lack of sleep or something.

I completely attribute this morning's particular blonde moment to exhaustion. I had to go to Tuacahn to teach, and since Joel had an early morning Jazz Band rehearsal, our niece Aly came over to watch the kids. She got here a little before 7:00 and crashed on the couch while I finished getting ready. Since I was so tired, I was already running late and I got out to my car at about 7:10.

The key wouldn't go into the ignition. Nothing I did could make it fit. I tried turning things on and off (including a button I'd never noticed before right above the ignition), jiggling the steering wheel and trying to move it up or down. It was so dark I couldn't really see the ignition even with the light on, but I was sure something was terribly wrong with it. In desperation I finally called Joel to see if he knew what to do since he's the one that usually drives that car, even though I knew that would be interrupting his rehearsal. Luckily he hadn't started yet and answered the phone.

Not surprisingly, this particular thing had never happened to him before. He told me to try various things and none of them worked. I was starting to get frustrated and worried I'd never get down to St. George in time for my lessons. I started noticing that the beep the car was making because the lights were on didn't sound very familiar, so naturally I asked Joel about it. He said he'd never heard that sound in his life. Great, I thought. Something is totally wrong with the car.

Then I glanced over to my left. I noticed that there was a manual handle there to roll up the window. That seemed a bit odd since I was sure we had automatic windows. My first thought was that Joel must have changed them when he got the door handle fixed a few months ago. My second thought was: Wait a second...I've driven this car plenty of times since then and I'm pretty sure we still have automatic windows.

Which led to my third thought: Oh. My. Gosh. This isn't my car!!!

And I quickly told Joel I was in Aly's car (whose interior is an awful lot like ours, especially in the dark) and hung up the phone before he could ridicule me too much...

...Or ask me if I was sure I didn't dye my hair.
Lara Neves
Lara Neves

Lara is mom to three daughters—two teens and a tween. She loves to share her parenting and homemaking triumphs and failures here at Overstuffed! She was diagnosed with Lyme disease in 2015 and has been fighting it ever since. When she isn't working on her mother of the year award, you can find her reading, singing, or taking photos.


  1. HilARIOUS!!! Glad you were in her car, instead of some big mean man's car. :)

  2. At least it wasn't a complete stranger's car. :)

  3. You won't believe this one!
    Derek's brother got home from his mission and decided to go play basketball at the church one night. When the game ended, he came out, got in the van and drove home.
    Fast forward to about 2 am when some police officers come knocking on the Petersen's door.
    Turns out that the exact van, same color, make and model as the Petersen van is owned by another family in the stake and even weirder--the Petersen's key fits the ignition to this other van as well.
    He had essentially stolen the car and drove it home. Good thing it was another member of the ward huh?

  4. Oh. I've done that too. Only, I noticed almost right away that the car I was in was WAY TOO CLEAN to be our car! LOL

    Loved Into the Woods!

  5. OMG! You are a riot!!!!! Too funny!!!!!
    BTW - I played the Bakers Wife in Into the Woods!

  6. That is so funny! Destry would never let me live it down..hopefully Joel doesn't constantly remind you :)

  7. Hehhehehe-Your post had me laughing.... You sound way tooo Cute !


  8. Ha! I love it! I am a total blonde, and I like to blame it on having kids too!

    I have done the same thing, except it was trying to UNLOCK the doors of the car. Seriously you wouldn't think it happens that often but reading some of the comments above. . . I guess we aren't alone!!!

  9. Oh I forgot. . . I have a question for you.

    How do you upload pictures/pages for scrapbooking? Do you take the pictures or do you scan them in? I can't get mine to come out good. Kind of frustrating. I am new to the club thing, and need some help from a pro like you!! :)

  10. hahaha, this with the cars is toally confusing! in the summer of 2006 we were at the seaside, got out of the hotel, and here I was staring at our "two" cars: a perfectly identical car was parked next to ours. identically dirty too (due to extensive outroad travelling, we always have loooooots of dust on/in the car). it was so amazing, that I could not make myself check the licence plate... lucky us, my man is a smart one :))). all the best,Lara.

  11. LOL! I have never gotten inside someone else's car, but I have spent a good amount of time wondering why my key will NOT unlock my car. More than once. It is usually during the Christmas rush when they have security cameras set up. NICE!

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  13. Ha! LOL! Good belly laugh this morning, Lara. Thanks.

    (By the way- I drove Erin to the airport yesterday morning only to pull up to the curb, say our goodbyes and realize her luggage was back at my house. She wanted some chocolate desperately, and in her attempts to do so left her suitcase in the kitchen with milky way's in hand. We changed her flight & got her & Sarah out safely last night-and she is a blond)

  14. Ooops!!!!!! I usually notice when the keys don't unlock the doors...of course, the other car is ALWAYS cleaner than mine!

  15. ha! something similar happened to me many years ago but not exactly, i was waiting for my friend to come pick me up from uni because my car was in the garage and it was raining as i saw her black sports rider pulling up i ran and got into it babbling on about what a how cold it was then i looked over to get a response from her just to find out there was a complete stranger staring at me cluelessly... lol! i was so embarassed!