Thursday, February 28, 2008

Simplification: February update

So February for me was all about trying to get my house better organized. Getting rid of things we don't need or use and finding a home for everything else, thus making it easier for the house to stay in order.

February was also a bit of an insane month with more commitments than usual, so the organization challenge is still not quite finished. I have organized (and purged) my pantry, my closet, the desk full of art supplies and the girls' bathroom. Still on the docket: the hall closet, the girls' closet, the scrapbook supply shelf, the kitchen cupboards, the computer desk and the garage.

I have been extremely happy with what I have done. Especially the pantry. I bought a few Tupperware Modular Mates when they were on sale at the beginning of the month (my neighbor had a party) for the sugar, flour, oats and rice. The rest of the the containers are just normal, cheap Sterilite shoe boxes. I have actually been using those in the pantry for several years now, thanks to my mom. I just re-labeled everything and re-arranged. Then I bought an over the door rack at WalMart for about 15 dollars to make a bit more room. Now that I'm doing Grocery Game I need my pantry to be more effective and hold more food. I also have several shelves out in the garage that are full of food, but those need to be better organized at this point.

I didn't actually think to take a before picture, but you can enjoy the functionality of the current state of my pantry....except, my kitchen is way too small, and short of standing on top of the fridge, it is impossible to show you the whole thing in one picture.

Here is the most comprehensive look:

A better view of the Sterilite containers:

Better view of the bottom part, and my new Tupperware Modular Mates (I want more!):

The top three shelves of the over the door rack (it has five in all):

Finally, the bottom two shelves, and for cuteness' sake, Sophie stacking the stuff on the bottom shelf. Also, please ignore the fullness of my garbage isn't my job to empty it, but looks like I will be doing that after I hit the publish button:

Now, my question to all of you:

What are your best bathroom storage/organization ideas? I have two bathrooms which are very small and no linen closets. The closet space in this house is severely lacking (except the pantry...that's pretty great). Like I said, I got the girls' bathroom pretty much organized, but that leaves my bathroom stuffed to the hilt with stuff...most of it stuff we actually need and use, but I will be purging some things when I get to it. Towels are smashed under the sink, the two small shelves I have above the toilet and the towel rack really aren't enough to hold everything. So if you have any great and inexpensive storage solutions, I'd love to hear them!
Lara Neves
Lara Neves

Lara is mom to three daughters—two teens and a tween. She loves to share her parenting and homemaking triumphs and failures here at Overstuffed! She was diagnosed with Lyme disease in 2015 and has been fighting it ever since. When she isn't working on her mother of the year award, you can find her reading, singing, or taking photos.


  1. Love the pantry! We had those over-the-door things at ASU. Best invention!! I need your email - I have a 3 month food supply program from our ward specialist that I think you'd love! It's an excel program! Email me ( and I'll send it to you.

    I found that the over toilet storage shelving works great and there are roll-our shelves you can mount under the cabinet. I will email you a pic. It's two-tiered and hold a ton! And since it rolls out - you can reach even the stuff in the back!!

  2. Do you think the modular mates are that much better than the cheapies you can find at WalMart? Just curious, because it seemed like all things Tupperware are WAY pricy. I bought some due to pressure, and I've hardly used them (not modular mates).

    Anyway, I did the purge thing with our bathroom, and unfortunately, I didn't have much to get rid of. Our last place had some drawers inside the cupboard, and that was helpful. Since we don't have any storage space here though, half the cupboard is cleaning stuff, and the other half toilet paper, hair stuff, etc.

  3. WOW! I definitely need to get to my Spring cleaning. I always dread it but feel so much better when I am done. I think cleaning out the girls closet is hardest for me. We have stuff to get rid of, stuff to pass down, and stuff I keep just in case.... We are not planning on having another baby for about five years(if at all) but I don't want to be caught unawares. TMI, I know but this is why I put it off every year.

  4. my thing is to just keep weeding -- get on a schedule to get into these places and make sure they're still working for you. We have a giant linen closet so that's not a place I have great storage tips. I love pull-out things, makes it easier to find.
    Go you though, your pantry looks great!

  5. Love those modular mates & that over-the door rack thing. I think your bathrooms are really organized, especially the over the door shoe thing that you use for your hair "pretties". I'm totally stealing that one when I have pretties in my house.

  6. I just love the way looking at those organized spaces makes me feel. I don't know if it's just me, but when I clean something that has needed to be cleaned for a while, I just have to walk by several times and admire it. Is that weird?

  7. I agree with toons about the over-the-toilet storage. Some have towel racks, too, and you can find them pretty cheap at Target.

    Your pantry looks fantastic, and so full! I love the little Sophie head in the corner of the 3rd pic.

    BTW, toons, if it's ok with the author, would you mind sending me your 3 month food supply program? twobubbus at hotmail dot com.

  8. Beautiful! I am envious of your organizational skills. Unfortunately I cannot come up with anything to help you out on the bathroom situation.

    And I do the same thing Audrey! Maybe we're both wierd.

  9. I would love the food storage plan, too. Email me at Thanks so much.

  10. No tips -- but DANG! That is one organized pantry. I am jealous.

    And well stocked too!

  11. Love organizing and storage! Years ago I put the racks [like on your door] on the wall behind the doors on the kids rooms and also behind the bathroom door. Great for the bathroom-toilet paper fits perfect on a shelf and also great place to stock up bars of soap and toothpaste. Teenage girls have all the girly lotions etc so the wire racks are awesome. The racks come in half the size too. But! I just put up a new rack on a little wall hidden and my candles fit perfectly! I love that I can see all my candles color coded and pick them out so easly. Great Job!

  12. One more idea I did for my linen closet. You know those plastic zipper bags you get with sheets etc.. USually the bag has a little plastic pocket on the inside where they put the pretty picture of the sheets etc...I printed out in cute fonts and borders "Pillow cases" "Twin sheets" etc. So when you need to tell your husband to get the twin sheets out he can go right to the bag marked-and no need to try and find the teeny tiny tag to see if it's the full, or king size. I usually roll my linens and it always seemed easy for kids too.