Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Since it's my birthday and all....

I've seen this on a lot of blogs, and I have been very bad about actually posting a comment on these posts. I figured I wouldn't post it on my own blog, since I didn't want to put anyone on the spot or anything. And, also, I felt bad for not posting memories on your blogs.

But, today is my birthday, and I'll post if I want to. Especially if y'all can dig up memories of me from before I got so old. (I know, I know, I'm young's just that this birthday is the first time I have ever felt *gasp* middle aged. 34. Yikes.)

So here's the meme:

1. As a comment on my blog, leave one memory that you and I had together. It doesn’t matter if you knew me a little or a lot, anything you remember!

2. Next, re-post these instructions on your blog and see how many people leave a memory about you. It’s actually pretty funny to see the responses.

And I promise to dig up some memories for your blogs in this very middle-aged, forgetful, little brain of mine.
Lara Neves
Lara Neves

Lara is mom to three daughters—two teens and a tween. She loves to share her parenting and homemaking triumphs and failures here at Overstuffed! She was diagnosed with Lyme disease in 2015 and has been fighting it ever since. When she isn't working on her mother of the year award, you can find her reading, singing, or taking photos.


  1. For me, it was those first few weeks where we were blogging about the exact same things, and slowly realizing how alike we were. {sigh}
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY LARA!!! and happy first day of school. Try and get a picture in, k? I'm off to the temple, so say a little prayer for me. :)
    Love you!

  2. I was hoping someone I actually have memories about would post this so that I would have an excuse to post it on our blog....

    Oh, and by the way...Happy Birthday Old Lady....34, was such a riveting age....thrilling really, enjoy it because once you hit 35, it's all down hill.

    Ok, so my memories of Lara, all have to do with BYU, because that's where I met you!

    One--teaching at the SMTC, which is now a parking lot, and running across the street on our breaks to eat a Wendy's. We both always got a frosty and fries!

    Two--One night I was walking past Joel's house in Provo, and you and he were totally making out in the car. I did a double take and then walkrd fast so as not to disturb your passion, then I just had a good laugh for the next few days whenever I saw Joel because he was so in denial about kissing you.

    Three--Your wedding recption. It was outside in the back yard and a very nice party.

    I know that's three memories and you only asked for one, but you know, it is your birthday and you soooo deserve it. :)

  3. First off, Happy Birthday!

    Second of all, I will, from now on, always remember you as the woman who made me feel MIDDLE-AGED since I have been 34 since last October, thank-you very much, and unfortunately, October is fast approaching again. And you know what that means, right? I will be 29. Again.

    OK, so I'm mostly kidding. Except I really am 34.

    But I hope you have a happy birthday!


  4. OOPS!

    Lara - King Isepik is my husband and I was using his computer to post. So that last post is really from me. Karen! :)

    For the record... he's even older than ME!

  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I didn't realize our birthdays were so close!

    My fave memory of you was meeting up at Discovery Park in Cedar when I was there for CORE - actually getting to meet you face to face and just sitting and visiting while Joel and Luke took care of the kids.

    Hope your day is great!


    We've only known each other for a couple of years, but I'm very grateful that we were able to work together in YW so we could get to know each other. I really enjoyed the good times playing games together, but my favorite was probably our walks around the track at the school. Thanks for listening!

  7. While most of my memories with you have to do with YW or family BBQs or photos, they're all pleasant. All of them. But I think the masquerade ball was pretty fun. I would've been so bored without you there, and very much at a loss. And I also remember your singing, how awesome that song was (and weird! loved it), and the belly dancers. Ah, memories. :) Hahhah...

  8. Happy happy Birthday to you!!!! I hope you have a very great day. I would love to do lunch next week. Pick a day and let's celebrate our birthdays.

    My memories of you have always been so great. You are so talented and always so willing to share what you know. You have been so friendly to me, lending me a book, singing in church, playing the piano etc.
    It was also real fun for us to have you take AJ's graduation pictures and then again pictures of Mike and I at Christmas time. Those pictures are very important to me and I will always associate you with them.
    Thanks for being such a great friend and caring about everyone.

  9. HAPPY,HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! (and 34 is still young!)
    Memories--of hearing you sing "Oh Holy Night" acappella for all our family on Christmas eves and blowing us away with your beautiful voice!

    Tromping through the vast "Arizona Mills Mall" with the kids Chloe in the stroller and Bria walking along and how good they were. You were big and pregnant with Sophie and had forgotten to reload your IV of nausea medication and were nervous about it but got thru it fine.

    Love, Mom Neves

  10. Oh this cracks me up! I kept writing comments on other people's, but when someone asked if I was going to do it on mine I said no way. Except one tiny part of me wants all my memories back!

    Anyway, mine is pretty lame, but I just love hearing you sing. It has been a long time and my memory has faded, but I'll always remember you singing in our BYU ward and the goose bumps it gave me. I don't remember anything else from Sacraments there, but I totally remember you and your voice!

  11. I remember ward choir meeting at your apartment in the morning--Joel conducting and you playing the piano. Those were fun times :)

  12. I remember working with you and Larke *forever* on that Ariadne trio for opera scenes in C-150. I still remember my part of the melismatic "Ah" section at the end!

    And concert choir, of course. The good old days with Dr. W.

    Happy Birthday, Lara! So glad to have gotten back in touch with you!

  13. I remember you being the best next door neighbor EVER! I miss you tons! Youve always been a very good friend.

    OH, and the time we went to Ikea with your mom, that was fun.

  14. Happy Birthday!!!! I hope that it is a good one!!!

    One of my first memories is your family coming to dinner at our house for Arabic food with the Zanders. I knew who you were from church but it was nice to get to know you better. The next would be going to the movies with you and Andria to see 27 dresses. Just fun good times!!

  15. Happy Birthday! Hope you had a day full of fun and excitment!

  16. Lara-

    I'm trying to type as fast as I can to get you in Birthday wishes before midnight!!!

    We have been on vacation & I am just getting organized, when Mom reminded me a few hours ago that it is indeed your Birthday!

    Ok-I have many memories of you, but I'll think of one in particular...It would have to be your wedding day (is that cliche?) I thought you looked so beautiful & I was just so happy that Joel had finally found the girl of his dreams & actually married you! (we know Joel-right?) My Mom & I kept exchanging our agreement that you were indeed "the one" & that we were so excited to have you in our family. We only wanted the very best for Joel (since he is the very, very best) & you fit the bill and still do!

    Love you tons, Lara!
    Happy Birthday!

  17. Happy B-day Lara. I love reading your blog, and apologize for never commenting. I had to say happy b-day though, especially since it's my b-day too. I had forgotten that our b-days were the same day- that never happens.

    As far as memories go, I remember many a visiting teaching trip to your house and how shiny your floors were- I was so jealous. I also remember you saying how once when you were pregnant you threw up 15 times- that was always my measure when I was sick. I knew I could handle just a few times a day, but one day I got up to ten and I started to feel your pain. Pretty gross huh? Sorry.

  18. Well, there are so many to choose from since we have known each other since elementary school...

    1) More recent memory: Both of us sitting in your room for like two hours just crying hysterically because Joel/Cameron wouldn't marry us.

    2) Older memory: Almost everything about high school; some favorites are the DC tour with your mom, griping about Mr. Williams in AP US History; and singing "Hit me with a hot note and watch me bounce" in Chamber choir.

  19. Lara,
    Happy Birthday! My first memory of you was the very first day you came to the Cedar Meadows Ward Relief Society. You sat behind me and I got to hear your beautiful voice when you sang. I was very impressed and a bit jealous :) The next memory I have was the couple of times I got to walk around the track with you, Andrea and Lacey. We walked for a very long time and talked and it was good to be able to share all that was going on in my life will all of you. Thanks for your friendship. I wish I didn't have to move away so quickly. Keep in touch though!

    I will always remember your awesome voice.
    Happy Birthday girl.

  21. happy birthday! may all your wishes come true! hugs, L.