Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Look what I made for you!

October is my very favorite month. It is the epitome of autumn. I love the crisp blue of the sky. I love the chill in the air. I love the turning leaves. I love football season. I love to eat candy corn. I love pumpkin anything. I love Halloween. I become a mother for the first time in October. And the list goes on....

In honor of the commencement of this, my favorite time of the year, I made this. Actually, I made two of them at my last Enrichment activity, with the intention of giving one away to someone. But I wasn't sure who. And then the brilliant idea struck me: I'll give it to you!

How to decide who gets it?

Leave a comment telling me what you are going to be for Halloween, and I'll enter you into a drawing for it. If you're not dressing up for Halloween (the horror!), then at least tell me what your kids are going to be. If you don't believe in Halloween, tell me why you love October. If you don't love October at all, then tell me what month you do love and why. See? I can work with you.

As much as I would love to send this anywhere in the world, I'm going to have to stick with the U S of A. It's pretty heavy. So, I'll ship anywhere in the US. Also, if you live in Cedar City, St. George or Utah Valley (and possibly the Salt Lake area), I will hand deliver it to you, because I'm nice like that. I'll be "up north" in a few weeks.

I will draw for the winner next Wednesday. You've got one week.


Lara Neves
Lara Neves

Lara is mom to three daughters—two teens and a tween. She loves to share her parenting and homemaking triumphs and failures here at Overstuffed! She was diagnosed with Lyme disease in 2015 and has been fighting it ever since. When she isn't working on her mother of the year award, you can find her reading, singing, or taking photos.


  1. Oh so stinkin' cute!

    For Halloween, I am going to be a teacher. I really don't dress up. I think it's because as a teacher, I have Halloween overload. Well, that and Luke hates Halloween!

    M is going as a cheerleader. Lovely. Not my choice. Oh well.

    K is going as Tom Sawyer. Totally his idea. Love it!

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  2. How cool is that. Well my little squirt couldn't make up her mind between Abby Cadabby and a Cheerleader but I think the idea of shaking those adorable poms in everyones face won her over so Cheerleader it is.

    I am not dressing up because by the time I get home and out of my uniform, there is barely time to get La togther.

    I do love October though. My birthday is the 7th, my husbands is the 9th and my angels will be 5 on the 29th. In addition to getting CHOCOLATE on the 31st. I love October and that means that Christmas is just around the corner.

    Good luck to all!

  3. What a cute idea for a giveaway!!! Well, I don't think I'll be dressing up this year because I will have a little baby that I'll be staying home with. The baby is going to be a bunny (very neutral). Bria wore the same costume on her first Halloween. This year, Bria is either gonna be "an Army Girl" (?) or a witch. Micah wants to be a character from Star Wars...and Colton wants to be a Ninja, or anything that carries a sword. We wait till the last minute to finalize costumes cuz they ALWAYS change their mind!
    Oh...I hope I win!!! Then in a couple weeks when you come up our way, you'll 100% be able to see our little baby:) If I don't win, you need to come by anyways! Our kids had SO much fun with yours!!!

  4. How cute! Halloween is my favorite holiday! I'm not really sure why. I think it's because my birthday is also in October and I saw some really cute Disney Halloween cartoons when I was young. I'm a sucker for cute scary stuff.

    I would really like to be Snow White for Halloween, but it's a bit expensive to make the dress...

  5. This is so cute! I wish we did fun things like this in my ward. :( Or maybe we do and I just don't know cause I'm in Primary and no one ever tells me anything.

    Anyway, are we already supposed to know what our kids will be for Halloween? Mine aren't even talking about it yet, thank goodness. So I have no idea what they'll be and I usually don't dress up. How boring am I? :)

  6. OK -- that is darn cute. I'm going to be Sarah Palin and I'm making Dustin be John McCain. I'll be a witch when I go out with the kids though.

    Ellie is being a butterfly, Nate is a Blue Power Ranger and Sadie will either be a Cheetah, a BYU cheerleader or a fairy. We own all 3 costumes already,

  7. I love it Lara! I can see making these for EVERY SEASON! Where do you find the cubes?

    I don't dress up. I hated it as a child too. . . what's wrong with me?! I am not the biggest fan of halloween. I don't like scary :) BUT I DO LOVE dressing up my kids.

    Isaac chose buzz lightyear this year. I guess he thinks he is old enough to have an opinion. To stay with the theme Ainsley will be little bo peep.

    I wish I had my own sewing machine, because, well you make it look easy! The cowardly lion is as cute as they come!

  8. Adam is going to be Dog the Bounty Hunter, and I'm going to be his wife, Beth.

    That is, if we actually have a party to go to. We're losers.

  9. Oh, pick me, pick me!!!!! It's so cute.

    Alright, I don't think I've dressed up for Halloween since I was about 14, and my friend and I felt so dumb that we only went to a few places. :) But, an adult Halloween party would be fun (I think). [Wait, not true, I dressed up for a school Halloween bash thing as a senior].

    Anyway, I digress. No costume plans here, but Zoie said she wants to be a princess (again) and I think we'll have Jonas be a pumpkin.

    I love October too! Cool weather is my friend.

  10. I only want it if you'll hand deliver it.
    Our ward's doing something just like that -- but it's Christmas-y -- a manger scene.
    Pretty fancy eh?

  11. LOve your little block! So festive! I too LOVE October...every year since I was a baby my parents have hosted a Halloween party out in our woods...we live on 9 acres so my dad would spend weeks plowing the fields and making his track for the hay's a huge memory of my childhood and to this day we STILL have the big Halloween party! Love it!
    As for and Chris won't be dressing up..the most he has dressed up since we got married was when I slapped a GAP manages badge on his shirt...he walked around talking feminine all was actually a huge hit!
    The girls on the other hand...Elodie will be a bumblebee and Addysen will be her flower!
    Can't wait..Elodie keeps wanting to be Sleeping Beauty but I've been talking about her being a bumble bee since last Halloween! Hopefully it sticks!

  12. benjy loves halloween too! will you ship to CA?

  13. Hi Lara!

    Here's what we're going to be:

    Everett - spider
    Lana - bumblebee
    Gwyn - ladybug
    Maddie - butterfly
    Me - bug catcher

    I love fall too! I probably associate it with dating Cary, but also with all of the wonderful holidays coming up. I LOVE the leaves, and the weather (for the most part). Summer is nice, but a bit too hot for me.

  14. Super cute! I am soooo not crafty or creative, but thankfully my girls more than make up for my lacking in this department most of the time.

    All four of the girls are going as their favorite literary character... Fancy Nancy Clancy, and I'm going as her plain, drab, anything but fancy mom.

  15. I haven't even given a thought to what I am going to be for Halloween. But I'd better get cracking because I am in charge of the karaoke machine at our ward Halloween party! Ethan (5) is going to be Batman, and Aidan (3) says he wants to be a pumpkin, so it's time to either go buy something or get creative pumpkin-wise!

  16. Reed's going to be Anakin, Jax will be Luke, and Savanna will be the tiniest (also most darling) Leia ever. I....don't know what I'm going to be. Ideas? I'm MAKING their costumes...just off the top of my head--no pattern!

  17. I'm such a party pooper when it comes to dressing up for Halloween. And I did the mammoth sewing project making all the kids' costumes last year like you're doing now, and thankfully Peter AND Lily both want to reuse those. Peter will be a dashing policeman, and Lily will be a lovely princess. Will, who was a skunk last year, will be a chicken.

    I love fall so much. I love the cool air and the smell of the rain and the colors of the leaves. Everyone says they love fall, but I REALLY love it. So there. :)

  18. Well, I won't even bother telling you what the boys are wearing because every kid dresses up and that isn't competition. So I will tell you what MARK and I are going to be. Althogh they were never a couple, they did dance together. We will be......

    Pedro and Deb from Napolean Dynamite.

    I am dying to get my hair in a side ponytail and I think Mark will look HOT - no pun intended - in his new wig!!

    So...Vote for Pedro!!

    (if this cheesy campign for our costumes doesn't win, i don't know what will:)!)

  19. I love the month of October because it is the beginning of fall for us down in the south. The air is a little more crisp. I love the fall because we get amazing weather, with cool weather still to come. Out fall and spring are similar, but summer follows spring.........ugh!!

  20. How fun! Jake and I are going to be cops :) And fall is my favorite, as well. My dad and I went up the canyon yesterday and took pictures of the changing leaves. So beautiful! I'll be posting some pics of it soon.

  21. Can I just say that when I saw this give away, I scared my two year old with a squeal of delight! I just love it! So as to your question we as a family have a tradition of dressing up as a group, so this year we picked Cinderella, my 2year old will be Cinderella, my hubby will be prince charming and I will be the fairy good mother! I am super excited!

  22. I don't think I will be dressing up either but I remember when Mike and I were newlyweds we dressed up ad gi joes and camouflaged our faces. It was a lot of fun and then there was the year I was just expecting and I dressed up as a pregnat woman and Mike was a ob doctor.
    I love this time of the year too.

  23. I thought my comment posted, but it didn't!! Anyhow, I was and am the witch, makes sense doesn't it???
    Anyhow I love October because of it's skies, smells, crispness, blueness, color galore, football, Halloween, Orange pumpkins, darling decorations, and Christmas is behind it! Ewwwww, hope I win!!

  24. That is seriously adorable! What a fun idea. I for one love Halloween and always have... but instead of a Halloween memory I am going to tell you an "us having fun" memory.

    Remember back in elementary school, or rather it was right after and we were on summer break. Anyway, I remember us having a ton of fun in our make shift swimming pool. In fact, I am sure that there are photos to prove it somewhere in the archives. Oh, and another thing I remember is Kristi, you, and me, singing Highway to the Danger Zone while walking down the street by the school. :)

    It's great to catch up with you through your blog and Facebook. :)

  25. I love October because of the lovely fall weather and beautiful changing color of the leaves! It makes me miss driving through Amish country in Ohio at this time of year, even though it's beautiful here too. I used to love October for daylight savings changes, but that's in November, now, isn't it!

    My kids are dressing up as knights in shining armor. But that's not what they want, so maybe we'll try their plans: space cadet, bat, and monkey. I think the best costume I ever did was going as a crest toothpaste tube.

    Thanks for asking!

  26. Well to tell the truth Mandy and I don't really do Halloween either. It was one of our important family decisions. We do, however really, really love the harvest season. That is why we have "harvest party" around the time of halloween. WE both love fall, the air, the colors, thanksgiving food, Football (ME), and everything else that goes with it. We both hate the Scary part of Halloween and so far Mandy has done a fantastic job making costumes for Zack and Jack.

  27. #1--I like your blog!
    #2--I'm stumped about halloween. I'm in an office that dresses up after being in a school that didn't for so long. Strange. Now that there aren't kids I can dress up?
    #3--I love October bc it is my anniversary month!

  28. Lara- I love those glass blocks- and if I had $ I'd make my own... but I used my $ making other Halloween please enter me! I am being myself and my kids are being Buzz and Woody! love ya!

  29. Very cute!! I love October, it is one of my favorite months! My girls want to be the same thing they were last year. Micah really wants to be a mermaid again. Sloane wanted to be the transformer Bumblebee, I told Sloane that if I am going to have to buy another boy costume she might as well be spiderman again. She was excited about that! I guess I have Emerson to dress up all cute. I always put on a witch hat and Jeremy wears his alien t-shirt, and that is about as dressed up as we get. Last year it was so freezing cold, we were really bundled up and you really could not see the girls outfits anyway.

  30. I just want to say that I believe in the Great Pumpkin, and not Halloween, so yes I will be out in the pumpkin patch with Linus. But I do believe in Milky Way Midnight bites, and most other candies....oh yes, I believe in candy thankyouverymuch!

    However, if I were a halloweenie, I would go as my idol the Great Pumpkin because I am just huge and pregnant like that, or the purple guy from the McDonald's commercials, because that's how I move these days, yo!

  31. Okay, so I haven't been responding because my house is too small and I just don't decorate for holidays. I don't have anywhere to put anything. So, you can keep me out of the drawing because if I were to win I would probably just give it to someone else and then I would feel very bad that I didn't keep it. It is really cute by the way. :o)

    So, My girls are probably going to be princesses... again. David is going to be and elf. And Jacob, the poor 4th child... he gets forgotten quite often. :( I will have to think on that one... gotta see what we haven in the halloween tote.

    By the way, love the lion costume. I have one that was store bought... well garage sale bought, I prefer yours it is so cute!!!


  32. Okay, I totally want it so here goes! I haven't decided if Destry and I are going to dress up (or should I say if we can afford to dress up) but our kids are going to be Batman & Batgirl. I'm excited. Maybe if I have time I'll try to work Destry and I into the Superhero theme as well.
    I love love love October too for most of the reasons you mentioned (I didn't have a baby in this month, but I was born in Oct. so that is kind of exciting to me). I especially love it living in Tennessee. It doesn't get any better to me than Fall in Tennessee!!

  33. Well, since this is a random drawing & we dealt with the nepotism clause, I'm probably going to be a witch this year. Like several years past. I have fun, funky hats I like to pull out & I love to do heavy makeup with long fake eyelashes. And, I can be even witchier than usual.

    By the way: I always dress up since I've had kids. It is in protest to Mom's strong disliking for the Holiday. We were lucky if there was a pumpkin on the porch for the blasted occasion.

  34. I LOVE the fall! Halloween is my favorite holiday EVER! It feels so festive and there is so much to do! Taryn is going to be Tinkerbell this year and Auralee wants to be the Little Mermaid again, but Im trying to get her to be a super hero instead. Im not sure what I will be, but for cub scouts we have to dress up as out favorite book character.

  35. Ok here you go Tanner is going to me a fire man, Mckenna is going to be a princess or a fire man. Emma she too is going to be a princess. I hope I win.

  36. Bradley & Braeden are crayons and Ryan and I are going to be the paper they drew on. :)

  37. Total lurker here, but you know my sister, Andrea. :)
    For Halloween, I am going to be me! But my boys are probably going to be Tigger and Pooh. I'm scouring ebay for some good deals on the costumes. Dh wanted them to be Batman and Robin but was vetoed by the kid. Oh well.
    I have to say that I absolutely love October because it gets below 100! Wahoo! Today was perfect. Rainy, cloudy, didn't even get above 85 all day. I love it.
    (And hey, if I win, I can even drive up to St. George to get it from you! :))

  38. I'm going to be the scary mom for Halloween, yelling at all the kids to STAY OFF THE GRASS!

  39. Luke is undecided at the moment, JJ is going to be an astronaut, and Jake and I are going as Napoleon Dynamite and Deb.

  40. Well, I'd better enter this contest 'cause that block is just too cute.

    Hm, well, most likely I will be a witch (again) for Halloween. I am contemplating a different costume, but have not made up my mind yet. Michael wants to be death (again). Sara is completely undecided. Rebecca is going to be a princess (the same one as her party).

    But I love October because it means cooler temperatures... AND... IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!

  41. I thought I'd squeak in with a comment here at the last minute. A really good idea to see just how many people read your blog!

    I too love October now that I live in a place that had a fall season. I love the cool weather and the beautiful changing leaves.

    I don't love Halloween though. It's alright- but I could take it or leave it. I used to dress up in my younger days but not so much lately. It's too much of an effort to costume the kids.

    Seth is going to be Indiana Jones (along with the thousands of other men and boys this year), Maryn wants to be a kitty (which I'm thrilled about because it's so easy), and I think Jonas is going to be a cowboy (mostly because I have stuff I can throw together for that costume and I don't want to have to buy anything).
    So there you go, everything you never wanted to know about me!

    I'm excited to see who wins! :)

  42. Emily - undecided but most likely a princess of some sort
    Danny - Thomas the Train for the 2nd year (yes - free!)
    Nathan - duck