Thursday, October 02, 2008

Train of thought

Turning in our Friday night movies is generally a rock solid part of our Wednesday routine, but yesterday was just plain crazy. I'm not even sure that anything in the routine went normally yesterday. Drat those SEP (parent teacher conference) weeks where the kids get home an hour early, and Joel has a million conferences with parents and gets home late. The one good thing about these weeks is that I get to find out how amazingly smart Bria is. And seriously, she is.

So, anyway, I found myself driving to Hollywood Video at 11:00 last night to turn the DVDs in. We don't live exactly close to downtown, and so I always like to spend those types of drives listening to late night talk radio.

Except, I have no idea what I was listening to. All I heard was that it was something about the federal tax bailout and then a lot of talk about global warming. As usual, I found my mind wandering all over the place, jumping from thought to thought, sparked by something Laura Ingraham said, in a thread that probably makes sense only to me.

1. Although I'm not a hard core believer in global warming, I did actually buy some eco-friendly dishwasher detergent recently. It was on sale and I had a coupon. It was Palmolive brand, and just happened to be green. Great, all I care about is that it was cheap. It stinks, my friends. It leaves a nasty film all over the dishes, especially tupperware-type plastic. So much for saving the environment. I'll stick with Cascade, thanks.

2. I am, however, slowly stocking up on reusable shopping bags for the grocery store. Again, not so much because I care about the inconvenient truth, but because I can't stand all the plastic bags. I hate them with a passion. I have really loved my little reusables, and can't wait till I have enough to not have to use a single plastic bag.

3. I saw a link somewhere on the internet that had directions for making your own reusable grocery bags out of old t-shirts. I think I'd like to try this, but I don't remember where I saw the darn thing.

4. I am almost finished with Dorothy's dress. Just have to put in the zipper, hem it, and sew on the buttons. Chloe is absolutely thrilled with it. I am amazed at how easy this one was, especially compared to the lion.

5. I went shopping on eBay last week for a baptism dress for Bria. I chose not to go with all white, popular as that idea is, for a couple reasons: 1) Bria the Fashionista would hate it, and 2) I'm not spending my money on a dress that will be easily ruined and that my daughter will hate. Might as well get something she loves for her baptism.

6. Not only did I find an adorable dress and hat for Bria. I found some for Chloe and Sophie as well. Chloe's hat came today and I am over the moon ecstatic about its adorable factor. I cannot wait to get the rest and have a grand old time shooting pictures. That's the real reason I had to have these dresses, you know. All in the name of photography.

7. The photoshoot I had scheduled for this coming Saturday had to cancel because someone got called into work. Maybe I'll use that time to photograph my own little brood and scout out cool locations.

8. All my St. George lessons are also canceled on Saturday, due to the High School Shakespeare competition. It will be nice to be able to watch conference.

9. Because I don't have lessons, I am able to audition as a soloist in this year's production of Handel's Messiah. The auditions are always on Saturday morning, and I never can get there because of Tuacahn. What luck.

10. I wonder what I should sing?

And that is just an example of the way my mind works. Unfortunately, most people are usually not privy to all the details in between, and only look at me in confusion as I abruptly change the conversation from global warming to an upcoming audition. And then I look at them in confusion, because it all makes total sense to me.

I will work on that.

Right after I decide what to sing on Saturday.


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Lara Neves
Lara Neves

Lara is mom to three daughters—two teens and a tween. She loves to share her parenting and homemaking triumphs and failures here at Overstuffed! She was diagnosed with Lyme disease in 2015 and has been fighting it ever since. When she isn't working on her mother of the year award, you can find her reading, singing, or taking photos.


  1. So, I'm anti-earth. OK, not really, but if I hear one more Al Gore/Leo Dicaprio commercial, I'm going to punch someone. I recycle when it's convenient, like the recycling bin is underneath my desk. It's all about laziness.

  2. Is there anywhere to shop in this town besides Wal-Mart? I have three reusable bags, and hate that I have so many plastic bags under the sink, but I don't want any of the Wal-Mart ones. It's a matter of principle.

  3. Erin: Smith's sells great reusable bags. You can get plain ones for 99 cents, and thermal ones for 1.99. I bought one of the WalMart ones (also 99 cents) but it is flimsy as all get out. Don't love it. Unfortunately, I still have to do some grocery shopping there, but I also do a lot at Smith's and Albertson's.

  4. Keep the receipt for those dresses -- they could totally be a tax write-off.

  5. This reminds me that yesterday I thought about your cute costumes from last year. What are you doing with them now? I'm considering trying to convince Zoie to be a fairy princess instead of a plain princess. Think she'll go for it?

    Oh, and random thoughts are what I'm all about. I liked your post.

  6. Love this post, Lara! Nice to see that great minds think alike. My mind wanders during boring talk radio too, though I love talk radio (hence the 12.95 XM subscription)

    I have been an avid recycler for 11 years. Make me feel all warm & green. Gotta pick & choose.

    (does your contest have a family clause?)

  7. (Oh, and THANK YOU!!!!!! I can hardly wait for your visit! I think I might just wait to do his announcements until you get here, as our home spun photo shoot didn't turn out so great. Hard when the photographer is the food bag...subject cries in protest. I can't wait!)

  8. Lara- the T-shirt bag thing was on I know she had instructions for making one. Wish I never got rid of my 3 bins of t-shirts from college and h.s.
    Love Laura Ingram...I really like talk radio....I think I'm turning into my parents:)

  9. Why not sing "Rejoice?" Or do you hesitate to sing something from the Messiah? It's fast with a slow(ish) B section, so it shows off all your talents. :) Plus, it's what I'm singing for the same kind of audition!

  10. I still dont know enough about global warming to make an educated decision, but Heavenly Father gave us this earth to take care of and to beautify, so I see nothing wrong with not consuming more than we need and recycling so that we dont have to tax our resources. Sorry, we just covered this in cub scouts :)