Saturday, January 24, 2009

Taking care of some bloggy business

I have a couple awards and a tag. (Don't worry, I won't tag you, but I might just award you. Beware.)

First, the tag. I was tagged by Jill of Twipply Skwood. My favorite part of her blog is when she posts pictures of random (hilarious) signs she finds in random places and of bathrooms from wherever she goes. Also, she never reads books about senators, and that is important to know.

I was also tagged for this same tag by Lara of Lara's Welt. I love Lara, not only because she shares my name, but she also lives in Romania and takes some really great photos. How cool is that?

Even though I've done this tag already thrice (one, two, three), I figured it wouldn't hurt me to do it a fourth time (even though the last time I got this tag, I politely just linked to the other three). There are plenty of random facts about me, but it did take me a few minutes to come up with yet another seven.

1. I really don't like ice in my drinks. I used to, until I lived in Romania, where they don't believe in putting ice in your drinks because you will catch your death of cold. I have prefered my drinks a little more on the room temperature side ever since, and I actually kind of do buy into the Romanian propaganda that I will get sick if I put ice in it.

2. People think my eyes are brown, but they aren't. They are hazel, and often (like after I've been crying), they are actually bright green.

3. Most of the furniture in my house is black, and I have plans to paint even more of it black. It's a disease.

4. I need a haircut, because if I don't get one I will be living in pony-tail land very soon here.

5. I really dislike January. It's too cold and too dark and too depressing. It's very hard to get out of bed in the morning in January. February is much better. It's still a bit dreary, but something about Valentine's Day makes it bearable.

6. I, avid reader that I am, haven't read a book in nearly 4 months. This is very strange. I need to get myself to the library.

7. At age 34, I have only found 3 gray hairs on my head thus far. Here's hoping that I don't find too many more before I'm 50. I loathe the thought of ever having to dye my hair. Just too expensive, and I don't even want to think about the maintenance that goes into such things.

Okay, now that that is out of the way, let's talk about awards.

I got this award from Rachel C. at Idaho Cheneys:

Along with it, I must list five of my fabulous addictions (are addictions fabulous?):

1. Blogging
2. 24
3. Photography
4. Singing/Opera/Other musical stuff
5. Three adorable little girls

And now I must pass it along to 5 other fabulous bloggers. I have chosen to pass all my awards today only to bloggers I know in real life. Hope all you fabulous online blog friends are cool with that.

1. Anne-Marie of Coconut Diaries. She also happens to be my fabulous sister-in-law, but I think she keeps an amazing (and fabulous) blog, and you should check it out. Post more, Anne! I love your blog!

2. Hilary of Pulling Curls. Hilary is fabulous indeed, and I rarely go a day without talking to her. Not only is she a fabulous friend, her blog is fabulous and witty and insightful and more people should read it.

3. Sharla of My Little Gems. I have actually known Sharla for as long as I can remember. Her little brother and I were almost born on the same day (I was born at 1 in the morning, so he's officially a day older than me) and our mothers even shared a hospital room. Sharla and I were Thespians together in High School. Her blog is fabulous because she has such fab ideas about decorating and crafty things in general.

4. Brooke of The Mortensen Family. Brooke and I used to scrapbook together when I lived down in Arizona. She has since moved to Texas and become super fabulous at photography in the last year. I love to see her fabulous posts.

5. Mary of Weighty Matters (more or less). We were fabulous vocal majors together at fabulous BYU. She also has turned to the fabulous addiction of photography, and takes fabulous pictures that I love to look at.

And now that I have completely overused the word fabulous, let us go on, shall we?

Erin at If You Give A Mom A Moment bestowed this award on me:

Along with it, I must list 5 things that I love:

1. My family (although technically, they are people, not things)
2. Candy Corn (alas I cannot eat it ever again)
3. My skinny jeans (still not ready for public consumption...almost)
4. Cheese (especially of the Swiss variety)
5. Shopping with my mom (it's fun!)

And tell you about 5 blogs that I love

1. Kim of Everyday Stuff & Nonsense. She is a friend from Arizona and I love her blog because she updates often and it's always fun to read. Family adventures, gorgeous projects she makes and inspiring quotes.

2. Mariley of The Story of Us. Another Arizona friend who happens to be Kim's sister! She is also a fun read, and you guessed it: I love her blog.

3. Rae of Creative Catharsis. She was in Young Women with me here in Cedar City, and then she just had to up and move down to St. George. For rude. I almost boycotted her blog for that, but I love it too much, so I just couldn't. Besides, I'm having lunch with her today, and I can't wait!

4. Audrey of Pete and Re-Pete. She took over for me as RS President down in Arizona. I love her blog because she is a talented writer with lots of insight. Just wish she'd update more often than twice a month. Are you reading this, Audrey?

5. Annie of Jardin Martin. I've known Annie forever (like since elementary school) and I miss miss miss her. I get so excited whenever she updates her blog about her life as a school teacher, her adorable dog and her interesting thoughts on life. One of her latest posts was a very thought provoking one about how her New Year's Resolutions were actually inspired by her dog. Loved it, and love her.

Okay, okay, just one more. I really shouldn't procrastinate these award thingies, but the fact is, I do, so here's the last one.

Carrie at The Story of My World gave me this lovely award:

Rest assured, I do not have to list 5 lovely things in my world, but I do have to pass it on to 5 lovely bloggers:

1. Rachel of Home Grown Notion. Rachel is Joel's cousin, and she takes lovely pictures. She has also been posting a food storage tip every week, so that by the end of the year you can have a full year's supply.

2. Michelle of Confessions of a Blogaholic. Michelle is married to Rachel's brother, so she is Joel's cousin-in-law. Mine too, I suppose, as is Rachel. Anyway, Michelle runs her own business making lovely bows for little girls' hair.

3. Lacey of The Yarns. Lacey is another scrapbooking buddy from Arizona. She takes some very lovely pictures of her two lovely girls and is just a lovely person all around. And speaking of lovely bows, she makes them too, but I don't think she sells them. Too bad.

4. Maddy of Spoiled Rotten. Maddy was in my ward when Joel and I were first married. All hail Union Square! If there was an award for most fun person on the planet, she'd get it, but she is also lovely. As is her blog about her adventures with her lovely family.

5. Marianne of A Light in the Darkness. Marianne was in my ward when I was pregnant with Chloe and practically dying. She became Bria's second mother during that time and I'll never forget that service. Someday I'll have to write about it. Her blog is lovely in a way that is perhaps unorthodox, as she writes about her struggles with post-partum depression. Even if you don't have depression, it's a very inspiring read, simply because her insights can help you cope with any trial. They certainly have helped me.

I have many other real life friend bloggers, and I plan to showcase all of you eventually. So don't cry! I love you're all fabulous and lovely....please update more often.

Phewsh. That's all for today, folks.

And now I will go take a nap.
Lara Neves
Lara Neves

Lara is mom to three daughters—two teens and a tween. She loves to share her parenting and homemaking triumphs and failures here at Overstuffed! She was diagnosed with Lyme disease in 2015 and has been fighting it ever since. When she isn't working on her mother of the year award, you can find her reading, singing, or taking photos.


  1. I love black furniture too!!!

    I am going to paint my kitchen table as soon as I can
    find the time!

    Thanks for commenting on my blog.

  2. you are just too cute ;) It looks like a good list of blogs- I will have to check it out when I have time
    thanks for the award ;) the silly thing made my day ;) I'm going to blog about your blog now ...

  3. Holy crap you read a lot of blogs.
    No wonder you get so many comments.

  4. Holy moly! I think I lost count of how many awards you were given after number 52. :)

    Seriously, Lara, all well deserved. Those bloggers recognize what we do...this is definitely a blog worth following. And look, now we are!


  5. Congrats on all of the awards!! You deserve them!! I, unlike you, have a TON of gray hair--so I HAVE to dye. Luckily my mom went to cosmo school and learned to dye and perm. Her first hubby, however, made her drop out before she learned to cut. SO--my dye job costs $5.50.

  6. I turn 31 this year, and no grays yet!

    And my friend who introduced me to Lifetime movies doesn't like ice in her drinks either. I had no idea until she did a post about it. I need my drinks ice cold.

  7. Dang. My reader is already bursting at the seams, and you have to mention a bunch of potentially great blogs I don't know about! What to do?

  8. Wow. I'm really honored to be on such a great list of blogs. Thanks!

  9. Congrats to the winners of the awards !

    Lara, when on earth does a busy, talented woman like you find time for a nap ??? Amazing !

  10. Thanks for the kind words. You're fabulous toO!

  11. How fun! Isn't it great to get awards! Congrats!

  12. congratulations!

    bloggy awards ("tags") are a fun way to get to know people.

  13. You paint yours black and I paint mine white. Like you said, it's an addiction. And my sorta somewhat hazely eyes really are green, too.

  14. How fun! Thanks for the award!

  15. Wowee! I always dream of doing the tags all at once, but I get so tired after one!

    That's funny on January - I was just saying the other day how much I disliked FEBRUARY!!!! Because you know it's right when I'm sick to death of icky weather and there's always a little more. It's just that in February, I'm ready for summer already. Thanks for doing the tag! :-)

  16. Wow! My first ever blog award and it means a lot coming from a talented blogger/photographer/singer/ need I go on? like you! Now, do I just copy and paste the attachment and choose five of my own? I'm a little dumb at this since it's my first!

  17. HAIL the conquering BLOGGER!!!!!

    Congrats, girl.

    And um, did you know we're looking at houses in CEDAR CITY!?!?!?!?

    Holy. Freak.

  18. don't we all feel special?

  19. Holy Linky-love!!

    I had a really witty comment, but I am wrestling my baby while I type this and it has totally escaped my brain.


    Dang kids.

  20. WOW- My first blog award too! You just know how to make people feel special Lara! Your the best!

  21. Congrats on all the awards! My hubby went to Romania on his mission so I was really excited to see that you've been there! He's been wanting to go back for as long as I've known him and still keeps in touch with some families there. Do you speak any Romanian? La revedere :)

  22. I've never seen a tag before, it looks awesome!

  23. You deserve all the bloggy awards you get! I love your blog and reading about all of the adventures that unfold with my darling nieces and my awesome Brother.

    But, the best part is living inside your mind one post at a time and daydreaming about the day we can raise our kids a bit closer together.

    Thanks for the award-I feel all warm and fuzzy.
    (and I'll try to muster up the posts a bit more)

  24. Aww, you're pretty lovely yourself. And holy cow -- you know a LOT of people!

  25. Holy awards batman. You are loved for good reason :)

    I'll bet all that linking was seriously exhausting!

  26. Congrats on all of your awards!

  27. cracking up laughing at number 1 :)). but how about the draft (ro.: curent)? I hope you don't believe that two open windows can make you sick (although sometimes I believe that too) :))))))! same here for no.2!!! amazing!

  28. and a big hug and a big thank you for stealing some time to go through this tag :)!