Thursday, March 25, 2010

Three cakes, Two earrings, and One very happy birthday girl!

Seven Candles

You know, Chloe was pretty spoiled this year.  I don't know anybody who gets three birthday cakes, do you?

Except Chloe.

We were at my parents' house on her actual birthday, so my dad went and got a cake for her.  Joel's sister and her kids came over for a bit and Chloe was thrilled to be able to celebrate with her cousins.  We sang, she blew and cake was eaten.

First Cake

Later that afternoon we headed down to Cedar City for the next few days.  We would be staying with another set of cousins, and naturally, Chloe wanted to celebrate with them, too.  So we picked up an ice cream cake at Dairy Queen.  No candles and no blowing this time, but there was definitely much singing and eating.

Second Cake

And of course, she had to have a birthday party with all of her Michigan friends when we came home.  We did that this past Saturday and she had a Littlest Pet Shop theme.  I made her this cake, and while I'm not the goddess of cake decorating by a long stretch, it did taste good.  (So I hear.)

Third Cake

Chloe also got her ears pierced for her birthday.  We actually did it the day before her birthday while we were in Utah, because that's when we actually had time.

She was so excited, she couldn't stop smiling.  (Man was her experience different than her sister's!)


They gave her a teddy bear to hold, because this teddy had had her ears pierced lots of times and knew just how Chloe felt.  She didn't think she needed it, but once that first earring went in, the smile was gone, so it's a good thing the teddy bear was there to help out after all.

Not all smiles anymore

No worries, though!  The smiles weren't gone for long.  Chloe was thrilled to see her brand-new March birthstone earrings right in her ears.

The result

Later that night we took the kids to Disney on Ice in Salt Lake with my parents and my brother and his wife.  More on that later, but it's pretty safe to say that Chloe had the best birthday ever this year!

She'd better appreciate it, because she's only getting one cake next year.
Lara Neves
Lara Neves

Lara is mom to three daughters—two teens and a tween. She loves to share her parenting and homemaking triumphs and failures here at Overstuffed! She was diagnosed with Lyme disease in 2015 and has been fighting it ever since. When she isn't working on her mother of the year award, you can find her reading, singing, or taking photos.


  1. Awww! She looks so cute! And I thought your pet shop cake looked pretty dang yummy to me!

  2. Oh the bright red ears brings back memories. And I remember when Bria got her's done. . . well the blog post anyway. Night and day huh?!

    Lucky girl with the three cakes. Cake sounds so good. I am trying to make sure I eat super healthy this pregnancy so all of the weight can come off "easier", but darn it I get cake stuck in my head and well it doesn't go away until I get some!!

  3. Oh wow, Lara. She looks so much like my daughter who is her same age when she got her ears pierced. Same haircut, same expression, same cute freckles!

  4. The way her eyebrows are knitted in that picture with only one ear pierced is just sad/cute/precious. I'm glad she had such a wonderful birthday!

  5. Oh, how pretty she is! Three cakes sounds awesome. I'm totally going to find a way to make that work for me this year...

  6. What a great idea to take pictures of the piercing process. :)

  7. Oh, the sad face kills me. It really does hurt, no matter what people tell you.

    I love the three cakes!!

  8. Great pictures. Cute freckles! Love the cute shape of her face in the last shot (so feminine and cute). I sort of miss that nasty frosting on store bought cakes. And I'm not sure what part was more sad to me, the expression on her face during the piercing or your, "(So I hear.)" :( Sorry for all the disjointed thoughts. . .

  9. Oh that is PRECIOUS! There's something wrong with me, because I especially love the frownie one with the bear. But it IS nice to see if followed by another smile!

    The bear thing is a great idea! Maybe it would have stopped Cassie from kicking the ear piercing lady so hard when it came to that second earring. And maybe I wouldn't have had to hold her arms down to stop her from hitting me...

    Yeah, Cassie completely abandoned the idea of a second earring once that first one went in. But then again, she had just turned two.

  10. Happy Birthday Chloe! Very exciting times!

  11. Man--3 cakes?! Next time you do that I am totally inviting myself!! (0; Happy Birthday Chloe!!

  12. I can't believe you didn't try a bit of any of those. I would have least taken a lick of the frosting, especially if I was icing it myself! It's kind of like a reflex for me! When we did Kelley's we made sure they did them both at one time! Chloe is so cute! She's starting to look more like Chloe, now that she's older. Kelley misses her and wants to email, maybe I'll remember one of these days!

  13. I was seven when I got my ears pierced too. I remember being so excited and wearing earrings for a bit and then not for many, many years. I guess I've never been much of a jewelry girl though I wish I was.
    OH and to answer your question--it's the elastic. Do you have any really old sports bras? They start squeaking when you stretch the elastic to put them on. However, I didn't realize a regular bra could do the same!

  14. What wonderful memories! Your girls are so beautiful!

    High fives for you on resisting the cakes! I am sure it wasn't easy!

  15. I should've read your blog posts in order. Ok, so the kids were there @ Disney on Ice, too. Even Sweeter!

    My girls have asked about ear piercing. We are still holding them off awhile longer...

  16. What a beautiful little girl, she is growing up, doesn't it just break your heart? Amanda B.

  17. That's one lucky little girl - she must love cake! Lookin' pretty cute with the new little earrings . . . very brave!


  18. I wasn't allowed to get my ears pierced until I was 12 and I got it done for my birthday. Now I never wear them at all (gave all my earrings away away a couple of years ago after I took them out and one of my ears was bleeding, decided I didn't care enough since I only wore them once a week or so)

    My girl hasn't even mentioned anything about wanting her ears pierced...wonder if it will ever come up.