Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Black Is the Color of All My Shirts

Bria recently completed a poetry unit at school, and brought home a book of poems that she had written.  She has always been a kid who loves words, and her poetry was pretty impressive for a 9-year old.  (Said like only a mother can say it, right?)(Don't tell me otherwise.)(Because she is amazing.)

My favorite was the assignment to write about her favorite color.  She chose black.


Black is the color of the beautiful night sky.
Black is the feeling when you feel mad.
Black is the dark color of paint.
Black smells like fresh wild blackberries.
Black tastes like ripe wild poison berries.
Black sounds like dark, dark hearted flying in the center of the creek.
Black looks like the blood thirsty leeches trying to painfully suck your blood.
Black feels like the sneaky old witches snatching you out of the house.
Black makes me want to dress scary for a fearful Halloween.
Black is one of my favorite colors.

When I first read it, I was worried that maybe she was a fourth-grade Goth already, but mostly, I just appreciated her very descriptive words.

And when The Maestro read it, he said, "She's your daughter."

He was right.

I love black.  I suppose it is my favorite color, after red.  I paint all my furniture black.  Our bedspread is black.  My curtains are black.  My couch is black.  I painted my bathroom doors black.  My purse is black.  All of my clothes are black.  And all of Joel's clothes are black because I think they should be.

I was just cleaning out my drawers today, trying to lighten the load and send some things to Goodwill.  I counted 14 black shirts, not including the one I am wearing and any that may be in the laundry.  And those are only the ones that are just plain black.  I have at least 14 more that are mostly black with some other color (usually white) in the pattern.

Only one black shirt went in the Goodwill box, and that's only because it shrunk in the wash and fits me funny now.

In my defense, I have a lot of white shirts, too.

And a couple red ones.

And that's about all.

Let's not even talk about how many pair of black shoes I own.

I may be boring, but at least I match.

And Bria has great taste in colors.  Someday when everything she owns is black, I will be a proud mama and tell everyone that I taught her everything she knows.

Because I did.
Lara Neves
Lara Neves

Lara is mom to three daughters—two teens and a tween. She loves to share her parenting and homemaking triumphs and failures here at Overstuffed! She was diagnosed with Lyme disease in 2015 and has been fighting it ever since. When she isn't working on her mother of the year award, you can find her reading, singing, or taking photos.


  1. She sounds like my kind of girl! Awesome poem and I personally love all the creepy references. :)

    You and I sound a lot alike too in our home decor. I paint most of my furniture black too, and my favorite color is red.

  2. Cool poem...

    Also, about those black shoes...I got them at DEB in the mall, pretty sure you can get them online for like $20...not sure about shipping...but they are dang cute huh! I had shoe envy of my sister for at least a year before I found a pair of my own!

  3. Bria has always been so expressive! I am so proud of her and the way she is expressing her gifts! Guess the bottom line is you both got the black thing from me!

  4. My vt is the same way! Black shirts...! She calls it her uniform! Her poem was good!

  5. Thats a pretty great poem she wrote. I love black too!

  6. I am with you. I went to buy a new casual, Springy dress the other night in lavendar or maybe salmon, nad guess what I came home with? Springy black. But it felt right. :)

    On the other hand I probably only own about 20 shirts, total. All of my clothes fit in a small, regular sized closet. It felt so good last Summer to really pair down.

  7. Love black! It is neutral and slimming. Can't go wrong with it ever!
    Your daughter did a great job on her poem

  8. What an awesome poem! Really, she has a talent for words. And you are funny with the black. I prefer bright colors, but that is mainly only because all through my teen years I wore only sage green and burgundy. I am now extremely bored of earth tones.

  9. I have and entire section of my closet dedicated to BLACK: skirts, trousers, sweaters, pullovers, shoes, tights, bras, belts. My winter uniform is a slim black turtleneck sweater and dark blue jeans. I used to say I have all that black because of all the concerts but really it's just because I love it.

  10. Awh, you've got a little goth on your hands. :)
    What's up with the leeches part? Have you seen leeches?

  11. Such a good poem!!

    Black is great! I am just learning that that is the color all moms should dress in. My 2 year old was just eating a chocolate doughnut and gave me a big hug. Now my white shirt has a chocolate smudge on it. and it is only 11:30. Arrr. I must get more black shirts!

  12. I like black, too. It matches with anything! Except brown... I hate when I wear a black shirt with brown shoes. I've never noticed it on anyone else, but I think it looks horrible on me! It's the same with khaki pants and tennis shoes. Looks fine on other people and boys, but not on me!

  13. Amazing poem! Loved the lines,

    "Black is the dark color of paint,"


    "Black sounds like dark, dark hearted flying in the center of the creek."

    Your 4th grade daughter wrote that?? Dear me, it was profound!

    Also (you may smile at this), a friend of mine commented a few years back one Sunday, "Terresa, you're wearing white! I never see you wear white, it's always black."

    I didn't realize until she made the comment, that I prefer black, think it looks flattering.

    PS: I haven't counted my black shirts in my closet, but my guess is the # is close to yours...


  14. Black is a great color. Bria is an artist to her very core! I wonder where she gets that from?

  15. You've got a writer on your hands. LOVE her poem.
    There's an old book that belonged to my aunt called Hailstones and Halibut Bones. It is all poetry for children that has to do with colors. I used to love it growing up. Bria's poem would have fit in perfectly.

  16. I can only imagine what she will be writing when she is an adult! She will be someone remembered! Her words are very....deep. :) and black...hmm the older I get the more black creeps into my closet hehehe.

  17. I like my black, too. And I like your daughter's very black poem.


  18. I recently tried to buy more colorful shirts and it just doesn't feel like me. My shirt colors are black, white, and lots of blue. I own too many black purses to confess to. And I love black shoes.

  19. I love black, too. When I used to tell people it was my favorite color I got the oddest looks.