Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Life is Never Just a Walk in the Park

It was such a gorgeous evening last night, we decided to walk down to the Bridgeview Park to walk along the canal.  As usual, we took about an hour to even get ourselves out of the house once it was decided we would go, but we finally managed.

We started down our hill, Joel leading the way while pushing Sophia in the stroller, and Bria following them.  Chloe and I were a ways behind.  About 20 feet into our journey, I saw Sophia drop something and Bria bend down to get it, when suddenly she stood up and let out the most harrowing cry you've ever heard.  I thought maybe she'd been stung by a bee?  Seen a dead mouse?  Somehow hurt herself?  Hundreds of options were running through my mind, and all of the sobbing and screaming was making it a bit difficult to understand her.

But then I understood what she was saying, "You're going to be so mad at me!  I'm sorry! I'm sorry!"  I finally caught up to her, and realized that she'd dropped her glasses down the storm drain.

Her glasses.

The ones she wears every day because she is incredibly nearsighted.

She was wearing her prescription sunglasses because it was so sunny out, and had been carrying her regular glasses in her hand for reasons I still do not understand.  When she picked up Sophia's toy, they slipped and fell right into the storm drain.

I would be upset, too, if it happened to me.

The Storm Drain

(I bet you can't guess where the glasses fell through.)

Turns out our neighbor had been looking out the window as we were walking by.  Then he saw us stop and proceed to create a "commotion" (yes, he used that word), so he came out to help.


Here's the problem with having an entire family comprised of passionate artist types: We simply can't go anywhere without some sort of drama.  Usually pretty loud drama, too.  The "commotion" consisted of Bria crying like somebody had been killed before her eyes, Joel being upset because these glasses are only a few months old and expensive, me making big gestures with my hands trying to come up with a solution, and also trying not to be angry since Joel was taking care of that part already and I didn't want to upset Bria any more, Sophia screaming at the top of her lungs to be let out of her stroller so she could see the storm drain and Chloe trying her best to calm her sister down.

What our neighbor thinks of us, I'll never know.  But he was very helpful.  While Joel ran up the hill to get a flashlight, he came out to help armed with a crowbar, a shovel, and his teenage son.

Thank heavens that the water in the drain was still, and that in this case, still waters did not run deep. Joel was able to locate the glasses with the flashlight, and then the ancient grate (seriously 100 years old) was pried up, and the glasses were recovered.  They were covered in mud and gunk, but they were otherwise just fine.

And we still got our walk to the park, even though it was delayed a good 40 minutes by drama.

Aspiring Gymnast

Across the Canal

Our Bridge

On the Pier

I'd say all the drama was worth it.
Lara Neves
Lara Neves

Lara is mom to three daughters—two teens and a tween. She loves to share her parenting and homemaking triumphs and failures here at Overstuffed! She was diagnosed with Lyme disease in 2015 and has been fighting it ever since. When she isn't working on her mother of the year award, you can find her reading, singing, or taking photos.


  1. Soooooo glad the glasses were retrieved! I have to say though, if I were you I would say the drama is a fair price to pay for all that loveliness!

  2. I probably would have freaked out too! Glad they were recovered.

  3. Are you sure the neighbor wasn't signaled by Joel's legs?
    That's an awesome story. :)

  4. What beautiful photos!!! I love that scenery! Gorgeous :) And gorgeous girls! The drama was well worth it; and what a fun memory to laugh about later! We sure miss you guys!

  5. That is one GORGEOUS park!!!! So lovely!!! And having just bought Sophie glasses for the first time, I can admit I would have thrown a fit. I'm so glad they were rescue-able.

  6. Good job recovering the glasses. My 7 year old managed to need hers replaced 3 times in a month. And we buy the expensive "unbreakable, scratch free kind."

  7. I hear ya on the glasses thing. My oldest is the only one that needed them and before he "graduated" to contacts, we finally had to make him wear chums.

    I know, we are horribly, mean parents!

    Glad you able to get them back!

  8. ah, it's so nice to have helpful neighbours :))!

  9. Glad you were able to retrieve her glasses. Those pictures of your scenery are beautiful. I can see why you love living there! :)

  10. A "commotion"? Oh, brother!

    In those situations I am usually the one that has the fit and my husband calms everyone. But now that the kids are older we just say stuff like, "What were you thinking?" Or, to diffuse the drama, "Now, that was pretty stupid!"

  11. WOW-Chloe's legs have really shot up!

    P.S- you should change the dimensions of your blog layout so you can see the entire picture when you enlarge it. Just sayin'

  12. That sounds very familiar. And we're not artistic at all. :) Greg would first be mad that the glasses were lost then he would be mad that people were freaking out (he cannot STAND freaking out) and I would be trying to keep everyone calm and then most likely first get mad at Greg for being so impatient and then get mad at Evie for not ceasing to cry.

    Drama. Commotion. Ugh.

    Sheesh, those sure are some beautiful shots for a walk down the street. I am jealous!

  13. Oh no, not the glasses!

    Glad you got 'em back.

    And yes, judging by the pics, the drama WAS totally worth it! :)

  14. Aside from the winter, you are seriously making me want to move to Michigan.

  15. Oh, my. I had a little heart attack for you there—so glad that story had a happy ending!

    And what beautiful photos! Looks like my kinda town.

  16. As the parent of a kid with glasses, my heart skipped a few beats there. I'm so glad you found them. I would be mad, too, so I'm with Joel on that one. The park is gorgeous. I can see why you'd want to go.

  17. How funny! well not at the moment but not it is logged into your history book or journalism and will cause a few chuckles when she is older! What a wonderful and beautiful park! WOW yes I would say that it was well worth it! Can you have insurance on childrens' glasses that won't cost an arm and a leg?

  18. Whew! Glad you got them back!

  19. Oh, my gosh, drama drives me crazy. And yet, with my temper, I'm the one usually causing it. Bad me. Glad you got the glasses!

  20. OH NO! I'm so glad you were able to rescue them.

  21. You live in a wonderful, wonderful place. But you know that already...

  22. As nearsighted as I am now, and as bad as it already was when I first got glasses, I can SO imagine the panic Bria must have felt! I'm SO glad that someone was there to help! And that is a gorgeous park....