Wednesday, December 01, 2010

My Life: According to My Cell Phone

**And Holy Hannah!  I just realized this is my 1,000th post.  Wow.  I feel like I should be having some great big party or something with fireworks and clowns.  Alas, I don't have the wherewithal to do anything like that, so this not-very-interesting post will just have to do.  Thank you for reading it.  And thank you for reading all the other 999 of them, too.**

One of my tricks for keeping Sophia quiet and busy lately is to hand her my cell phone and have her take pictures of things. I've done this for a really long time, and she's actually really good at taking pictures. Tonight, while we were waiting for Bria to be finished in orchestra, Sophia was getting antsy and I needed her to be quiet, so I handed the phone over.

After about two pictures, the memory was full.  It's never done that before, so I started looking through things and deleting them, and I found lots of pictures that I took when I didn't have my big camera around.  So here's some little snippets of our lives in the last year or so courtesy of my cell phone.

Sophia in the dentist chair

Sophia at the dentist.  They gave her the stuffed animal to hold and the sunglasses to wear and she was so incredibly good.  I was actually surprised, since she's....well, she's my Sophia.  Isn't this photo a kick?  Too bad I didn't catch it with her mouth wide open.

Bria and Joel and Chloe on the planeSophia on the airplane

On the airplane, on our way to Utah this last March.  Bria and Chloe always sat on either side of Joel, and Sophia always sat with me.  The bigger girls were scared half to death on take-off (they haven't flown much) but Sophia was thrilled.  She watched out the window and as soon as she realized we were actually off the ground she yelled, "WE FLYING!" which was met with snickers all throughout the airplane.


A deer on the side of the road, just around the corner from our house.  I took this picture this summer.  And now that there's snow on the ground, we can always see deer tracks on our way to the bus stop in the morning, so they're still around.

Chloe sleeping with Nina

Last December, our friends spent ten days in Disney World.  And we got to dog sit their golden retriever, Nina.  This was a point of great excitement for the girls, who loved having a pet for a week.  Especially Chloe, though.  I took this picture on Nina's first night with us.  Chloe was worried she would be cold and lonely and missing her family, so she made sure to take care of all of that and eventually fell asleep next to her in the living room.

Down by the canal

This picture was taken after we'd lived here about a month.  It was after one of Bria's violin lessons, and it was a gorgeous September day so we walked downtown to buy her a new music book.  On a whim, we got the kids ice cream and hung out on the pier.  I love this makes me really, really happy.

Bria and the penguin

This is Bria with a penguin she received at a birthday party.  The penguin got a hole in it, and I was trying to convince her to get rid of it (she tends to be a bit of a packrat) and she was devastated.  I left it up to her, and after many tears she decided she would throw it away, but only if I took a picture of her with it.  I'm not sure why I used my cell phone, but I'm glad I took the picture.

Sophia's perspective on her mother

This is me.  This is one of those times I needed to occupy Sophia, and this is one of the pictures she took.  We were in Office Max waiting to print and cut tickets for the Preschool Pancake Breakfast which I co-chaired this fall.  I get a kick out of seeing what I look like from Sophia's perspective.  It also encourages me to keep on going with my diet...ugh!

Princess Sophia and her new clothes

This is Sophia in my bedroom, admiring her new dresses.  We had just gotten a package from my mom, filled with fun new clothes for the girls.  She immediately put on the pink frilly number and was working on trying on the orange one.  I wish I had captured this with my big camera.

Chloe swimming

This is Chloe at a swimming party last winter.  Winter, you ask?  The big thing for birthday parties around here is to rent out the swimming pool at one of the local hotels.  My kids went to several this winter, and I quickly learned that I should not pack away their bathing suits once it snows.

Bria's science project

This is Bria with her science project at the school science fair last year.  She took care of four plants to try and figure out how much water that type of plant actually needed.  Which reminds me, I probably should water them (they've miraculously continued to survive, even under my black thumb).

Please be patience

At the Hardee's drive-through about a year ago.  The sign just made me laugh, so I took a picture.  And then I was patience.  Speaking of Hardee's, Sophia calls it "Parties" and it took me a really long time to understand that when she said she wanted to go to parties, she wasn't talking about a birthday party or something.  My standard answer was always, "We can't go because we haven't been invited to one."  So now she probably thinks that eating at Hardee's is pretty exclusive, and by invitation only.

Me and Sophia Me and Sophia again

Sophia is always asking me to take a picture of us together with my phone.  So, I do.  The fact that there are no sheets on my bed in that last photo probably means that Sophia had wet it that morning.  But, wet beds and all, looking at them made me really happy this afternoon.
Lara Neves
Lara Neves

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  1. Awh, those are cute. I love having my cell phone camera, it sure helps capture ALL of our life.
    And I actually think you look pretty good from the flood perspective. :D

  2. Love it! Everyone should do a my year in pictures memoir.

  3. I love these pictures, Lara. I wish we lived closer so I could see all of this first-hand! Miss you and love you...

  4. Fun pictures and congratulations on 1000 posts. (I just made it to 100.) Way to go!

  5. I love looking at my cell phone pictures too! It's a chore to get the photos off mine (we don't have txting), so by the time I get around to it, there's a bunch on there!

    I loved seeing pictures of you with Sophia! You two are so cute together!

  6. 1000 posts!! Wow. That's amazing! So fun to see cell phone pictures. They tend to be less posed than good camera pics.

  7. I LOVE these photos... what wonderful memories! I especially like the one of Chloe sleeping by the dog. :)

  8. What a great summary of your last year! And when you said something about you had just moved and SEPTEMBER in the same sentence I was shocked that you have been there well over a year (although you've mentioned that in other posts, too). I think it's because I was at the bad part of my pregnancy around then so I didn't follow everything as closely in the blogging world so I was less a part of the move. I just can't believe you've been there so long! Crazy.

  9. What fun pictures and memories! I think it's a great way to do a 1000th post:)

    And that picture of Sophia looking in the mirror and trying on clothes is darling.

  10. I LOVE the one of your daughter standing in front of the mirror holding up the dress!

  11. Looking at all of your family pictures, and reading about your life on my blog reminds me so much of my childhood. The picture with the three girls eating the impromptu ice cream is almost identical to one taken with me and my two brothers after I had just finished a cello lesson. It made me sentimental and full of nostalgia. Thanks for that.

  12. I loved this post! What awesome memories! :) I'd say this was a great way to ring in the big 1000th post!

  13. your phone takes good pictures, mine do not look that good, especially indoors

  14. Eating at Hardees by invitation only made me giggle out loud. Loved the pictures... every single one.

  15. I love your pictures. Even though it's slightly voyeuristic of me, I love to see through the windows of your life because you love you life so much. And seeing your life through your eyes makes me love you, too.

  16. Aww this is too cute! I am sad to report I just lost my phone in the lake over thanksgiving weekend, and my biggest regret is losing the pics and video. :( Thanks for posting this!

  17. Back in the day before digital camera's I would love to see what pictures the boys took when I finally developed the film.
    Somce classic stuff!