Monday, January 17, 2011

I Give Up

I'm getting a cold sore.  Whenever I get one, it means one thing and one thing only.


This week has been Cuh-razy.  With a capital C.  I haven't even done my New Year's Resolutions, which may sound like a silly thing to be worried about, but I always look forward to the time to reflect and make some goals to be better.

My to-do list is a million miles long  (Chloe would tell me I was doing "that thing" again right about now)(she means exaggerate)(but the word she's really looking for is hyperbole), and I feel like it just keeps getting longer.  I did manage to chisel out a few errands this morning, so that's good.

But I am going to have to give up some things.

Want to know what they are?
  • Not getting a cold sore (I've been slathering it with Abreva for two days and it is still as tingly as ever).
  • Having a clean kitchen (or house, for that matter).
  • Ever hearing back from all of my students to see if the schedule works for them (I'm just going to have to start teaching tomorrow with my fingers crossed).
  • Joining the gym (I tried this morning, I really did.  But it's a Snap and therefore you have to sign up while the manager is there and the manager's hours are pretty much the opposite of any hours I can go until Saturday).
  • Memorizing Shepherd on the Rock (I have to sing it in the faculty recital in less than two weeks--I'll be using my music).
  • Catching up on blog reading (I finally admitted absolute defeat to the 1,000+ unread items that have been in my reader all week and marked all as read).
  • Editing all of the vacation pictures (I hope you don't mind seeing vacation pictures on this blog until about June, because I've already lost steam!).
  • Finding a good picture of all three of my children on the vacation (impossible task, period).

IMG_7638 girls on pier 1 webIMG_7639 girls on pier 2 webIMG_7640 girls on pier 3 webIMG_7641 Girls on pier 4 web
You might say Sophia smiled enough for everyone, and Bria is always looking pleasant in pictures.  But Chloe?  If she's mad at you (and believe me, she was) she will not fake it.  You will only get a mad face, and she will refuse to look at you.

So I gave up.

Lara Neves
Lara Neves

Lara is mom to three daughters—two teens and a tween. She loves to share her parenting and homemaking triumphs and failures here at Overstuffed! She was diagnosed with Lyme disease in 2015 and has been fighting it ever since. When she isn't working on her mother of the year award, you can find her reading, singing, or taking photos.


  1. I attempted Shepherd on the Rock for my very last voice jury. It was fantastic until the very last part. I wish I had the voice (and accompanist and clarinetist) to try it again under less stressful circumstances. Good luck with everything else! I did a major cleanse of my google reader list several months ago. I thought I would miss all of the crafty blogs and food blogs, and blogs of people I have never met, and people I have met but whose blogs do nothing for me but allow me to see into lives of aquaintances. Nope. I think I maybe have two updates a day now. It's fantastic. :)

  2. Ah, I love that Chloe. She was MAD, wasn't she?? And she looked everywhere but at you! Good luck with your to-do list! I'm sure it will taper down towards the end of the week! I also get cold sores at the first sign of stress or after one night of getting too little sleep. Abreva is my friend, but I finally got a refill of a prescription for....what's it called again? Valtrex. GREAT stuff! Let me know if things don't settle down, and I can watch Sophia on Friday am if it will help. :)

  3. I love your girls, they remind me so much of mine :)

    You are wise to do what you can and put other things on hold. Hard to do, but important. I hope you have a great week and your cold sore goes away (My Mom gets them a lot and it's NOT fun for her at all)

  4. Cold sores make everything a million times worse. I hope yours goes away quickly!!

    And I just love how much personality shows in your girls in their pictures. They must be so much fun:)

  5. I get cold sores all the time (I have one right now!), and let me tell you about this awesome little trick I recently found: Lysine supplements. Basically, in order for cold sores (herpes virus) to survive, the cells in that area have to have a large supply of the amino acid, Arginine. Lysine is a different amino acid and if those cells are loaded up with Lysine, it crowds out the Arginine. Then there's not enough Arginine for the virus to create new particles so it gives up and goes back to being dormant. You can find the supplements in the same aisle as Vitamin C supps. and the like, although I've found that the higher quality supplements do work better. I've also found that if I load up on Lysine RIGHT when I feel one coming on, it often knocks it out within a day and never even surfaces. If I wait even just a little bit to take it, it's not quite as effective. It still does, however, reduce the time the sore generally lasts.

    Anyway, I am a notorious rambler, but I was so THRILLED to find success with Lysine that I wanted to share.

  6. I've had a stress induced cold sore for about a month. Stupid stress. Good luck on your goals!

  7. "I give up" sounds about right to me today too.

  8. So, Sophia is my Vanessa. And it sounds like Chloe is my Corinne. We have pix of her as an 18 month old, flat refusing to smile for the photographer because he had touched her headband. I mean, SCOWLING!! And of course, you're not really giving up; you're just admitting that things don't have to be perfect to be acceptable. You'll do just fine, with everything.

    (And grrr to students who leave you hanging!! HATE THAT!!)

  9. Chloe could be good friends (or enemies, maybe) with my Riley. They could sit and make mad faces at each other all day long. And sorry, but I have to say that Chloe would crack first. Riley's a professional. :)

  10. Those pics just endeared Chloe to me that much more! Love her honesty

  11. I am enjoying all your cruise pictures. Good luck on all the things you have to do. Don't get too stressed out..

  12. Just let it all go, and talk to me online. :)

  13. I love it! And I so have one of those mad kids!! She is a middle child and just knows she is getting the short end of every stick!! And when she is will NEVER get a good picture, so we just have to take it with her mad face. Maybe, just maybe, someday she will understand and love us anyway.

  14. It's like President Uktdorf's conference talk: when life gets more crazy, don't speed up! Slow down, focus on the essentials.

    I have been telling myself that all week.

    Hang in there!

  15. Give yourself a break, Lara. You just got back from vacation! That throws the equalibrium of life completely off balance!
    Amazing pics of Mexico and I love the one with you and your (handsome) brothers!

  16. Mad or no, Chloe still is pretty darling. And that's a HUGE ship! Wow.

    I totally understand the marking all as read thing. I couldn't deal with 1000+. I'd cry. A lot.