Sunday, May 08, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

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I'll admit.  Today started out being a pretty crappy day.  Getting ready for church was painful (and that's putting it nicely) and involved temper-tantrums from each of the three children who call me Mommy, a lost sweater which caused every pile of clothing in the house to be torn through multiple times, a snagged pair of (brand-new!) hose, tears and raised voices.  And that's only the half of it.

We were a half hour late to church and missed the Sacrament, but once we were there I started calming down and feeling the spirit of the day, thankfully.   I suppose if Mother's Day hadn't been on a Sunday, that wouldn't have been possible, so for that I am especially thankful.

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I'm thankful for three amazing children, each of whom has made me a better person, despite all of the many crappy mornings we endure.  So often, I don't feel the least bit worthy or capable of mothering such beautiful spirits.  Why, just this morning I blamed myself for the laundry situation getting entirely out of my hands this past month and that was just one of the reasons I wondered why I was ever allowed to be a mother today.  But somehow, my girls love me anyway, and on days like today, they tell me that I am the best Mom in the world.

Bria wrote me a lovely laminated poem:
The important thing about you is that you care for me and you love me.  You are the best mom ever. You are beautiful. You are always there for me. You plant pretty tulips and crocuses, you have good ideas, you love poodles, your voice sounds like a joyful bird, and when I am sick you help me feel better.  But the important thing about you, Mom, is that you care for me and you love me.

Chloe wrote me a song:

Oh, you're the bestest Mom!  There's no comparison!
You tuck me in at night, you wake me up.
Oh, Mom, you're the bestest mom!
You make me lunch, you make me dinner.
That's why you're a winner!
You wipe my tears away when I'm feeling sadly (blow nose)
I love you.  

She sings it to a tune she learned in music class, and I love it.  

Sophia has learned how to write MOM.  I feel so special that the only thing she can spell independently besides her own name is mine.  She's made me countless pictures these last few days that say MOMSOPHIA on them, and I love them.

IMG_8655 Mother's Day web
Joel made me a lovely dinner, totally and completely out of the parameters of my diet, but my favorite thing on earth: Fettucine Alfredo.  He makes a pretty amazing Fettucine Alfredo, too.  With chicken and broccoli.  And it was well worth it, despite the extra time I will be putting in at the gym tomorrow.

The kids all cleaned the house while I was at opera rehearsal after church, and the spirit in our home has done an about face since this morning.  And even though the laundry is still completely out of my control, I am happy.

And I have wonderful children, despite my imperfections at mothering them.

Happy Mother's Day!

Lara Neves
Lara Neves

Lara is mom to three daughters—two teens and a tween. She loves to share her parenting and homemaking triumphs and failures here at Overstuffed! She was diagnosed with Lyme disease in 2015 and has been fighting it ever since. When she isn't working on her mother of the year award, you can find her reading, singing, or taking photos.


  1. You all look so lovely! Love the poem.

  2. I LOVE that first picture!!!!! Happy Mother's Day Lara.

    I also love children's thoughts on paper. "A joyful bird"--what a beautiful, sweet way to describe it.

  3. I love the dresses! And, what a wonderful post. Happy mothers day!

  4. Oh, the fun I have with my two girls, and how much better it will be (even with increased mood swings and so forth)as they get older and can do more. But you, my dear, will have three wonderful little ladies--oh, what fun you must have now, and what fun you have ahead of you! Keep on being such a great mom as you are:> Happy Mother's Day.--Amanda B.

  5. Sweet girls.

    I always have mixed feelinga about Mother's Day, but today was actually quite pleasant. My favorite part was how the men took over primary so I could actually attend and enjoy RS.

  6. Sorry to hear your morning started off rough, but I'm glad it ended better. I love all your dresses. Pretty ladies.

  7. You 4 little ladies look beautiful. I love, love, love the dresses. I think handmade gifts are absolutely the best presents ever!

  8. Sorry it started out so bad but I'm glad it ended well!
    And Savannah's been singing that "Mom you're the bestest mom" song for days now, ever since she learned it at school too. I swear the tune is forever engraved into my memory.
    And you guys look lovely! Happy Mother's Day!

  9. Love it! Sounds just like motherhood! And you guys are so lovely.

  10. You girls look so lovely! We had a few hiccups yesterday too. Kanoa might have made me cry a little...and I definitely blew the diet too. Oh well.

  11. I love those matching dresses! And just having someone be extra nice for a few minutes on one day is sometimes all we need to keep going as mother's.

  12. Happy belated Mother's Day! I'm glad a tough morning turned into a beautiful day for you—and the alfredo sounds fabulous!