Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Meet Maggie and Edna and Watch the Opera Live on the Web

This is Maggie.  At least, that's what Joel named her last night when we ran into each other backstage during intermission and he didn't even recognize his own wife.  (I think I'll finally take my real camera tonight....because this cell phone thing really doesn't cut it all the time, as handy as it is.) I don't think Maggie is a very Finnish name, though.  But I don't know any really Finnish names, so never mind.


Maggie is a miner's wife in Michigan's Upper Peninsula, circa 1906.  As opposed to me, a professor's wife in Michigan's Upper Peninsula, circa 2011.  But we do look uncannily alike.

Maggie is also slightly horrified by the saloon girl sitting next to her in the dressing room.  Such a disgrace!

And this is Edna with Chloe.  Chloe is a miner's child in 1906.  You might wonder what Edna is doing there as she doesn't seem to fit very well.   Edna is a tourist group leader in 1960, and is taking a group of tourists to the mining site in Rockland, Michigan, where Chloe and Maggie lived in 1906.  Chloe decided to name her Edna because she thinks I look like John Travolta in Hairspray.  And, you know, I think she's right.  Mostly the hair.  It's possible that the fact that I have to wear a corset under that dress because of my quick change into Maggie later has something to do with it, too.

Chloe and Edna
And this is a link to watch the opera live on Sunday afternoon.  It's at 3:00 pm EDT, so I hope you're not in church, because it really is a wonderful opera with some world-class talent playing the leading roles, and a pretty darn good chorus too, if I do say so myself.

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Maggie will be very, very disappointed in you if you don't.
Lara Neves
Lara Neves

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  1. Dang my righteousness in going to church. Will it be replayed?

  2. Barb: No, it won't. :( I wish I knew a way of recording something like that, but I am not quite that technologically savvy.

  3. This, Lara, is AMAZING!!! I would LOVE to do what you do :)

  4. How exciting for you! (And for Chloe too.) My church is at 1:00. Harumph.

    I love the pics!

  5. I think I lost track of the timeline when you got to Edna lol. btw, Maggie could be a Finnish name, I think you just have to spell it funny like "Maaghi", sort of like Thomas/Tuomas, Michael/Mikael, Jacko/Jaakko - but you still say it the same :)

  6. Watching it now...even though it keeps cutting out, and I have to parent in the middle of it all. I'm excited for you!

  7. You are the coolest! And I love the costumes. :)

  8. Love those dresses! And the hat!