Tuesday, September 13, 2011

My Crazy Third Grader

Here we go with the dramatic head tilt again...

Chloe started the third grade a week ago today. This is my kid who just LOVES school (except when she hates it). She LOVES her friends, LOVES school supplies, LOVES eating lunch, LOVES recess, LOVES to read, LOVES math, LOVES her teacher. LOVES LOVES LOVES. So she was one excited little girl when the time to go to school on Tuesday afternoon finally rolled around.
IMG_0983 Chloe first day web
She is so excited to have her best friend in her class this year, so she was particularly loving the idea of school. Also, I should have trimmed her bangs for the first day of school. She is my first child to ever have bangs, and I was a little scared about trimming them myself. But I also don't have the time or the money to haul her somewhere every three weeks to have it done. So, I braced myself and trimmed them the morning of picture day, which was Friday. I think they look pretty okay. I will say that having bangs makes her hair much easier to deal with. She has more hair than the other two (inherited the mop from me, and I am sorry for it) and it just gets pretty unruly all the time. I am impressed at how much the bangs help. So trim them I will.

That was a digression.

IMG_0987 Chloe first day web
The one thing about school that is difficult for Chloe is getting out of bed in the morning. She'd be a lot happier if school hours were from noon-7 pm or something. But, once she gets going, she's pretty happy. But she is grumpy at breakfast, and grumpy for getting her hair done, and grumpy until we start walking to the bus and then she starts cheering up. Maybe a morning walk is the secret to her happiness.
IMG_1003 Chloe first day web
Do you think she likes her backpack?
IMG_1011 Chloe first day web
Here she is at the front of the school. Gotta love those freckles! And that it was such beautiful and sunny weather last week! Today it is chilly and I fear that warm weather will not grace our presence again until sometime in the spring.
IMG_1014 Chloe first day web
The little scholar at her desk. Oh, and she LOVES her desk, too. It opens from the top and that is the coolest thing ever.

Just like Chloe.
Lara Neves
Lara Neves

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  1. Have you tried getting her hair thinned out? I have to get mine thinned out every time I get it cut because it's so thick. All of my girls have inherited the yarn thin hair from Christopher so a flat iron works amazing well through their hair.

    She is a cutie and growing up fast!!

  2. I adore her freckles. And her smile is heart melting. What a relief for you to have one who loves school so much! And a morning walk always makes me a bit happier, too.

  3. What a darling girl! I hate mornings, too, and would also love a noon-7 schedule. It's just getting everyone else on board ...

  4. She is such a beautiful child - Tell me just how cute are those freckles across her nose and cheeks anyway!! Seriously darling.

    I can totally relate to the morning thing. I was like that as a kid too.

  5. P.S. Great job on the bangs.

  6. What a cutie! I'm sure she'll have a great year!

    Man, school starts really late where you are. My kids have been in for a few weeks already.

  7. You have adorable kids! I wish my kids weren't morning people -- I'm lucky to keep them in bed past 6:15 (bleck!)

  8. Ohhhh, I just love this girl! She is the most enthusiastic personality about life! She is fun to be with, I love looking at life through her eyes! I'm so happy SHE is my granddaughter. Everyone needs a CHLOE!

  9. I can't believe how grown up ALL of your girls are—I've been internet-AWOL all summer, and I come back, and they've blossomed!

    I'm looking forward to looking back...and catching up on what you've been up to this summer. All the very best back-to-school wishes to you all!

  10. Oh, she just looks way, way too grown up! I LOVE her bangs. Frames her sweet face beautifully. Cute thing has always been such a night owl...just like her Mama & her Auntie. I know i am grumpy in the morning too. Love you Chloe!!!