Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Whatever I Want

Sophia and the Chicago Skyline...yes, I'm still sneaking vacation photos into my posts at every chance I get!

A few months ago, Joel told the girls to go upstairs and do whatever they wanted.  Mostly, he was just sick of them asking for ideas of what to do because they were so bored (it was still summer then).  To Bria and Chloe, this simply meant, "go watch TV for a while," and that is exactly what they did.  Sophia took it a bit more literally and she stood there for a while ruminating the permission her father had just granted her.

"Even punch holes in the wall?" she finally asked.

(cue laugh track.)

So Tuesday is my free day.

I decided that, in order to preserve what little mental health I have left, I would have one day a week on which I would not schedule anything.  I would do my projects and get stuff done and read and do whatever I wanted to do without being beholden to anyone or any schedule.

Last week, I used that time to stay in bed and read for most of the day.  Sa-weet.

But then I felt bad because I didn't get anything done really. Like laundry. Or dishes. Both of which I have nightmares about when I'm not on top of them.

Yesterday, since I could do anything I wanted, I came up with a good list. I was going to finish the tutu ensemble I'd promised to make for my niece (wanna see an adorable picture I took of her while I was in Utah? Clicky-click here) for her first birthday. I was going to put together and deliver some General Conference kits for the Primary kids.  I was going to run errands--things like paying the water bill, depositing checks at the bank, taking the recycling to the transfer station, and replacing the M&Ms that I had purchased for the PTO Ice Cream Social which somebody (a male somebody) in our house ate.  I was going to put together the bench I bought to go with the homework table that's coming soon.  And I was still going to keep up on dishes and laundry while doing it all.

Oh.  And I was going to start painting my playroom.

Yes.  I recognize that I have a problem with making really long to-do lists.

But, guess what?  I did every darn thing on that list PLUS made dinner (lemon chicken and sweet potato fries)(thanks again Pinterest). Except I didn't paint the playroom.

And that's because I went to Chloe's classroom to help with reading centers instead.

Because I forgot I signed up for that.  And now my free Tuesday is forever beholden to Chloe's third grade classroom.

Le sigh.

But it made Chloe happy and I actually had a bit of fun doing it, so it's totally worth the unpainted playroom.

Which will be painted soon.  Maybe even today.

We shall see.

PS:  Here's a picture of the Tutu ensemble I made for my little niece....thanks to my friend Trisha for coming over yesterday morning to help me learn to applique.  Also, I'd made the tutu a couple weeks ago, it was the applique-ing that I had to do yesterday.  And finishing the hat.

Project of the Month

PPS: Just so it's clear.  I am usually not quite so productive.  It's already 10:23 a.m. and I've spent the morning dinking around on the computer and I have a lesson coming in 1//2 hour.  I still haven't gotten ready for the day and my house is kind of a mess.  So, I guess I better get off my duff now and do something!

Lara Neves
Lara Neves

Lara is mom to three daughters—two teens and a tween. She loves to share her parenting and homemaking triumphs and failures here at Overstuffed! She was diagnosed with Lyme disease in 2015 and has been fighting it ever since. When she isn't working on her mother of the year award, you can find her reading, singing, or taking photos.


  1. All that AND sweet potato fries?! I say success for sure:)

  2. You rock! Your posts always make me smile...

  3. As I recall - you were dressed by 7:40 am today!

  4. The tutu ensemble is darling. And I hate when my schedule days in bed suddenly become schedule with other things! : )

  5. Free day tackling a to-do list sounds almost as lovely as a free day reading in bed. I have several hours on Wednesdays alone and I think I will cycle between doing a lot and doing nothing. Sounds perfect!

  6. It turned out MARVELOUS! You are way better than you give yourself credit for! Be careful though... I went on an applique rampage once I realized how easy it was. Can't wait to see the playroom. Let me know if you need help.... I love to tape! (I know... weird.)

  7. Look what happens when you try to take a day for yourself. You are amazing!

  8. I love days where I feel productive!

    (Some days I feel like punching a wall. Just because I want to.)