Friday, October 07, 2011

Fall has Fell and Other Friday Thoughts

I took this with my phone on Monday morning as I was walking back to my car after teaching. Autumn is here. And I've been so spoiled by the weather this last week...70 degrees every day. Blissful.

So, apparently, we are having our family pictures taken today. Joel golfs with a guy in our branch who offered to do it, and I guess it MUST be done today. The offer was made yesterday while they were on the links. Okay. Cool. So, really, instead of blogging I ought to be figuring out what the heck we're going to wear!

I am happy, though, because this means that I'll have a family picture. The last good one we have was taken two years ago, just before we moved here. My friend Rae did my headshots, and since the whole family was there (at a park in St. George on a hot July day), I asked if she wouldn't mind doing a couple of the family. So, it's a great picture, but you can kind of tell that the kids were running around in the heat and it's not like they're dressed nicely or their hair is done. But it's real, and it's us. And a canvas of it hangs in my dining room.

It will be nice to have a current one, with an Autumn backdrop. I'm excited.


I have been reading a cool book that was recommended to me by a friend. I had been hoping to help Bria feel more successful in school after a very difficult 4th grade year. I never actually read it, because for 5th grade she had such a great teacher that she began to do really well in school without the book's (or my) expertise.

Anyway. It's called The Way They Learn. Another friend recently brought it up during book club, and the things she said were so interesting that I pulled out my copy and finally started reading it. I was totally fascinated and wish I had read it earlier.

I learned a lot about my learning style, The Maestro's learning style, and the learning styles of my children (as it turns out, Bria is kind of an enigma, having parts of all learning styles--which must mean she's a genius, of course). The Maestro and I are both poster children for our respective learning styles (like, I wondered how the author had met us and written these chapters about us), and we are POLAR opposites of each other. It was funny and enlightening to understand that.

I even understand myself a lot more how I go on my "kicks," get bored of them before things are finished, and move on to other things. Also, I apparently LIKE having a million balls in the air, which is why I can't ever seem to get rid of stuff. I get depressed when I don't have enough going on. So, I guess if it's between overwhelmedness and downright depression, I choose being overwhelmed.


The kick I am currently on?

Home improvement. In the last week I have painted both our playroom and living room, which are the two largest rooms in the house. I still have the trim to do in the playroom, and probably we'll replace the (pink) carpet soon, too. Which would be good since I painted it a pumpkin pie sort of color.

I will try to post pictures soon. Except that I'm not on a blogging kick or a photography kick right now, so I can't make any promises.


I just interrupted writing this post to go pick Bria up at the middle school. She's been at a camp a few hours away for the last few days with the rest of the sixth graders. All of the parents were waiting in the parking lot for the buses to get there, and when they did, Bria was one of the first kids to get off the bus. I yelled her name, and when she saw me she ran to give me the biggest hug ever. All of the other moms were jealous. I sure have a great kid.

And I sure missed her.


Finally, my General Conference picture is one of the finalists in Stephanie's contest over at Diapers and Divinity. I really want to win the book she's giving away, so hop on over and vote for me.

Pretty Please?

I'll even give you the link: Go here to vote!


And now I'm off to figure out what we're going to wear for our family pictures, wonder what I'm going to do with my hair which is in dire need of a haircut, and get Sophia and Bria in the shower. Especially Bria. She stinks like campfire.

Happy Friday!!

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Lara Neves

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  1. Have fun with the family pictures. I'm sure they'll turn out great!

    It was an eye-opener for me when I learned that people have different learning styles. You mean I am not a genius? The only reason I did so well in school is because most public schools teach to linguistic learners?

  2. You do not need a haircut - your hair is adorable!

    Even though I did not get the big hug - I am happy that little sister got a huge one!

    Just used rubbing alcohol to get the sap off of Ann!

  3. Yay for family pictures - I am hoping to get some nice ones at the wedding in a few weeks

  4. Voted for you. And, not just because you said please. Your picture was definitely my favorite.

    Hope the family picture goes well tonight.

  5. It sounds like you are pretty content in your life right now. This post is a great snapshot of what is going on, and I enjoyed reading it! I hope the pictures look beautiful. (It snowed here a couple of days ago, but didn't stick besides on the rooftops. Have you gotten any snow yet?)

  6. Aw, I love fall, and your photos are going to be amazing! I am so jealous of your autumns. Seriously.
    So glad that book helped you with Bria. That is always a relief.

  7. It's been about that long since we had family pictures, too. We are in desperate need, but I'm in the middle of growing out my hair, so I'm trying to wait out the awkward stage.

    I'll try out the book. I know I don't get all the kids learning styles.

  8. Hooray for new pictures---can't wait to see them.

    I'm jealous of your beautiful weather! Fall is coming here in Utah---but so far it's rainy and chilly.

  9. What a beautiful picture at the top of your post! Is there any doubt that fall is truly the most beautiful of seasons.
    Fall family pictures are also great - I will be excited to see what you picked out - color choices for clothes are also, so great in the fall!
    Hope they turned out wonderful!

  10. I sooo miss Fall colors -- born in MI, grew up in the Midwest, worked in MA .... the fall colors are just amazing!

    Of course I'll vote for you ... good luck!