Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Six Questions

So I have a category on this blog called because I can't be original today I'm posting a meme. I haven't actually posted a meme in years. When I was new to blogging (nearly SEVEN years ago!) memes and tags were so exciting. Now I mostly ignore them, or have no idea they're happening. But, today I was tagged by my oldest blogging buddy, Hilary. And, since I can't be original, I'm taking the challenge.

So, I'm sort of not playing by the rules, but I am answering the questions.  Here goes...

1.  How do you cope with the yucky season where you live?
Um, if yesterday's post is any indication, not very well.  I still haven't quite figured out how to embrace a winter that comes with 200+ inches of snow, very little light, and lots of cold.  But I want to.  In my brain I really really want to.

As a Utahan, I used to love to downhill ski, but I haven't been since before I got married because Joel doesn't enjoy it.  We both want to pick up Cross Country skiing, though.  It's just a matter of getting the equipment and getting started.  I will definitely keep you posted about this.  

Meanwhile, the sun came out today, and I'm feeling a little less black.

2.  Tell me something you like about me or my blog?  (I need a little self esteem boost lately)
Well, Hilary.  I love you, you know that.   I like your no-nonsense ways, you truly inspire me to stop making excuses about this, that, or the other and go do what needs to be done.  You're a great example of that in your life, and your blog reflects that.  

3.  Name a movie you can quote several lines from.
So my favorite movie is Oscar, starring Sylvester Stallone.  And no, it's nothing like Rambo or Rocky or any other typical Sly movie.  It's a slapstick comedy set during the Depression, and Stallone plays a Chicago gangster trying to go straight.  I've seen it more times than I can count and I just love it.  I should go watch it now because it never fails to make me smile.  And laugh.  A lot.

Oh, did you need some quotes?
Dinner will be soyved at nine-thirty.

Poole was right!  You are an ox AND a moron!

It's like disarming Germany.

I got it!  Your daughter's not your daughter, and the cash that used to be the jewels is now your underwear!

Oh we make-a you look-a like a banker....take offa your pants.

Though, you should just watch it.  It makes much more sense that way...

4.  Least thing you like about mothering.
Bed time.  I hate it with my entire being.  I think by the end of the day I am just done.  I should love it.  I should happily put my children to bed and sing them lullabies and read them stories, but ugh.  It never works out that way.  Something to work on.

5.  Favorite thing about being a wife 
Having my best friend with me most of the time and knowing that he loves me no matter how fat I've gotten or how non-functional I become in January.  We have a lot of fun together, and I can always count on Joel to make me laugh.  He had me in stitches just tonight when we went through the McDonald's drive-thru for some hot chocolate.  If you ever want to laugh, go through a drive-thru with him sometime.  Love him.

6.  If you could've majored in anything in college, without thought to what you'd do with it afterwards, what would it have been?
It is probably pretty boring of me to say it still would have been music, but it's the truth.  I'm not practical like Hilary is, or maybe I would be a nurse too.  Although, it's doubtful.  Perhaps the question is what would I have majored in if I did think about what I would do with it afterwards?  And, I have no idea.  It had to be music.

Though I did start a minor in English Lit, but I let that go when music got a little too demanding.  Then later I added a minor in linguistics, which I loved.  I would have also liked to minor in art or photography.  But that would have been way too many minors.

And there you have it.

Now, I am supposed to tag some other bloggers, which I don't usually bother with in these things.  But then I thought about the little blogging workshop I taught in Enrichment last week, and I think I know a few bloggers who might like to try  (but certainly don't feel obligated....I never do!).

So, Jane, Trisha, and Karen:  TAG, you're it!  (I'm especially interested in your answers to that first question...)
Lara Neves
Lara Neves

Lara is mom to three daughters—two teens and a tween. She loves to share her parenting and homemaking triumphs and failures here at Overstuffed! She was diagnosed with Lyme disease in 2015 and has been fighting it ever since. When she isn't working on her mother of the year award, you can find her reading, singing, or taking photos.


  1. I'm going to pretend I'm ot offended by not being tagged (CRY! Sniff) and steal this anyway. But you know the Yucky Season is the opposite for me. Summer.

  2. I love these insights into your life! more MEME's please! :)

  3. Thanks for the love. :) I am really going to bed now.

  4. Well memes are still new to me, so I enjoyed it. I look like a bat out o' well somewhere when I down hill ski--mostly from me flapping my arms to warn people to get out of my way. I do love cross-country though. I hope you can find your equipment and then I might have to be a little bit jealous that you have snow :).

  5. One of my cousins keeps trying to get me to watch Oscar, but I keep resisting. Mostly because she refuses to watch the movie I want her to see, Son of Rambo. Ironically, it's also not like Rambo:) But it is hilarious.

  6. I LOVE cross-country skiing. I highly recommend it. Used to do it a lot in jr high and high school, but haven't since lived in a place where it was practical. Not enough snow in the valleys here. Anyway ... it's kinda like hiking on skis. Great work-out, and a pace where you can totally enjoy your surroundings. Finding trails in the woods is perfect. Anyway, good luck with the winter. Days are getting longer, so that's a plus. I love being on that down-ward slope to the summer solstice!

  7. The loss of sunlight is getting to me, too, I believe. And my hubby does the bedtime mostly, cuz I can not handle it.

  8. Oh yes...I am smiling just thinking about Joel going through a drive through and what sort of newscaster voice he used.

  9. Loved learning more about you!

    I don't do these anymore either but they are fun to read sometimes :-D In this case - yes .