Friday, June 08, 2012

Bring On Summer!!!

School is O-U-T!  And not a moment too soon, either.

Yesterday was Sophia's very last day of Kindergarten.  I'm still a little sniffly and sentimental about that because she's my last one.  And that kind of kills me.

Still, she's pretty much the cutest Kindergarten Graduate ever, wouldn't you agree?

When she started Kindergarten last year, she had just lost one of her top teeth.  Now she's got them all grown in plus a bunch more. And yes, she's going to have a million orthodontal problems, thanks for asking!

Not only did her teeth grow, but she did.  For comparison, see her first day of school pictures here.  Doesn't that just kill you?  No?  Well it kills me.  I'm dead.

IMG_3745 Sophia last day 12 web
She had two really great teachers this year, one was her main teacher and the other was the aide.  But the aide took over in late April because the main teacher had a baby and was out for maternity leave for the rest of the year.

Sophia and Ms. Y.
IMG_3754 Last Day 12 web
Sophia and Mrs. M. and her new baby!
IMG_3755 Last day 12 web

Chloe and Bria had their last day of school today.

Chloe is finished with the third grade!  And she desperately needs a haircut, poor thing who inherited her mothers unruly mane.

IMG_3760 Last day 12 web
Of course, she grew a whole bunch this year, too.  (Why do kids insist on doing that?)  Her first day of school pictures are here and her hair is almost as unruly as it is today, but not quite.  Somehow we care more on the first day than we do the last.
IMG_3758 Last day 12 ewb
Chloe, of course, also had a very good teacher.  We're so thankful for good teachers!
IMG_3766 last day 12 web

And Bria has successfully completed her first year of middle school.  This perhaps kills me more than the Kindergarten thing, but I haven't quite decided which is worse.  It doesn't matter really, since either way, I'm dead.
IMG_3762 last day 12 web
And, seriously?  Just when I thought this child couldn't grow anymore, she grew some more.  Here are her first day of school pictures for comparison.  She has thinned out and really looks like a young woman now instead of a little girl.  Of course, she turns twelve very soon and will actually be a young woman, so that's probably okay.  But I don't have to like it, do I?  Although, if I'm being honest, I do like it.  Bria is absolutely deLIGHTful right now.  She is just the best kid ever and I'm so glad she's mine.  Even if she insists on going to the freaking seventh grade next year.
IMG_3764 last day 12 web
And since I'm pretty sure that it's uncouth to take pictures of my student and all of her middle school teachers, I just took a picture of her walking into school.  I suppose that counts.
IMG_3765 last day 12 web
I wasn't sure how to deal with teacher gifts for middle school...that's a lot of gifts!  But we went with Joel's famously yummy white chocolate popcorn with M&Ms.  She's got six bags of it in that great big red bag there.  That's what we gave the elementary specials teachers as well, and their main elementary teachers got Scentsy warmers this year.  I wasn't super creative with any of it, and my friend actually did all the pretty packaging for me while I convalesced with my gimpy foot.  (Which is doing much better now, thanks for asking, though I still have a slight limp and enough swelling I can't wear shoes.)

And now for summer!  I have big plans, as usual, but I have been a bit derailed this past week.  And the opera opens a week from Sunday so I am a little crazed right now, but I'm still so very happy that it is summer.

Bring it on.

Lara Neves
Lara Neves

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  1. I love how you always post past pictures and current pictures. Your daughters are going to love your great skills of documenting their growing-up years.

    You should share the recipe for the popcorn, sounds yummy!


  2. They are so big and mature looking! Even little baby Sophie!!! We cannot even wait for our time with you this summer. My boys have been writing about it in their summer writing journals nearly daily.