Monday, July 23, 2012

In Which I Turn Into a "Dog Person"

IMG_3819 Pioneer_web
The location of our most recent Branch* activity.  I live in a truly gorgeous area.  Come visit me!
You guys.  I have totally turned into one of THOSE people.   I am now one of those people who is so in love with my dog that I take her everywhere with me.  I seriously take her to the bank, to the recycling center, to shuttle the girls around, to take Joel to work...everywhere I can.  I hate leaving her.  Kind of pathetic.

And I am not even one bit embarrassed about it. 

I had a tough winter this last year.  I was in a pretty dark place mentally and it was really difficult for me to even haul myself out of bed and function.  I don't want to belabor the point, but it was hard.  At one point, the Maestro gave me a priesthood blessing, and in it he said that I should get a dog.  Even though I'd been wanting one for some time, I'd held off because the Maestro himself wasn't totally on board.  But, after that blessing, things came together pretty quickly and within a month or so, I had Puccini.

And she truly has been a gift sent from God directly to me.  It's amazing how she has lightened my life, as corny as that is.  And not just mine--the girls' lives and Joel's are happier because of her, too.  The joy she has brought to our family amazes me every day.  She's so smart and full of personality, and even though that means that she steals my glasses and has now ruined them (it's okay, I was up for a new pair, and she knows better now) or that she turns into crazy dog as soon as the sun sets, she fits perfectly into our family dynamic.

All of that to say that, yes, I'm now a freaky dog lady and I brought my puppy to our branch* activity the other day.  And now I am about to flood my blog with pictures of her.  Along with some ducks.  I like taking pictures of ducks.  And I suppose I'll throw in a few of my offspring for good measure.
IMG_3803 Pioneer_webIMG_3805 Pioneer_ webIMG_3806 Pioneer_web
This is Puccini's first swim!  We have taken her out to the Lake Superior beaches, but she has been terrified of the waves and won't go in.  This lake (which is the backyard of a couple in our branch) is much calmer, and when she saw the girls were in there, she decided to go in after them.
IMG_3811 Pioneer_webIMG_3812 Pioneer_webIMG_3813 Pioneer_webIMG_3814 Pioneer_web
And now she's swimming back to me, because, as it turns out, she isn't a huge fan of swimming.  But it's so amazing to me how dogs just know how to do it.
IMG_3817 Pioneer_web
She swam a few more times, but mostly she just watched the girls like a hawk from the shore.

And there were ducks.  This momma and her ducklings hung around all afternoon/evening.  They weren't scared of people at all.  They tried to stay clear of the dogs, though.
IMG_3825 Pioneer_webIMG_3931 Pioneer_webIMG_3933 Pioneer_webIMG_3943 Pioneer_webIMG_3937 Pioneer_web
Meanwhile, Puccini's sister (remember how our friend got her littermate?) came, and those two ADORE each other.  It is so fun to watch them play together. (Puccini is the lighter colored one, her sister's name is Daisy.)
IMG_3868 Pioneer_web
IMG_3904 Pioneer_web
I also love watching these three little sweeties play (plus one of their friends).
IMG_3959 Pioneer_web

Life is good.
*Branch-A small congregation of the LDS church, used when there aren't enough members in an area to make up an entire ward, which is the standard congregation.
Lara Neves
Lara Neves

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  1. I think that is very sweet that you love your little dog so much. Now I want to go pet mine. :)

  2. Your scenery is stunning. My husband and I are so not pet people, but I have to admit that your dog is pretty darn cute.

  3. Your photos are all just perfect. I can see why you love Puccini so.

  4. You have a gorgeous dog! I am so glad she fits in with your family so well, and that she had helped you so much emotionally. It almost makes me want a dog. We will get one eventually for the kids, i just hate the responsibility associated with pets. But after reading this post, i am more inclined. And my goodnes your girls are beautiful! You are a very blessed woman, Lara. You live in the most breathtaking place (you have no idea how often i have been jealous of your location. Especially in the Fall!), you have amazing daughters, a sweet puppy and wonderful husband. And you deserve every but of those happy blessings.

  5. What a cute little puppy! I am one of THOSE people too. I love my dogs. They go every with me too (except work). I love all your photos, of the dog, your girls and the ducks. I found it amazing how close those ducks got to your kids. Pretty neat!

  6. So what you're saying is that Puccini is a rescue dog of sorts! I love the story behind her and that she is such a great part of your family. I'm not a pet person (like a previous commenter) but since we got a little turtle recently I think he's so cute and can definitely understand why people love their pets, and, clearly, a dog should be much easier to love and appreciate than a turtle. :)

  7. Oh my! She is SOOO cute!! I'm so glad you're a dog family now! They are such wonderful creatures and they are SO good for mental health! My Rosie always lifts my spirits!

  8. Lara - the soul of a dog (or any beloved pet) reaches so close to our human spirit that sometimes I am able to transcend beyond time (or anything else happening within the moment). I so treasure the moment I reached the other side of the great Capilano Suspension Bridge in Vancouver, BC. I was sobbing with fear and dogged determination when I climbed the last step off this amazing engineering wonder. I was met by two therapy dogs, of the black labrador sort, who allowed me to hug and stroke them. They seemed to absorb my crazy irrational energy, replacing it with love and slobber. I gained confidence on this trek and even kept my promise to myself that I would stop and breath in the middle of the great expanse on my return trip. I'll never forget those two canine buddies who really gave me courage to carry on!

  9. There is something about the relationship between a dog and it's owner, (if the owner allows the special bond to occur).

    Just yesterday, we sat talking about all our past dogs that the boys can remember growing up and I know that I will always have one at my side.

    I can feel the love for Puccini in your words. Makes me smile!