Sunday, August 25, 2013

Summer Break

Terrible photo with terrible lighting and a lovely view of my neglected flower garden.  Plus a bizarre shadow on Bria's leg.

It should be pretty obvious from today's photo just what kind of break I am referring to.

And you shouldn't be surprised that the child with the break is my accident prone Sophia.  I'm pretty sure she's been to the ER for accident related injuries more than any of my other children.  And she's also the only child of mine to ever fall out of a swing and land on her face, though I should be finding some wood to knock on, because it's not entirely out of the realm of possibility that Bria will do the same thing tomorrow...

Bria did break her foot once, after all.  When she was three and decided to jump down seven steps instead of the more doable two.

Last night, we were at a party with lots of friends, food, fireworks, and fun.  And, also, one fractured fibula.  Sophia's fractured fibula, in case you hadn't already guessed.  She had a wonderful time playing with friends and running around outside and cracking the pinata and doing water games.  Until she fell.

She tried to be so stoic, that it was a while before I realized how much she was hurting.  She was watching the fireworks with silent tears streaming down her face.  I had gotten her some ice to see if it would help, and we had given her some ibuprofen, but it was obvious she was in a lot of pain, even though she was trying to hide it.

Joel thought we should go home and watch it and see how it was in the morning.  My gut told me to take her in.  So, I had Joel drop me and Sophia off at the Emergency Room while he took the older girls home and then pick us up when we were done.

The ER was kind of like a ghost town, so we got in quickly.  She refused to put any weight on her foot, so they took the whole gurney down to X-Ray.


Fifteen minutes later the doctor came in and confirmed a small fracture in her fibula.  He used a fancy word that I have since tried to Google and cannot find.  But it's minor.  Still, it's a broken bone.  And my baby hurts.

They put her in an air cast for now, and then we are to see her regular doctor this week and see how to proceed from now.  The nurse came down and popped the cast on and handed her a set of crutches, which--I must say--she was more than a little excited about.  The nurse taught her how to use them, and thankfully, she caught on super quickly.

And then we wheeled her out to the car!  Quickest ER visit in history, and for a broken bone even!

She has been remarkably good-natured about the whole thing (I think she feels special), but she is more than a little upset that her soccer season has ended prematurely.  Today she has shown that she can definitely use those crutches.  And it is somewhat excruciating for this child to sit still, so she crutches around the living room in circles.  When she is not on the couch crying in pain. 

In other news, there is only one week of summer left.  Thankfully, the weather has complied and we got one more good beach trip in.  I'm guessing the crutches are going to put the kibosh on any other trips this summer.  Phooey.

I'm not ready for fall, so hopefully this week lasts forever.

Happy Sunday!

Sunday, August 18, 2013


SOMEBODY forgot to water my flowers while I was gone.  And of course the weather decided to get all hot at the same time. 

Bria is infected with a Percy Jackson obsession.  It's not too bad, though  She's learning all about Greek/Roman/Egyptian mythologies and she's READING in her spare time instead of dinking around on her iPod.  It's a good obsession.

Sophia is infected with a cheetah obsession.  She told me herself that she wishes all of her clothes were cheetah print.  My mom and I worked hard to appease her while we were school shopping in Utah this last week, so she was thrilled with her haul.  Since Gymboree and The Children's Place are both hotbeds of animal print, it wasn't too difficult.  I just wonder what her teacher will think of a child whose wardrobe consists of 95% cheetah printed items.

Chloe has One Direction Infection.  Big time.  She might even die, she's so sick with this infection (her words).  On the eight hours of airline flights, plus every spare moment besides, she held me captive with One Direction trivia, little-known-facts, and song lyrics.  I know EVERYTHING about them now.  Except, Chloe still knows more.
one directioner
Sitting in my parents' kitchen last week schooling me and my brother about One Direction.

Today in church she was working on little collages of each band member.  I tried to sneakily take a photo when we got home, but she caught me and freaked out.  Now she's hidden them, so this is the best we get--Chloe grabbing the Louis collage from me just as I clicked the button on my phone.  Stinker.

I do not remember being this obsessed with a band when I was only ten years old.  Or maybe ever.  I certainly didn't care for the boy bands of my time (NKOTB and Backstreet Boys), but I did rather like Depeche Mode.  I had one poster of them in my room--in my closet, actually.  Chloe, on the other hand, already has at least twenty posters and magazine clippings of One Direction in her room.  And she doesn't discreetly stick them in her closet, either!

It's actually really cute.  But her mind really does think in only one direction (heh) lately. And, I bought her the sheet music to What Makes You Beautiful, and she learned to play it really fast.  So it encourages both piano practice and artistic creativity.  I guess it's a good obsession--I just can't wait until school starts and she can begin to fill her mind with other things.  Like maybe math.
IMG_6819 sunday photo web
Guess what I told them to say here?  That's right: "ONE DIRECTION!!!"  You can see how Bria feels about that.  And Chloe.  Sophia is like Switzerland on the matter.  Totally neutral.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

A Tale of Two Cities

I'm so proud of myself.

It's Week 4 of my Sunday photos project and I am still going strong.  AND MY CHILDREN ARE NOT EVEN IN THE SAME STATE.

Chloe and I flew out to Utah on Tuesday to visit family.  This is my birthday gift from my parents this year.  You might remember that two years ago, Bria and I flew out to Utah for my birthday.  Except for the fact that I never actually blogged about that trip.  Sigh--just another thing to catch up on.

Anyway, Chloe and I are out here in Utah partying it up for another few days, and Joel is back in Michigan with the other two girls making sure they practice their violins and do their summer reading and make their beds.  He's also doing things like taking them to see the new Percy Jackson movie, so it isn't all bad.

He is also so on the ball, that he took a Sunday photo for me and texted it to me.

And I totally died from the cuteness.  And because I really miss my girlies, even though I'm having a wonderful time out here bonding with Chloe.  I mean, my mom is keeping us BUSY!  We've gone to City Creek twice and accomplished a lot of back to school shopping (have you heard about the abysmal shopping choices where I live?), we've played with lots of cousins, seen a dermatologist for Chloe's skin (we also have somewhat abysmal doctor choices--no dermatologist anyway)(she has vitiligo)(hopefully we can start fixing it now), seen some of Joel's family, gone horseback riding, gone Harley riding, seen Guys and Dolls, hiked to the "Y," gone to ComedySportz, and eaten out 8.3 times at places called Blue Lemon and Red Mango (Chloe and I are going to open a restaurant called the Purple Raspberry).

But, yeah, I still miss my other two girls.  And Joel, too!

Chloe and I decided to copy the Michiganders and take our own Sunday photo out here in Utah.
Sunday photo August 11 Lara and Chloe

I bought her dress while we were at City Creek.  Isn't it so adorable?  And her perfect little rosebud lips match the lips on the dress perfectly. It's totally perfect for her.

Joel also managed to get Puccini in today's photo--he has the magic touch.
With Puccini

But I managed to get Mamah in the photo.

Mamah Mom Chloe

And then we were translated.

Happy Sunday!!!

Thursday, August 08, 2013

My Baby Turned 7 and Then the World Ended

Sophia turned 7 last week.

I'm still trying to get over the shock.  It's always hard for me to watch my kids get older, but having my youngest get older is the worst.  No more baby.  No more toddler.  No more Kindergartener.  And pretty soon--no more little girl.

I hate it.

But, she didn't.  She LOVED every minute of her birthday.

Seven is the year my girls get to get their ears pierced.  Both Bria and Chloe ended up doing it on the day before their birthdays, so of course we had to do it that way, too.  I was a little worried we might end up in the tattoo parlor since the Claire's in our mall closed down and we didn't have time to drive the two hours to Marquette, but--surprise!--WalMart does ear piercings.  So we went there.


She was braver than Bria was when she got her ears pierced (not difficult to do). But not quite as brave as Chloe was when she did.  Sophia started out very excited, but when the first earring went in, she cried a lot and wasn't very sure about doing the other ear.  I thought we might walk out of there with only one ear done, but she gathered up her courage and finally let the woman pierce her other ear.  She was very pleased with the result, even if she still looks a little dubious about it!

On the day of her birthday, she requested breakfast in bed.  She also specifically requested the menu:  Gluten-free waffles (Sophia has been recently diagnosed with Celiac/gluten intolerance and wow I haven't even blogged about that!), a green smoothie, yogurt with homemade gluten-free granola, and ice cream!

Sophia has been gypped on her birthday most years.  Having it in July, when we are often money-strapped and/or heading on vacation and/or moving across the country, means she hasn't had many cool parties.  Just one, in fact.

So, this year, we planned a super awesome birthday party at the local hotel swimming pool.  This is something that's fairly commonly done in our area--most hotels allow you to pay a fee and have a party there.  But to make it even more super awesome, we actually booked a suite and had her party in the hotel room.  After all of the guests left, our family stayed the night there which she was SO VERY EXCITED about.  Super awesome!

She wanted to have a Monster's University themed party.  So I whipped up some invitations on the computer.
And I made a (gluten-free) Sully cake.

When she asked for a Sully cake, I wasn't quite sure how I would accomplish such a thing as I am NO cake decorator.  But then I had the brilliant idea to just do Sully fur.  Thank goodness for the weird neon food coloring Joel accidentally bought at Christmas time and for a friend who IS a cake decorator for lending me her grass tip.  I am pleased with the result.

Sophia also wanted to have (gluten-free) Mike Wazowski cupcakes.  The idea of having it be just his eye was entirely hers.

Again, thank goodness for the neon food coloring!  And blue M&Ms.  And remember that I'm not any better at decorating cupcakes than I am actual cakes.

We hoped that maybe Monster's University was available to watch on PayPerView at the hotel, but it was still too new.  Bummer.

All of her friends came to the hotel and we swam for a while, and then went up to the room for the rest of the party.  Sophia had so much fun, and I think she felt super special this year.  Which is important, because she IS super special.

Happy Birthday Sophia!  I still can't believe you're SEVEN years old, but you are such a wonderful girl and I have loved every minute of the seven years and two weeks that I have had you in my life.

Just don't turn eight, okay?

Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Our Epic Vacation: Days 6 & 7

Look at me, knocking out two days in one post.  But only because Day 6 was pretty mellow.  I mean, we needed some rest after the previous five days, dontcha think?

We spent a leisurely morning on Day 6 at Joel's parents' house.  We worked on laundry while the kids watched TV--they were quite enamored with the Summer Olympics.

In the afternoon, Joel and his dad went golfing--it was very important that he actually USE the golf clubs he lugged across the country--and the girls and I drove down to my parents' house for a while.  I actually had to teach a couple of voice lessons via Skype, and the girls entertained themselves by trying on the new clothes Mamah had purchased for them and playing dress up.

In the evening, Joel's mom made her famous chicken noodle soup for dinner (Joel's favorite!), and we just hung out at home afterwards and watched the Olympics and enjoyed each other's company.

The morning of Day 7 was another leisurely morning--this time packing for our upcoming cruise.  After things were squared away, Joel and I took the girls up to the City Creek shopping center and temple square.

Chloe and Sophia enjoyed splashing in the fountains/splash pad at City Creek--who cares that they were fully clothed?
City CreekCity Creek Splashing

We stopped in at the Disney Store, where all three girls took a little art class about how to draw Woody from Toy Story, and Sophia enjoyed dressing up like a Princess.
Disney Store

We checked out lots of other stores, bought smoothies at Roxberry (mine was green....mmmm!), and enjoyed being in the beautiful sunshine.

At Temple Square we checked out the Conference Center, the Tabernacle, the Christus, and the rest of the Visitor's Center.  The girls loved it.  I wish they had the opportunity to see temples more often.
Temple Square

After Temple Square, we met Joel's parents, his sister Anne-Marie and her boys, and our niece Kiara and her two kids at Cafe Rio.  Yum!  And I took no photos there, but I did really enjoy my salad.

After dinner, we headed to the Lehi Arts Center where our nephew Kanoa was starring in The Little Mermaid as Sebastian the Crab.  We had so much fun watching him--It's been a year and the girls STILL talk about his performance!
Crabby CousinsKanoa as Sebastian

After the show we headed back to Mimi and Papa's house, put the girlies to bed, and stayed up late playing card games.

Sunday, August 04, 2013

It is a Truth Universally Acknowledged...

...that all little girls will eventually have to watch Pride & Prejudice.

And that is what we did this weekend.  We watched all six hours of the BBC version with Colin Firth and my three daughters absolutely adored it.  Even Sophia, though I did have to stop the movie several times to answer her questions, was totally into it.  We had to stop on Friday night after only two hours, and Bria was totally ticked off that Lizzie didn't like Darcy.  When we finally finished, she hoped with all her heart that Darcy would finally smile with his teeth showing.  So when he came out of the church and climbed into the carriage with a giant grin on his face, she was thrilled all the way down to her toes.  And I was thrilled all the way down to my toes that my daughters liked an English period movie so much.  I have a whole bunch more in mind that we'll have to watch soon.

IMG_6652 Sunday photo web

I feel like the summer is so fleeting.  It's already August, and the plans I made for beach-bumming and home-improving haven't been as successful as I had hoped.  This week was the benefit recital that I am in charge of and which took up a good portion of my life the past few weeks.  But the day after the recital was done I finally taped off the hallway and Joel and I got to work painting the trim.  I have ignored this project for nearly four years because I am terrified of it.  The trim that is in our house is that wonderful, old, early 20th century wood and there are five doorways up in that hallway--that's a lot of painting, dude!  And someone thought it would be awesome to stencil red berries on the doorways, too.

I was surprised that Joel and I were able to knock out one coat on three doorways and all the baseboard in an hour's time.  We still haven't had time to do more--between soccer and grocery shopping and soccer and sick children (Chloe and Sophia both have had some sort of stomach bug this weekend)--but hopefully the trim will be finished tomorrow and we can start on the walls.

IMG_6654 Sunday photo web

Unless the weather starts to warm up again, there's nothing I can do about the beach bum issue. But I did have a nice little Sunday snooze on my back deck this afternoon after church--and even though it's only 68 degrees, that sunshine sure felt lovely.

Happy Sunday!