Sunday, August 18, 2013


SOMEBODY forgot to water my flowers while I was gone.  And of course the weather decided to get all hot at the same time. 

Bria is infected with a Percy Jackson obsession.  It's not too bad, though  She's learning all about Greek/Roman/Egyptian mythologies and she's READING in her spare time instead of dinking around on her iPod.  It's a good obsession.

Sophia is infected with a cheetah obsession.  She told me herself that she wishes all of her clothes were cheetah print.  My mom and I worked hard to appease her while we were school shopping in Utah this last week, so she was thrilled with her haul.  Since Gymboree and The Children's Place are both hotbeds of animal print, it wasn't too difficult.  I just wonder what her teacher will think of a child whose wardrobe consists of 95% cheetah printed items.

Chloe has One Direction Infection.  Big time.  She might even die, she's so sick with this infection (her words).  On the eight hours of airline flights, plus every spare moment besides, she held me captive with One Direction trivia, little-known-facts, and song lyrics.  I know EVERYTHING about them now.  Except, Chloe still knows more.
one directioner
Sitting in my parents' kitchen last week schooling me and my brother about One Direction.

Today in church she was working on little collages of each band member.  I tried to sneakily take a photo when we got home, but she caught me and freaked out.  Now she's hidden them, so this is the best we get--Chloe grabbing the Louis collage from me just as I clicked the button on my phone.  Stinker.

I do not remember being this obsessed with a band when I was only ten years old.  Or maybe ever.  I certainly didn't care for the boy bands of my time (NKOTB and Backstreet Boys), but I did rather like Depeche Mode.  I had one poster of them in my room--in my closet, actually.  Chloe, on the other hand, already has at least twenty posters and magazine clippings of One Direction in her room.  And she doesn't discreetly stick them in her closet, either!

It's actually really cute.  But her mind really does think in only one direction (heh) lately. And, I bought her the sheet music to What Makes You Beautiful, and she learned to play it really fast.  So it encourages both piano practice and artistic creativity.  I guess it's a good obsession--I just can't wait until school starts and she can begin to fill her mind with other things.  Like maybe math.
IMG_6819 sunday photo web
Guess what I told them to say here?  That's right: "ONE DIRECTION!!!"  You can see how Bria feels about that.  And Chloe.  Sophia is like Switzerland on the matter.  Totally neutral.
Lara Neves
Lara Neves

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  1. I can appreciate the One Direction infection. I'm still suffering from a very bad case of the Duran Duran. Going on almost 30 years now.

  2. Together Sophia and Zoya can be their own zoo. She's completely obsessed with Zebra print. We bought her two pairs of pants and four zebra shirts. Plus she has a stuffed animal, sheets and a blanket of zebra. Her grandma just got her a zebra backpack too. I'm seeing stripes instead of spots!

  3. I'm totally infected with Percy Jackson as well---I actually love those books and can't wait for the next one:)

    One Direction on the other hand... I was never really obsessed with bands either. But then again, I never had such immediate access to them through TV, internet etc. I'm sure it makes a world of difference.