Sunday, August 04, 2013

It is a Truth Universally Acknowledged...

...that all little girls will eventually have to watch Pride & Prejudice.

And that is what we did this weekend.  We watched all six hours of the BBC version with Colin Firth and my three daughters absolutely adored it.  Even Sophia, though I did have to stop the movie several times to answer her questions, was totally into it.  We had to stop on Friday night after only two hours, and Bria was totally ticked off that Lizzie didn't like Darcy.  When we finally finished, she hoped with all her heart that Darcy would finally smile with his teeth showing.  So when he came out of the church and climbed into the carriage with a giant grin on his face, she was thrilled all the way down to her toes.  And I was thrilled all the way down to my toes that my daughters liked an English period movie so much.  I have a whole bunch more in mind that we'll have to watch soon.

IMG_6652 Sunday photo web

I feel like the summer is so fleeting.  It's already August, and the plans I made for beach-bumming and home-improving haven't been as successful as I had hoped.  This week was the benefit recital that I am in charge of and which took up a good portion of my life the past few weeks.  But the day after the recital was done I finally taped off the hallway and Joel and I got to work painting the trim.  I have ignored this project for nearly four years because I am terrified of it.  The trim that is in our house is that wonderful, old, early 20th century wood and there are five doorways up in that hallway--that's a lot of painting, dude!  And someone thought it would be awesome to stencil red berries on the doorways, too.

I was surprised that Joel and I were able to knock out one coat on three doorways and all the baseboard in an hour's time.  We still haven't had time to do more--between soccer and grocery shopping and soccer and sick children (Chloe and Sophia both have had some sort of stomach bug this weekend)--but hopefully the trim will be finished tomorrow and we can start on the walls.

IMG_6654 Sunday photo web

Unless the weather starts to warm up again, there's nothing I can do about the beach bum issue. But I did have a nice little Sunday snooze on my back deck this afternoon after church--and even though it's only 68 degrees, that sunshine sure felt lovely.

Happy Sunday!
Lara Neves
Lara Neves

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  1. There's something SO fun about introducing someone to a good movie for the first time:) I'm glad your girls liked it. You should watch the BBC version of Emma (with Romola Garai) next. I think I might like it even more than P&P!