Sunday, October 20, 2013

On the Road Again!

The big excitement of this past week is that our street was finally paved!  After nearly two months of not being able to park in our own driveway, trekking up and down the hill multiple times a day through all the mud and gunk of the construction chaos, doing this even while Sophia was still on crutches, and never being sure just what route we would be able to take to get back home from work every day--it is (almost) over with!  We still don't have an actual driveway because they dug that up to connect the sewer lines, but we can at least park at our own house now.

My children were so excited about this beautiful new pavement that they danced in the streets.  And, also, my children are crazy.
Sunday photo October 20 CRAZY GIRLS web

The street also seemed a pretty cool place to do our Sunday photo today.  I must admit, we do have a lovely view of the ski hill which is currently in its fall splendor.  Probably the last day of its fall splendor, too, since there is a "special weather statement" out right now telling us we will have several inches of snow by tomorrow morning.  Before we know it, our view of the ski hill will include little people skiing down to the bottom.


Time to break out the winter gear.
Sunday photo October 20
Bria set this photo up--they're supposed to be making a heart.  Aww.

The rest of this past week has been a blur.  I admit, I've been more than a little overwhelmed and quickly careening towards a total shutdown.  All the things on my plate sort of culminated and I barely had time to breathe.  The only time I could carve out for myself was around 1:00 in the morning, which I admit, wasn't very wise.  Because then I would just wake up when my alarm went off and start crying (I'm really not kidding).  It's just been that sort of a week.

But I made it through alive.  And this coming week seems a little less stressful, though I had better get my butt on the piano bench and start practicing the Mahler piece I'm supposed to be singing with the wind symphony in a couple weeks.  My first rehearsal with them is tomorrow night and I practiced all of once this week.  BECAUSE I WAS TOO BUSY.

I'm always saying I've got to learn to say no better.  And just when I think I was doing pretty good at it, I have a week like this one that proves I have a lot more to learn in that department. (And thank goodness I've said no to several things, because I would certainly be dead now if I hadn't.)

At least I have three beautiful girls around to make me smile, and to do the dishes for me when I've left them sitting too long (thanks Sophia!).  And to keep me super busy, but hey--that's what I'm here for.
Sunday photo October 20
Bria was in the house and in her sweats before I was even out of the car after church.  What can I say--she likes to be comfy.

Happy Sunday!

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Lara Neves
Lara Neves

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  1. Ok, so this is going to be the most random comment ever, but your hill is pretty and made me think that at one time Houton was the frontier and no one lived there. Now you do. Random.

  2. GORGEOUS place you live! My gosh. I'm glad you survived last week and hope this one goes better for you!