Sunday, November 17, 2013

Christmas Dress Debut

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I may not be able to match them exactly anymore, but coordination is the new catchword.  I was just thrilled to find leopard print for Sophia, lace for Bria, and sparkles for Chloe.  If they're happy, I'm happy!

Yesterday I had to scramble to get Christmas dresses for my girls.  It used to be I could buy them all matching dresses at The Children's Place so when Bria's October birthday discount rolled around, I used it to buy their holiday dresses.  I always had them in time for the Primary Program (in the LDS church, the children put on a music/speaking program for the main church meeting--usually in the late fall), so that's when the Christmas Dress Debut would happen.  Then they wouldn't wear them again until the Sunday before Christmas.

Well.  Today was our Primary Program.  And I am the Primary President, so it shouldn't have taken me by such surprise!  But yesterday morning I realized I didn't have new dresses for the girls.   I have since decided it's because Bria has grown out of The Children's Place, so they don't even send me a birthday coupon for her anymore.  And when I don't get that coupon in my inbox, I'm not reminded that it is time to shop for Christmas dresses.

All is well, though.  Even though I have virtually no shopping in my little town, I do have a JCPenney, and I am happy with what I found.  Even better, all of my girls are actually wearing tights today--maybe because I bought them new ones.

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The Primary Program went amazingly well, thanks for asking.  My tiny little Primary has doubled in size this year, so it was harder than usual to write and execute the program.  And I only have 20 kids!  I don't know what you people do with the huge primaries when program time comes around.  But my kids sang with their whole hearts (most important to me) and they knew the words and they wrote beautiful talks and they helped the entire congregation feel the Spirit.  Hooray for Primary Programs!

This was the first Primary Program that Bria did not participate in.  We had the program about two weeks after she turned 12 last year, so I still made her take part--I only made her play her violin, but she was technically (and somewhat begrudgingly) still in it.  I still had her wear her new dress today, though--isn't it great on her?  I'm a little jealous of it, actually.  What a gorgeous girl I have!

Amendment:  What gorgeous girls I have.  Including the adorable little puppy girl.

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