Friday, November 22, 2013

Stop Eating Gluten

I took this photo of Bria last week as she was coming out of her orchestra rehearsal.  I just love her.

Even though Bria isn't one of the gluten-frees in our house, I have a feeling she probably should be.  But, she's 13, a little stubborn, and basically healthy, so I don't push the issue too much.  She's coming to it on her own, anyway.  She eats a lot less gluten now than she has in the past, simply because our home is mostly gluten-free, and she is beginning to recognize the difference in how she feels.  So, yeah, I don't push it with her.  (But if she suddenly comes down with more drastic symptoms or an auto-immune something, all bets are off.)

Last night, she was telling me that her hip joints were bothering her.  Joint pain, specifically in the hips, is a top-ten symptom of gluten intolerance, so I simply said, "Stop eating gluten."

Her eyes rolled so far back in her head that I couldn't see them anymore.

"Mom!  That's your answer for everything!  My stomach hurts--go off gluten!  Oh no!  I just poked my eyeball out--well, you shouldn't eat gluten!  There isn't peace on earth--don't eat gluten!! Gah!"

She's pretty funny, that one.  And did I mention she's stubborn?

This morning, I drove her to the orthodontist for an 8:00 am appointment.  I was not one bit excited to do this because it snowed a lot last night, and that meant getting out of bed, bundling up, and driving in the snow.  Blech.  Why am I not a bear?

Bria, on the other hand, was practically giddy over the snow.  As we were crossing the bridge, she went on and on about how she couldn't wait for the lake to freeze over because it was so beautiful and it was her favorite thing.  And oh!  She just loves the snow, didn't I?

I gave her a dirty look.  "I do not like winter, and you know it," I told her.

"Oh," she said, "you don't like winter?  Stop eating gluten."

In all seriousness, my being gluten-free HAS helped tremendously with my SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) issues.  But not completely.  Living somewhere slightly less wintry might help, I'm guessing.

If you think you might have a gluten intolerance, check out this list: Top 10 Symptoms of Gluten Intolerance.

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  1. Oh that's funny! We have one gluten free in our house, and we all tend to eat a lot less gluten because of it. Sometimes I have to have a little gluten fest when she's not home for dinner though. :-)