Sunday, January 05, 2014

More Lake Effect Snow, a Delightful Teen, and a Freezing Forecast

The girls (especially Bria), were thrilled that I was lazy today and didn't make them stand in the snow, stay in their church dresses, or take off their winter coats and Santa hats. I didn't even bother to use my big camera.

I guess that's the nice thing about doing these weekly photos--I've let go of the idea that they all have to be wonderful. We're just documenting life, and life isn't always wonderful.

So no surly teenager today.  In fact, Bria has been nothing but absolutely delightful during the last week. Maybe it's her New Year's Resolution or something, but I'm keeping her.

Yesterday, Joel asked her to help him with snow removal. He snow-blowed (snow-blew?) the driveway while she used the shovel to hack away at our front walkway. Which I know from personal experience is not an easy one to shovel what with all the stairs.  Oh, and all the snow.


Anyway, Bria bundled up and happily went outside to move some snow. I think this is absolutely remarkable because I have never once been happy to go out into the bitter cold and shovel. Even when we lived in Utah and it wasn't bitterly cold and the sun was usually shining after a snowstorm I grumbled and grumped about having to shovel. So I was impressed with my girl.

And that's not all! While The Maestro and I went grocery shopping yesterday, Bria deep cleaned the entire kitchen. She then started the laundry and texted me a reminder to buy fabric softener because she noticed we were out. And then she added some cute little touches like new towels and some nice soap for the kitchen sink.

This morning she did both her own hair and Chloe's in these adorable braids that I couldn't even begin to do. And she did this to her own hair (this is her hair, to be clear, not Chloe's--Chloe took hers out after church)!


I can't even do a simple French braid on someone else's hair nicely, much less my own!  Believe me, I've tried. Yet another reason to have her, because she loves to do fun hairstyles like this and spends hours poring over Pinterest and YouTube to find awesome new ideas. And for her to willingly do her sisters' hair is huge, because they both scream whenever I try to do it.

Maybe she'll get a lot of practice doing hair tomorrow instead of going to school. We're still waiting to see, but I'll be shocked if they don't cancel school (as much as I wish they wouldn't--I'm ready for some alone time!), due to the crazy arctic cold front moving in.

45 degrees below zero is just plain insane, and I personally will be hunkering down in bed with my book. So much for all my organization projects! Those will have to wait until the weather is at least zero degrees Fahrenheit.

Speaking of cold and snow, I thought you might enjoy seeing some of our snow removal process. This is a Sno Go and a dump truck reducing the snow banks in front of our house a few days ago. It's basically a gigantic, industrial-sized snow blower. A loader (this is what Joel says it is called--I would have called it a bulldozer) comes through first and breaks up the banks with his dozer/loader thing and then the Sno Go comes through and blows the snow into a dump truck. When the dump truck is full, it drives off somewhere to dump the snow and another one is right behind it, waiting to take its place. It took three dump trucks to finish our small block, so we were kept well entertained for a while.


It's my 5th winter here, and I'm still waiting to love winter. I know I need to take up cross-country skiing or snow-shoeing, but I just....haven't.

Maybe if it gets a little warmer?

Happy Sunday!

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  1. I'm starting to feel quite thankful that the forecast new year weather for the UK hasn't happened. Back in November they were predicting the coldest winter here for 100 years...