Thursday, March 06, 2014

A Frozen Beauty and the Beast

This is the winner of this year's fraternity month-long statue building contest. I absolutely loved the intricate ice details they were able to do this year! That is about the only thing this polar vortex nonsense has been good for!

Here are pictures--I'm pretty sure you'll be able to figure everything out for yourselves, so not much commentary. I did include one of The Maestro to give you a sense of scale. Again, it was so freaking cold that I rushed through the photo taking and I didn't bother to cross the street in order to get the whole thing in the frame.


IMG_7577Winter Carnival webIMG_7576 Winter Carnival webIMG_7578 Winter Carnival webIMG_7575 Winter Carnival webIMG_7573 Winter Carnival webIMG_7572 Winter Carnival webIMG_7569 winter carnival webIMG_7566 Winter Carnival webIMG_7565 Winter Carnival webIMG_7564 Winter Carnival webIMG_7563 Winter Carnival webIMG_7562 winter carnival webIMG_7559 Winter Carnival webIMG_7561 winter carnival web

I think my favorite was Chip and Mrs. Potts. Or Cogsworth and Lumiere. Or the tea cart. Oh, I can't decide!

The crazy thing is that it's been a month since Winter Carnival, and most of the statues are still looking pretty good. We had a (very short) warm spell of a couple days of 40 degrees, so most of the ice sculpture melted, but the building I work in is right next to the Toy Story statue, and Mr. Potato Head still looks great!

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