Sunday, May 25, 2014

Summer Tulips

Two of my tulips and one daffodil finally bloomed today! I was starting to worry that they might not show up until June. Even so, spring seems to have passed us right on by and we have been blessed with some lovely HOT weather. And hot to me is 75 degrees, by the way. In fact, 75 degrees is almost unbearably hot (says the girl who used to live in Phoenix where 75 degrees is actually a little cold). 
I AM NOT COMPLAINING. I got a sunburn sitting out on the deck with my friend MaryFran the other day and it was the best thing that happened to me all week. I love my sunburn.
IMG_8117 Sunday photo web
But we did break out the sunscreen today because it's the right thing to do. Spending as much time as possible outside is also the right thing to do.
IMG_8115 Puccini web
And even though she got herself a nice summer cut on Friday, Puccini isn't sure what to do in all of this oppressive heat. So she relegates herself to underneath the patio furniture, which we brought up from the basement yesterday.
Only three weeks left of school. I am so very ready. But I've been getting ready for our summer and will have all of the summer reading and summer schedules up this week, so look out for it.
IMG_8112 Chloe braces web
Finally, the biggest thing that happened at our house this week (besides the onset of summer sun) was that Chloe got her braces put on. Isn't she adorable?
Happy Sunday!
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Lara Neves
Lara Neves

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  1. I just love tulips! I'm envious. I don't have a garden here!

  2. It looks like you had a lovely day. :-) Your photos are beautiful. I love the shot of the pup under the table...who can blame her? So sweet!


  3. And several hours later ALL my tulips have bloomed. I'm ecstatic--we had a reeeeeaaaally looooooooong winter!

  4. Looks like a nice relaxing week! I think 74 is the perfect temperature. Love it! I don't deal well with cold though. LOL!

  5. I don't deal well with the cold, either! I need to live somewhere where it is perpetually 75 degrees! This year all the polar vortex nonsense was really awful...many, many days of -40. I am so thankful for 75 degrees I could cry!

  6. It just makes me laugh because she is perpetually finding sun to bask in during the winter, and as soon as it's warm enough to actually go outside and bask in the sun she is all about the shade!

  7. Yikes! I remember those temps from upstate NY. I am in GA now though so we don't get anywhere near 0 much less into the negatives. I am definitely a southerner! LOL!