Sunday, June 29, 2014

Inaugural Beach Day 2014

IMG_8512 Sunday Photo web

I am a little late getting my Sunday photo/weekly recap up today because I was taking a VERY LONG Sunday nap. Because I am exhausted! We played hard this week, to be sure. But the best part was finally going to the beach this summer.

It was an absolutely gorgeous day (today is, too) and, after Bria's string quartet rehearsal, we piled in the car and headed to our favorite beach to meet some of our favorite friends. We didn't have a ton of time to spend at the beach that day, because Bria's quartet was playing at a wedding later that evening (her first paying gig as a musician and she made 50 bucks and was THRILLED--easiest money ever, she said).

But we definitely milked those few hours for all they were worth...

The girls built sandcastles.

IMG_8395 Beach Day 1 2014 web

And caught the biggest tadpole I've ever seen in my life.

IMG_8400 Beach Day 1 2014 webIMG_8399 Beach Day 1 2014 web

Bria sunbathed, as teens are wont to do. And also made sand art on her arms.

IMG_8426 Beach Day 1 2014 web

Chloe ate potato chips and actually smiled for a couple photos.

IMG_8429 Beach Day 1 2014 webIMG_8417 Beach Day 1 2014 web

Sophia immediately tried out the (very cold) water, learned to walk in flippers, and played with squirt guns.

IMG_8443 Beach Day 1 2014 webIMG_8449 Beach Day 1 2014 webIMG_8432 Beach Day 1 2014 web

Sometimes the teen's sunbathing was interrupted by her sisters' activities.

IMG_8430 Beach Day 1 2014 webIMG_8439 Beach Day 1 2014 web

The girls did a lot of running and jumping into the water.

IMG_8491 Beach Day 1 2014 webIMG_8471 Beach Day 1 2014 web

Sophia gathered pretty rocks for her (gigantic) collection.

IMG_8489 Beach Day 1 2014 web

The dads (and sometimes the kids) played Frisbee and tossed around the football.

IMG_8456 Beach Day 1 2014 web

And the moms enjoyed chatting, watching, and enjoying the sun.

It was a glorious day, and I hope that there are many, many more to come this summer.

Happy Sunday!

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