Sunday, June 22, 2014

Happy Birthday to The Maestro

Sunday Photo june 22 2014 web

The first week of summer has been full of reading, rain, friends, and lots of glorious sleeping in. I actually had to turn the heat on twice this last week because of the damp rain and colder-than-summer temperatures outside. Not my favorite. But at least I got to sleep in, so I guess it's all good.

The Maestro turned 40 this past week. Lucky for us, it was not rainy and cold that day and was absolutely beautiful and sunny.  So, we decided to walk downtown (we live a short walk away) to eat out and then walked to a park on the water and spent a lovely evening playing together. It was the perfect way to spend his birthday. The girls got dressed in their running clothes and Sophia very literally ran most of the way there. I didn't have my big camera, but here are a few iPhone photos of our lovely evening.

Summer evenings like this are what make the tons of snow and longer-than-normal winters worth it. Summer evenings like this are one of the many reasons I really do love where I live. Summer evenings like this make me extremely happy.

Bria DowntownerGirls Downtowner

Not a great photo, but we love going to that particular restaurant in the summer because we can sit on the deck and watch the sailboats (and other types of boats) go by.
Sophia Bridge

Under da bridge
Some of the graffiti under the bridge--I kind of love it.
"Under da bridge--my ancestors sing to me."
Sophia pierJune 18 2014Daddy's GirlsJoel PierBria BridgeFootball

And last night we had some friends over and celebrated with some cake. He didn't have forty candles, though...just 10. I should have had him blow them out 4 times, hey?

Joel Birthday Cake

We're hoping to hit the beach this week, read more books, spend time in the sunshine, take more walks downtown, and most of all--sleep.

Happy Sunday!

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Lara Neves

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  1. I'm a new reader. I saw your summer reading list pinned and popped over. I look forward to getting to know another blogger who loves reading.

  2. Welcome! I'm glad you're here...please point me to your blog so I can also get to know another blogger who loves reading. :)

  3. I blog over at Thanks.