Sunday, July 06, 2014

Independence Day Weekend 2014

Sunday Photo July 6 2014

This may just win the prize for the absolute worst Sunday photo ever. But I am sick today, so I stayed home from church. When the girls got home, they all hopped into bed with me to tell me about their day and Chloe suggested we just snap a selfie with my phone and call it good. So good it is, even though it is so very bad.

But at least the rest of this post will have good photos in it.

We had an incredible time celebrating July 4th this week. We always go see the fireworks in a neighboring town on the night of July 3rd, so we started our celebration off right by eating grilled hot dogs, potato salad, and a to-die-for English American trifle in the backyard. Then we headed out to see the fireworks on the lake.

Our friends from church always reserve a campground right on the lake for this night (they have to do it at 6:00 am January 1st or they won't get it!) and invite all their friends to come enjoy their spectacular front-row seats.

We got there around 10:00 pm, which is just dusk for us, and I took a few photos before it was dark enough for the show to start.

Our friends are of Finnish descent, as so many people are around here, so they proudly fly the American and Finnish flags at their campsite.

IMG_8544 July 4th 2014 web

Sophia out on the little pier--if you look really closely you can see she's wearing the awesome patriotic shorts we made last week. The sunset light was so very beautiful!

IMG_8546 July 4th 2014 web

These are all the people waaaaay across the lake in the park. I just wanted to show just how amazing our seats are (not that there weren't plenty of other people around at neighboring campsites, but we did have the one that is the very closest to the fireworks display).

IMG_8557 July 4th 2014 web

The fireworks finally started around 11:00. This one was the girls' absolute favorite--it came up a couple times and they freaked out about it, "IT'S A SMILEY FACE!!!!"

IMG_8606 4th of July 2014 web

I was able to catch a few really good photos this year (I don't usually bring my big camera, but I'm really glad I did--tripod and all).

IMG_8613 July 4th 2014 webIMG_8619 July 4th 2014 web

This was my favorite photo of the night. If you look closely, you can see my kids in the foreground (along with a friend). I love love love this photo.

After the show was over, we watched the fire fighters put out the fires that the fireworks had caused. Kind of pretty in its own way.

IMG_8645 july 4th 2014 web

And this is a photo of the other side of the lake--where all the sea of humanity was in the earlier photo--I think this is my second favorite of the night. I was very pleased with this shot, and glad I brought my tripod so I could get it!

IMG_8643 July 4th 2014 web

On the day of the Fourth, we headed out to another beach with our friends. I haven't had a chance to do more than a cursory look-through of the photos, but believe me when I tell you it was an absolutely gorgeous day. We went to Eagle Harbor, and were rewarded by seeing a bald eagle for a few seconds. Wish I could have grabbed my camera fast enough, but it was worth it to just watch that majestic thing fly off.

The bigger girls swam out to the floating raft (Chloe and another friend had not quite made it yet, and two of the ones on the raft do not belong to us):

IMG_8668 July 4th 2014 web

An interesting tidbit: Do you see that big house with a million windows there? I performed in that house last summer for one of the gala events. You can see pictures of the inside here: My Musical Month. That house is featured in the first 3 or 4 photos.

And I couldn't help but post these two photos of Sophia. There was an old slide there at the beach, and of course she wanted to slide down it. I warned her that it would be hot and burn her legs. She, of course, insisted on doing it anyway and learned that what her mother said was true. But then she got the bright idea to pour water down it first and discovered that turning it into a water slide was the. funnest. thing. ever. She went down until she wore herself out. Anyway, these two photos cracked me up.

IMG_8690 July 4th 2014 webIMG_8692 July 4th 2014 web

I hope you all had a fabulous Fourth, too!

Happy Sunday!

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  1. We saw some of those smilely face fireworks this year too. We though it was funny when they were upside down. :) Feel better soon.