Sunday, July 27, 2014

My Baby Isn't a Baby Anymore and Other Adventures

I'm feeling that uncomfortable feeling that summer is almost over. Once July has ended, it always feels like August flies by and it's all I can do to squeeze the last bits of sunshine out before autumn has also sped by and winter is upon us. Why is it that winter seems to be never-ending and summer is so fleeting? (Hint: It might be because winter around here actually IS never-ending.)

We did everything we could to squeeze every ounce of fun out of this last week. Gotta get what you can from summer while you can get it.

Monday was a trip to Marquette for Chloe's orthodontist appointment. The Maestro has been working on his tenure file and couldn't go, so it was a girls only sort of trip. We ate lunch, we hit Target and Michaels, and spent the rest of the day at Presque Isle.

Sophia and Chloe have been wanting to get out letterboxing, so I looked up two boxes that were out at Presque Isle Park. The first one required a nice walk along a nature trail, where Chloe found the box pretty quickly. Bria had been unimpressed with--and may have even complained about--the letterboxing while we were walking, but once we found it, she remembered how fun it is. And she said, "Okay, I guess this is a little bit fun and I'm glad we're doing it." In case you don't speak teenager, that means "This is amazing and I am having so much fun doing this!"

Presque Isle Letterboxing

We started to look for the second box, but then as I was reading through the clues, I learned that it had been stolen, so we abandoned the search. DON'T STEAL LETTERBOXES! My girls were very disappointed.

Instead, we spent an hour or so walking out to the lighthouse (no photo, but you can see it in the distance there) and looking for beautiful Lake Superior rocks on the shore.
Presque IslePresque Isle Rocks

When we were driving out of the park to head home, we saw an area that was covered in Canadian geese and the girls begged to get out and look at them. I parked the car and we maneuvered ourselves through the minefield of goose poop, only to have Sophia begin to chase them. She chased them right down the hill and into the lake before I could corral her. Crazy child.

Presque Isle GeesePresque Isle Geese and Sophia

On Tuesday, we had Chloe's book club. She and her friends read The Kindling, which is the first in Chloe's favorite book series. I'll do a whole post about that book club, soon, but you can read all about Sophia's book club last week here: Charlotte's Web Book Club.

Wednesday is my day to work all day. I sort of hate it, but we always need the extra income during the summer months. It would have been a good day to head to the beach, though, darn it.

Thursday was spent catching up on housework and my two violinists had their lesson that day.

Friday was Sophia's 8th birthday. This is a hard one for me, people. Eight years old seems so big and mature and she's definitely not a baby anymore. She begged me to take her on a ride somewhere so she didn't have to use her booster seat. Plus, I swear the child has grown three inches since school got out last month. She'll be baptized a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints next week, and I am feeling a little sad. I miss that I don't have little babies and toddlers around the house anymore. But I do love every new stage just as well.

Sophia invited our friends over to help celebrate her birthday dinner, where she requested a trifle as her birthday cake.

IMG_8878 Sophia 8 Birthday web

Good-bye seven-year-old Sophia. I'll miss you! I look forward to getting to know the eight-year-old version of you. She's crazy, and fun, and tender, and sweet, and spiritual, and smart.

Yesterday we spent most of the day at our Branch Pioneer Day Activity where I took no photos, but enjoyed sitting in the sunshine and being with my friends and family. Bria and I went on a date to see a Pine Mountain  Music Festival event later that evening. She had just gotten some new pants she saved up to buy online and is freaking adorable and also needs to stop growing up.

Bria and her new pants

And I think the summer is fleeting? Kids are pretty fleeting, too.

Happy Sunday!

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