Monday, August 11, 2014

Sophia's Baptism

Dear Sophia,

You have been waiting for this day for a very long time. Being the youngest, you have always been eager to be able to do the things your sisters have already done, and not a little impatient! You are also one of the most spiritual children I know--you love to read your scriptures and you never forget to say your prayers or offer an extra prayer if somebody needs it. You want nothing more than to do what Jesus wants you to do (let's just say you wear your socks regularly now), and while you may struggle with patience, you are kind-hearted and good.

August 2nd FINALLY rolled around and you certainly counted down those days! Since your baptism was at 2:00 pm you had to exercise a little more of that patience you're working on before we were finally ready to go to the church.

IMG_8918 Sophia's Baptism web

You got ready and we took a few photos of the family (Chloe is missing because she had a soccer game--no worries, she got there just in time for the baptism to start, but not to get photos with her). You were thrilled to have Mamah here for your special day.

You had also passed out about 20 invitations to your baptism, and you were looking so forward to having your friends come. You really wanted to be a missionary and teach them a little bit about our church.

You chose to sing the song "Baptism" with me and Mamah as part of the program. After we sang and sat back down, you began to cry. I finally figured out that you saw that only one of the friends you had invited had come (your best friend and her family), and nobody else. This upset you greatly because you had been so excited about inviting them. I felt bad because I didn't prepare you enough for that possibility.

IMG_8920 Sophia's Baptism web

I am so proud of you for wanting to share your special day and your faith with others. So is Heavenly Father. Continue to share it Sophia, and you will be blessed. Not everyone will want to listen, but some will.

You were also very excited to receive your very own set of scriptures from Mamah--in a pink sparkly case that is perfect for you. You have already marked some of your favorite scriptures, and you look forward to family scripture reading every day because you get to use your own set now, instead of my old set that is falling apart and missing pages because you and your sisters ripped them out when you were toddlers.

IMG_8924 Sophia's Baptism web

Your actual baptism was beautiful. I can't believe my youngest child has now been baptized! You're growing up too fast, Sophia. You gave your dad a great big hug in the water after you came up, and I bawled. You told me that you felt like Jesus was giving you a hug and you felt warm and peaceful. Remember that feeling--hold on to it. It won't always be so easy to feel peaceful in your life, but if you can remember it often, you will know how to find peace.

You are such a wonderful girl, and I am so blessed to be your mother! Just yesterday you got the idea to start a club with your friends to do service for people. Your first idea is to have a bake sale to benefit our local hospice. You chose the hospice because I organize a benefit concert for them every summer and you want to help, too. You worked all night on your plans and can't wait to invite your friends to help out. You are a go-getter, and when you have an idea you make sure it happens. That is a wonderful quality.

IMG_8921 Sophia's Baptism web

I sure love you! I'm so proud of you! And I'm thankful to be your mom and for all the things you teach me. I'm a better person because of you.

Love, Mom

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  1. Elisha PneumaticAddictMon Aug 11, 11:57:00 AM

    You're such a good mom to do this! She and you both will love looking back and reading this letter. Congratulations Sophia!

  2. That's such a sweet letter, such a big step for her take. Congratulations Sophia.

  3. Congrats!! She's beautiful Lara!!

  4. cariwritesforyouTue Aug 12, 09:17:00 PM

    Congrats! Beautiful photos.

  5. How sweet! Congrats on this big step for your little girl!