Sunday, August 17, 2014

Squeezing Out Every Drop of Sunshine

I'm not gonna lie, we haven't had much of a summer, weather-wise. This past week, on my birthday, it was downright cold and I needed a jacket to go on our evening walk with the dog. The evenings are usually cool enough to need a light sweater, but I needed an actual fall jacket to stay warm. My birthday is in August, for crying out loud, and I have NEVER needed to wear fleece pajamas to bed on my birthday!

There's a first time for everything, I guess.

It is only 61 degrees as I write this. Too cold!

That's why, when it hit 80 degrees on Friday, we all took off to the beach. It was the most gloriously HOT beach day we've had this summer (we've had a couple hotter days, but they have always come when it was inconvenient for us to run to the beach). Living up here, I sometimes wish I weren't so darn solar-powered. But I am, so I have vowed that in the two weeks we have left before school starts for the girls, we will drop everything if it's warm enough for the beach.

From Where I Sit August 2014

The beach is my happy place. It was so nice that I even got into the freezing Lake Superior water for a little while. Thanks to the polar vortex and the fact that Lake Superior was nearly 100% covered with ice (never happens) this winter/spring, the water is colder than ever. But I got in, and I even threw the frisbee with the girls and The Maestro for a little while.

Then, on Friday night, it rained hard and cooled way down and hasn't warmed up again since. Sigh. Hopefully the weather will cooperate and we can make the best of these last couple weeks of summer!

Other things this week--my birthday. The girls and Joel made me a delightful video while I was at work and I loved watching it. He just asked them a list of questions about me and their answers were so much fun!

My favorites--

If Mommy were a movie character, which character would she be?

Bria: Cruella Deville. But not because she acts like her! Only because she dresses like her! (I suppose I do wear red lipstick and a lot of black and white. And I was Cruella Deville for one Halloween...)

Chloe: Superman. Because he can shoot lasers out of his eyes! (I betcha didn't know that I can also shoot lasers out of my eyes, did you? My kids call it "Big Eyes.")

Sophia: The Girl in Princess Diaries, because she looks like her. (I am told this occasionally though I don't really see it so much.)

I taught my last summer lessons this last week and I have the next two weeks to do nothing but whatever I want to do. And clean the house, run the kids to various appointments, and get them ready for school to start. But whatever I want to do! No working!

Hopefully that means lots of sunshine and the beach.

Happy Sunday!

Sunday Photo 8_17_2014 web
Chloe was a little sad today after church so I gave her a big kiss before we took this photo. :)

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