Sunday, September 14, 2014

And the Struggle for Balance has Officially Begun...

We had a "Linger Longer Potluck" after church today, so I took the Sunday photo there, with some friends! Yes, Chloe brought clothes to change into. I suppose it's preferable to spilling chili or chocolate or something all over her dress like Sophia did.

So the insanity has pretty much started this past week. Early morning seminary, music lessons for the kids, and my own lessons at the University all started this week. Soccer and cross-country are still in full swing, but thankfully they will be over before youth orchestra, violin group lessons, and girl scouts start.

We seem to have the early morning seminary bit down to a science already, and I'm thankful for The Maestro for doing all the driving. Here's our new morning schedule (and since I am a night owl, I officially hate it, but that's the deal I made when I decided to have children):

5:30 am: Wake up Bria
5:35 am: Try to go back to sleep for a half hour while she practices her violin, end up perusing Pinterest on my phone instead
6:00 am: Bria gets ready, I get up and start to make lunches (I have been trying to do this the night before with absolutely no luck)
6:20 am: Throw some breakfast at Bria if she is finished getting ready, if not, she has to eat something in the car.
6:25 am: Two of Bria's seminary classmates are dropped off to our house by their father, and The Maestro takes the three of them to class, which is about a 15 minute drive from our house. They start at 6:45 am.
6:30 am: I wake up the other two girls and get them started with making their beds and getting dressed and helping them do their hair.
6:50 am: Feed them breakfast
7:05 am: Brush teeth and gather backpacks and lunches, The Maestro usually comes back home around now
7:15 am: Family scripture study and prayer, minus Bria. (I'm not sure how to add her back into scripture study, but at least she's studying the scriptures elsewhere, and we catch her on the weekends!)
7:25 am: Chloe and Sophia walk up the hill to the bus stop.

Now, here's where I should wave to them, shut the front door, and begin getting myself ready for work, but that's not how it's gone this last week. Instead, I wave to them, shut the front door, and head back to bed to catch a few more minutes of glorious sleep before I roll out of bed and get myself ready for work.

I start teaching at 9:00 am, which means I have to leave the house by 8:55 (I do love how close we live to the University!). I am embarrassed to admit that I have been getting up at 8:45. I would say that one of the best skills I picked up in college was How to Get Ready in Five Minutes or Less and Still Look Fabulous. Showering and picking out your outfit the night before is the first secret. Throwing your hair in a bun and learning how to apply eyeliner, mascara, and lipstick faster than a speeding bullet is the second secret.

This week I'm going to see about actually not doing that. Especially since I'll finally be chopping my hair all off on Wednesday and I'll actually need more than five seconds to do it.

All of that said, my teaching load is a little lighter than it was last semester, and it feels wonderful, except for the fact that I have to teach so early every day. But, it gets me out of bed and going, and that is a good thing for this night owl. This week I was stricken with a migraine (I blame waking up at 5:30), so I didn't use my extra time as well as I had planned, but I'm optimistic that this will be a more relaxed semester. Please remind me of that the next time I get on this blog and start whining about how overwhelmed I am, okay?

Overall, I have felt lighter this week, and I am going to attribute that to deleting Facebook from my phone.


You heard me right. I deleted the Facebook app from my phone. I found myself actually being productive when I had downtime instead of checking Facebook for the 50th time that day. Normally, when I have a student not show up for a lesson, I sit on the couch in my studio and peruse Facebook. This week I had two student no-shows (yes, on the first week, that's another story...) and instead of plopping down and seeing if there were any new status updates or cat videos, I cleaned out my filing cabinet, I made teaching plans, I worked on my to-do list, and I sent necessary emails. Because I did those things, I no longer had them hanging over my head causing me anxiety. All because I got rid of the time sucker that is Facebook.

Now, that is not to say that there aren't plenty of other things on my phone with which to waste time. But they don't seem to suck me in as easily as Facebook does. And if they start to, I will just delete them, too.

I've learned that when I do finally get on Facebook on my computer, that I haven't missed much at all.

So that's my first step to a more balanced Lara.

And now I'd better actually publish this post and get to bed since it's nearly midnight.

Happy Sunday!

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