Sunday, September 07, 2014

First Week of School

Today after church: Even Puccini smiled for my camera!

Well, we survived the first week of school. And now we will do it all again tomorrow morning, only earlier because of early morning seminary. The Maestro has graciously offered to take her most of this week as I get my own self back in the groove of working again. Also, I need to finish my syllabus and make a bunch of copies tomorrow before I start on Tuesday. I am such a procrastinator!

And because I am such a procrastinator (plus I've had a crazy first week of school, even without working yet!), I haven't put up first day photos. Which is awful, because they are my favorite thing ever. I LOVE seeing first day of school photos of ANY kid, but especially my own. There is just this wonderful, palpable spirit of new beginnings and excitement that I really enjoy seeing.

So, here is my newly minted third grader with her adorable new haircut. Look closely, and you can see that cheetah print is still in her outfit (the girl on her shirt is wearing it). I love my Cheetah Girl!

IMG_9270 First Day 2014 webIMG_9271 First Day 2014 webIMG_9274 First Day 2014 web

And my middle schooler. She has really loved the new experiences this week, and I'm glad. I know the transition to middle school can be a hard one, but she is doing really well with it.

IMG_9276 First Day 2014 webIMG_9280  First Day 2014 webIMG_9279 First Day 2014 web

Finally, my high schooler. I'm still way too young to have one, you know. But somehow this happened anyway. She is doing cross country and loving it, and is enjoying high school in general. Also, she wasn't having the backpack shot this year (I guess she is officially too old for it), so instead we have a puppy shot.

She just got contact lenses, and I'm still getting used to seeing her without glasses. (Remember when she first got glasses??) I do find it a little funny that she wore a shirt with glasses on it, instead. They are hard to let go of, I guess!

IMG_9283 First Day 2014 webIMG_9287 First Day 2014 webIMG_9290 First Day 2014 web

Let's hope the second week goes just as well as the first, and that I don't die of exhaustion!

Happy Sunday!

PS Aren't the pictures so much more awesome this year because of my fabulous front door makeover? I thought so, too.

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Lara Neves
Lara Neves

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  1. Lara, I love this! Thank you!

  2. Wow. The girls have just sprouted huh!? I have been stopping on my stairs to look at pictures of my own children. Tevin is 5' tall! Only 4 inches shorter than me! I feel old, but love seeing the people they are turning into! Especially our cheetah girls!

  3. Beautiful girls! Have an awesome school year!

  4. It kills me! Though I wonder if Bria will grow much more? She might not get as tall as her mama after all! But you're right, if they insist upon growing, at least they're growing into great people!