Sunday, September 21, 2014

Road Trip Weekend

This photo was taken at a Wendy's in Green Bay before we headed back home after Stake Conference. Yes, Sophia is wearing her pajamas. She planned on napping in the car, and nap she did!
This weekend we headed down to Green Bay for our stake conference. While my attitude about the four-hour trek was not good when we first moved here (see this post), I have come to really love going down. We aren't always able to do it for various reasons, but when we can, it doesn't even feel like a sacrifice anymore. We get to be spiritually edified, we get to shop at places we don't have anywhere in the U.P., we get to eat places we don't have in the U.P., and we get to spend time with good friends. What could be better?

This time, we decided to go down a day earlier than usual to get in some really good shopping time in Appleton. I didn't have a chance to take the girls proper school shopping this year, and there were a few things that each of them still really needed. Bria was especially excited to get to shop in stores like Forever 21 and Aeropostale and Hollister. (Also, judging from Chloe's new hoodie in the photo and her Forever 21 shoes you can't see, she realized that these stores are pretty cool, too.)

The fall colors were out and gorgeous on our drive down. I didn't bring my big camera, or I would have stopped and taken more than a few drive-bys with my phone.

We stayed in a hotel the first night (totally free due to points earned on our NYC trip earlier this year), but before we checked in we ate at our favorite restaurant: Noodles and Company.

I love that they have good gluten-free options, and the girls love the awesome soda machine and the chopsticks. The Maestro just loves the food.

We also got a little shopping in before heading to the hotel--as much as we could before the mall closed on us!

I thought Bria was the only one excited about shopping for new clothes, but Sophia sure proved me wrong! She had very definite ideas about what she wanted--like a pair of boots to finally replace her beloved pink ones from Kindergarten--and she was a girl on a mission! Chloe was less than thrilled, but she did perk up and we found her a few cute things that she did definitely need.

We finally checked into the hotel and immediately went swimming. Because why else would you even stay in a hotel? Sophia got up early the next morning and insisted on going swimming again. Because why else would she have packed herself TWO swimsuits? Lucky for her, The Maestro is an awesome daddy who loves to swim with his girls and he obliged.

Then more shopping! Sophia insisted on wearing her new clothes purchased the night before. Because why else would she not have packed anything but swimsuits, underwear, and pajamas?

But then, once we were finished clothing shopping (we all made great purchases, the other two are less thrilled to be on the blog, that's all)(I bought myself a new sweater that I love and a purple shirt), and headed to Hobby Lobby for Halloween costume shopping, she was already in another outfit. She totally changed in the car without my noticing.

Obviously, we found a pair of boots that she likes loves. And the dress makes me want to die from the adorableness. And it isn't even cheetah print! I'm so happy she liked it because as much as I love her cheetah obsession, it's nice to get away from it every once in a while.

After we shopped ourselves silly, it was time for some spiritual edification and choir practice. We all sang in the stake family choir, and I was so proud of my girlies for singing out loudly! It was also nice to have such good seats for the whole Sunday session.

We spent the second night at our friends' home where nobody got enough sleep. Bria actually stayed at a different house with some girls' camp friends, which is also awesome, but the other two and their friend stayed up till well past midnight giggling.

Which is why Sophia and Chloe slept through most of stake conference (I had to wake them up to sing!) and why Sophia wore her jammies on the car ride home. We were all exhausted, but it was a wonderful weekend and very worth it!

Happy Sunday!

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  1. Nothing to this with this note but I always forget to thank you for the
    music practice note that you made. I applied it to the letter and I am
    amazed by the results. My daughter is now her teacher's favorite pupil!
    So, many many many thanks (and i also love the blue dress and boots on

  2. Oh the flood of memories traveling so far for stake conference. (Though for us it was to Marquette for district conference). As a youth I looked forward to super Saturday's (do they still do that?). I gained my testimony in high school during those long drives every Sunday and for every conference and temple trip. (It had to be pretty important to my parents to spend that much time traveling, important enough for me to find out for myself). I know you probably write these posts for journaling purposes but I sure love reading them. .. good memories. Thank you.

  3. I wish it was only Marquette still! Though I have come to look forward to the GB trips, so all is good. Thank you for your words about gaining your testimony watching your parents spend time traveling to church functions. I do hope it is having the same effect on my own children. It has certainly made me look at my own Utah upbringing much differently.

    I'm glad you love reading these's nice to share them with people. :)

  4. You are so welcome! I am happy to hear that the music practice tips have helped so much. I need to be better with Sophia, she is just a very determined child, and sometimes she is determined NOT to practice!