Sunday, October 26, 2014

A Week of Halloween

Hmm. No Sunday Photo today.

Sophia is still fairly sick and stayed home from church today (even though, as you'll see later, we allowed her to participate in some Halloween festivities)(because, how do you say no to Halloween?). Therefore, I also stayed home from church today.

And instead of doing any decluttering, I played a few games with Sophia, read to her, and then spent the rest of the time deeply engrossed in my own book. I was almost finished with it when the rest of the family arrived back home, and so I ignored the Sunday photo.

Typing that made me feel incredibly guilty, so I just took my phone and snapped a photo of what is happening right now. Joel, Chloe (who now has a fever...just great), and Sophia are playing a Book of Mormon matching game, Bria is working on homework, and I am typing away at my blog.

It's been quite the weekend. Friday was the annual Treat Street, where the kids Trick-or-Treat at local businesses downtown. We always have a big party at our house afterwards, and I hadn't planned on going to Treat Street myself. Sophia had been to the doctor just that morning and was really sick. I figured I'd stay home with her while The Maestro took Chloe and her friends down to Treat Street.

Except, Sophia rested all day and begged to be allowed to go. And since she was a ninja with a mouth covering, I figured there couldn't be much harm, and she was unlikely to get others sick. Maybe.

I still didn't end up going because I hadn't planned on it, and wasn't totally ready for the party.

The party was lots of fun...

I have the best friends--pretty much everyone brings gluten free to my parties, even though they totally don't have to!

I'll have a tutorial up tomorrow on how to make the cheesecloth ghosties in the background.

I got the soda labels from this blog: Halloween Soda Labels free download

Not the greatest lighting after dark, so not the greatest photos, but I wanted to document the party, since it's our fourth annual and I have never taken a single photo. Not that I got people in them (maybe I'll try for that next year), but at least I got all the food and some of the decorations!

Bria was at the big High School football game during the party. It was fun that she and several of her friends and my friends' teenagers showed up at the end and finished off the rest of the food!

Last night, we took the kids to SafeHouse, which is yet another fun trick-or-treating experience at the university dorms. The halls all go all out in decorating and dressing up and the kids look forward to it every year.

Since I actually went to this one, I have some pictures.

Studio C fans will recognize Captain Literally and The Nuclear Ninja. The other three grammar super heroes will also be featured in our family's costumes this year (that is, if I ever get The Maestro's and my costumes made!).

Captain Literally--watch out how you use the word "literally" because if you misuse it, Captain Literally will restore balance to the universe. And you might not like it much.

The Nuclear Ninja--watch your pronunciation of the word "nuclear" because if you pronounce it Nuke-u-lar, you will get a good punch in the stomach!

Chloe went to the orthodontist last week and told me she was so excited to get Halloween colors on her braces. You can imagine that I was confused when she came out with patriotic colors instead.

Until she reminded me she was going as Captain Literally, and wanted her teeth to match her costume. Smart one, that Chloe.

Except for the fact that she lost her mask after SafeHouse last night. It was pretty windy out, so the chances of finding it were pretty low. I'm hoping that somewhere local has something that will work, because there were tears shed over it. And I do not want to pay through the nose for shipping costs to get it here by Friday. Literally.

Bria did not participate in SafeHouse this year. Partly because she hasn't for a couple years now (apparently it is only for little kids--even though I saw lots of teenagers there). The main reason she didn't come is because she went to her Fall Homecoming Formal instead.

I love how at her school it is totally the thing to go stag. At my high school it wasn't like that at all, and it was depressing if you didn't have a date to the dance. Bria went with her cute group of friends and had an absolute blast!

And isn't she just gorgeous?

Happy Sunday!

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