Sunday, October 12, 2014

Fall Color and Fourteen is a lot of Years

Tonight we ate outside on the deck because it was about 60 degrees and sunny. It may or may not have also had to do with the fact that my sewing machine and a bunch of fabric are strewn all over the dining room table. Halloween costume time, you know.

I didn't go to church today because I have been sick for approximately three weeks. It comes and goes and seems to be mainly allergy related, but sometimes it's definitely SICK. And today was one of those times. The Maestro made me go to Express Care (and by made, I mean he skipped part of church to personally take me there because he knows I probably wouldn't do it myself), and I have some medicine now that will hopefully help. I'm not much of a voice teacher right now because I sound more like Phyllis Diller than I do an opera singer. And, also, I can't demonstrate any singing at all without lapsing into a coughing fit. So let's cross our fingers that I can kick this crud for once and for all!

Bria turns 14 years old tomorrow. Which is, of course, unacceptable to me. I cannot believe that I have had this wonderful child in my life for FOURTEEN years! This morning even she was incredulous and said, "I can't believe I'm turning 14. Fourteen is a lot of years!"

And it is. It's a crazy lot of years. I hate to think about the fact that this means I have only four years left of her living under my roof. Fewer, actually, since she's already a freshman this year.

IMG_0153 fall color tour web

She sure is a beautiful nearly-fourteen-year-old, though.

On Friday, I took the girls up the ski lift for a fall color tour. We went with our friends, but The Maestro couldn't come because it was concert week and he had to prep for rehearsal. It was a beautiful day, and the colors of fall always make me happy!

IMG_0108 fall color tour webIMG_0109fall color tour web

Since The Maestro didn't join us, we had an odd number of people riding the lift, and I ended up going alone. Sophia and Bria rode together because Bria didn't want to be by herself, and Chloe wanted to ride with her best friend (you can maybe make out her fluorescent green shirt a few chairs ahead of me).

I didn't mind riding alone though. I brought my camera and I was able to get some lovely shots from the chairlift.

IMG_0114 fall color tour webIMG_0116 fall color tour webIMG_0117 fall color tour web
IMG_0121 fall color tour web

Everyone was waiting for me at the top (I was the last one up)(I took both of these from the lift):

IMG_0125 fall color tour webIMG_0129 fall color tour web

From the top we could see our house--or at least our street--but part of our house if you actually know what to look for. (To see photos of the ski hill from our house, click HERE--kind of fun to have the opposite vantage point.)

IMG_0132 fall color tour webIMG_0140 fall color tour web

Moms and girls:

IMG_0142 fall color tour web

A lovely view of the university:

IMG_0146 fall color tour web

Heading back down the mountain--still by myself, but this time I was first.

IMG_0159 fall color tour web

Happy Sunday!

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