Sunday, November 16, 2014

Instant Winter

Today's Sunday photo, brought to you by snow boots and lots and lots of snow.

This week, winter began.

And we were totally unprepared.

The Maestro and I had purchased new snow tires since our previous set was finished after its fifth (very long and hard) winter last year. We also had to buy a new snowblower, because the previous hand-me-down snowblower we had finally gave up the ghost. Last winter, we sent it out for repair three times, and it just never worked properly anymore. It was a much better use of our money to buy a brand-new one.

Even though we made these preparations, the snow tires weren't delivered until Monday afternoon and the snow had already started. The snowblower wasn't even delivered until Wednesday afternoon, so we had to scoop and shovel our way out of 20+ inches of new snow.

Before the snow started on Monday (we had received a winter storm warning earlier, so we knew it was coming), I had to first cancel Chloe's orthodontist appointment in Marquette (2 hours away). The weather was clear in the morning, and I probably could have made it down there okay, but I was terrified of the drive back. I told the receptionist I was afraid to drive down and she said that everyone was--basically they would be having a very slow day at the office!

So, instead of going to the ortho, The Maestro and I tried to beat the snow and purchase some other much-needed snow gear for the girls. Sophia needed boots, Chloe needed a hat and snow pants, Bria needed gloves and a hat, etc.

We didn't beat the snow.

The Beginning of the Storm

This was our drive home.

That afternoon, I had received a "test" text message from the school district's alert system, so I wasn't surprised when a snow day was called for Tuesday. Also, snow days are ALWAYS called on Tuesday. I'm bitter about that because I have to work on Tuesdays and the University almost never closes for snow, though I've now seen it happen a few times.

The Snow Day Message

It was the earliest snow day in the district's history, so I hear.

While I was at work (and after I came home), the girls had a blast sledding and snowboarding in the backyard and with friends.

The Snow Day Fun
Check out the picnic table. That's my very accurate snow least 15" by Tuesday afternoon.
The Snow Day Fun CollageThe Snow Day Fun 2

I'm glad they love the snow, because I struggle mightily.

IMG_0520 Sunday Photo 11_16_14 web

They really, truly love it. Bria is completely giddy and the other two have spent hours playing in the stuff this week.

The Dog in the Storm
There is a reason I try to keep sweaters on her in the winter, and it isn't just to keep her warm!

Even my dog loves the snow--at least while it isn't deep enough yet for her to get lost in it. She played in it for hours!

The Deck After the Storm

My deck is already much more full than I would want it to be before Thanksgiving. But we haven't bothered to shovel, so I guess I've already given up.

Wednesday, the girls had a delayed start to school. We finally had our snow tires put on Tuesday afternoon, and the snowblower was delivered Wednesday (The Maestro basically snow blew everything he possibly could, he was so excited!). Things were looking up in the winter prep department.

I teach in a dungeon on campus, and I can't really see what's going on outside until I come up the stairs to go home or go to lunch. When I got to work on Wednesday morning it was still snowing heavily. But when I came up the stairs after work, I saw gorgeous blue skies.

The Calm After the Storm
About 20" of snow, believe it or not.

This was my view from the window as I emerged from my dungeon. And that's when I have to admit the snow is incredibly beautiful.

If only it weren't so cold.

But again, my girls love it.

IMG_0524 Sunday Photo 11_16_14 web

Happy Sunday!

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  1. It is pretty. Often it's around freezing here after it it doesn't last and it's warm enough to play in unless it's blizzard time.

  2. La Cuisine d'HeleneMon Nov 17, 12:31:00 PM

    I like your pictures, they are beautiful. We have snow and I still don't have my winter tires. I'll have to make an appointment soon.

  3. I can't believe you have that much snow! Cold, but so fun!